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Is it possible to rid the body of a retrovirus like HIV with immune stimulation alone?

"The team discovered much higher levels of PD-1 than is normal in HIV patients, which S茅kaly said keeps virus-fighting T-cells too relaxed.By stimulating the PD-1 protein, S茅kaly succeeded in preventing the virus from making the immune system's T-cells dysfunctional and allowed them to get on with the job of fighting the virus."According to this they can reactivate the CD4+ T cells that are inactive due to the virus. Would the immune system then be able to remove the virus?
The main problem with this theory is that HIV has a tendency to hide from the immune system. By the time that the immune system is able to recognize the HIV, it's already been attacked.
This technique may work if you can catch the HIV in early stages, or right after exposure. It could be a great way to prevent HIV after exposure, like the series of medications that are given to medical personnel when they are exposed to HIV or AIDS due to needle stick or other accidental contamination.
I don't think it would work as well for someone whose immune system has already been compromised.
Got to this site: and also read what I wrote about HIV in Africa on my page.A strong immune system is the key to all disease, viruses and infections period.MIT says We Will change the world of health care.
I don't think so

is it possible to regain blood?

In normal situations, your body has its ability to manufacture blood cells comprising the whole blood (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets) mostly in the bone marrow especially of the vertebrae , ribs, pelvis, skull, breastbone. Each red blood cell has a life span of about 4 months. Each day, the body produces new red blood cells to replace those that die or are lost from the body. White blood cells life spans vary from a few days to months. New cells are constantly being formed in the bone marrow especially if there is infection production is ncreased. Platelets survive only about 9 days in the bloodstream and are constantly being replaced by new cells.In unusual situations where there is severe blood loss, your body is unable to make rapid blood production to replace it that is why blood transfusions are given. In non dangerous situations, the body is given time to replace the blood lost. Good nutrition and iron supplements are important to help the body to cope up with blood production.Now, just in case you want to know if the blood taken out from you can be returned back: there is no question about that provided the blood was taken out of your body in due process. It can be safely transfused to you as the process to regain it. (Though this is least likely to happen, I am just giving you this idea as one of the possibilities of what you are trying to ask because you have not elaborated your question further.)鈾?
Yes, otherwise you couldn't donate any.
yes. We make it all the time
yea. Drink Up!
yes--if you cut yourself and bleed--say 3 ounces of blood--your body will self regulate and replenish the loss; if however, you sever your arm and lose 3'll need a transfusion.but otherwise, yes, your body regains blood loss naturally!
You can donate blood every 3 months or more.The following info was taken from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website:4. How long will it take to replenish the pint of blood I donate?Your body will replace the blood volume (plasma) within 48 hours. It will take 4 to 8 weeks for your body to completely replace the red blood cells you donated. The average adult has 8 to 12 pints of blood. You will not notice any physical changes related to the pint you donated.
Yes after you lose a pint (through donation) you regain the liquid part (plasma) within a few hours (if you drink enough liquid to help your body replace it). It then takes 56 days to rebuild the red blood cells that you lost (that's why they make you wait between donations). Bone marrow is responsible for the formation of new blood. I hope this helps
Your bone marrow produces blood (a process called hematopoiesis).
Your blood cells die and replenish themselves every three days. You are constantly regaining blood cells. If you donate blood, it takes about 3 weeks to regain that amount of blood, but they don't take it more often than 6 because it stresses the body. :) If you are anemic (or don't have enough red blood cells) try taking iron as it ecourages red blood cell growth. Also, if you have donated blood, foods high in iron for a few days are always a good idea.
yes your bone marrow produces red blood cells every second of everyday. i dont know how much is produced on a daily basis but i have donated blood a pint at a time and in 2 weeks i gave another pint.however if you give blood like every 10 days your iron will drop severely and cause you to get would become anemic and have to take either iron injections or iron pills.maybe both if your blood is very low in blood not only depletes your body of iron but potassium as well and many other minerals that are needed for the body to function normally.
if you are speaking of a case where you say, just cut yourself or have a small wound that bleeds, even quite a bit (i'm not talking a gusher here.) then yes, your blood supply regenerates itself on it's own. That's why in cases of a huge trauma when someone has lost say 1/4 of their blood supply it is urgent that they be given a transfusion of their same blood type, so that the body doesn't go into shock and start realizing that something is very wrong with the blood supply and go into shock. of course, some people have adverse reactions to transfusions, but generally the outcome is ok. as a general rule, our RBC's (red blood cells) usually regenerate themselves every 120 days, WBC's (white blood cells) regenerate much faster. hope this helps.
No! Once lost, it can never be regained. Be careful not to spill a drop!
That's what the cookies and punch at the blood donation stations are for.
Yes, Cells multiply
Blood is all the time being regenerated in the body. so yes it is very possible o regain blood.
Yes. After you donate a pint of blood, it takes your body about 4- 6 weeks to replenish itself. That's why you can't gi ve blood for at least 4 weeks after having already donated.
The rfed cells are constantly being replaced with a life span of 120 days. In blood loss, the spleen supplies some and the bone marrow works harder to produce new cells.

is it possible to recover the condition if substance joining 2 hip bones loosed?

I am 22 yrs old unmarried girl. From 2 years I have problem in which substance that joins 2 hip bones is loosing slowly slowly. Still today the problem is not detected by the doctors. Now problem is increased beyond the limit that the gap is formed between 2 hip bones and the middle bone (i.e. present on the front side) is locked in that gap. due to this i cant work properly. Is this damage is recoverable? If yes what is the solution? Can I become a mother in such condition? I am very disturbed by thinking and now I came on thinking about sucide Please give me quick reply. my mummy is thinking about my marriege.
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ur descrption is not very clear. there r two bones that come together to form the hip bone. they r joined in the front by a cartilage known as the pubis symphysis and at the back by the sacral bone also by cartilage and ligaments. so what r u trying to say? ur pubis symphysis is loose?and if so what is the middle bone bcuz there is none as far i know.

Is it possible to recieve radiation poisoning and be sterile for the next 5 years?

My friend was working in the navy for a good 3 1/2 years. He wasn't in a nuclear ship, he was a signalman (no more signalmen in the navy, they converted to quartermaster). There were radio and communication equipment that he worked closely with and recieved radiation poisoning from the equipment. The doctor said that the radiation cut 10 years off of his life and that he'll be sterile in the next 5 years. He's on the 3 year mark and the sperm tests confirmed that he isn't sterile. Is it possible that the diagnosis of the doctor could be wrong?
Yes. Please bear with the length of my answer.First and foremost, the United States Navy uses great amount of care in how much radiation both the people who work with the nuclear gear ("nukes") and the folks who don't ("coners" on a sub, anyone not associated with the engine room). The radiation levels that sailors receive is well, well, well below the legal limits specified by the federal government for your average nuclear worker. So, the guy who plays Homer Simpson on a daily basis has a higher limit than sailors do. Furthermore, being on the land and playing games in the sun exposes you to more radiation than a nuclear trained sailor will get in a year. The radiation that the radio gear gives off is less potent than the reactor can put off, so if that gives you any indication as to the faith I put in the doctor's prognosis.Short answer, your friend is fine. He should be able to have kids if he wants, and they should all have just two eyes and ten fingers (unless three eyes is a dominant gene in his family.)Hope that helps.
The doctor could be wrong.but he could be right, as well. AND your friend's sperm could be affected in ways that are not apparent from sperm counts. Any children he fathers could have severe birth defects if he really had a lot of exposure to radiation.
Was this a military doc? If so, there's a good chance he's wrong. Tell him to get a second opinion from a civilian doc.

Is it possible to prevent brain death?

If the brain controls the body through an electro-chemical reaction of sorts and the body sustains the brain by providing it everything else then would it be possible to prevent brain death in patients being transported from the scene of injury?Would it be possible to revive a recently dead brain through somewhat similar technologies (I am leaning towards organ re-animation coupled with brain stimulation)?The technology of medicine has advanced so greatly and yet I feel that in some ways we are still very backwards. So what is your opinion on this matter?
As is so common, some semantics is involved in your question. Death is a state from which no organism, organ, or tissue can return using medical techniques. If it is "revived" then, by definition the subject matter was only near-death.This is based on a long accepted biological principle that life does not spring from non-living things. Theoretically, if some portion of the brain has not undergone irreparably rapidly degenerating conditions, then it is possible to maintain life in some portion of it and perhaps restore some semblance of health and homeostasis. This would require a constant source of oxygen and glucose (among man other things.) I see no reason that a brain could not be kept alive without most of the body, provided science advances far enough. There is far more that is unknown about the body and mind than is known. In that sense we are very backward. However, getting a brainstem to meaningfully graft onto a spinal cord is one of many extremely difficult barriers to brain transplantation."Reanimating" a heart is not really a matter of converting dead tissue to live tissue. It is most commonly simply restarting the electrical cycles that keep the live heart muscle tissue pumping, either by stimulating a stunned intrinsic system (like the sinoatrial node) or by artificial impulses through a pacemaker. If all the muscle tissue is dead, then "codes blue" are fruitless. In this case, a heart transplant could help if the rest of the body could be maintained alive in the interim.
Brain cells die after 4 minutes without blood flow because of loss of oxygen.Brains retain knowledge by etching chemical signatures on individual cells, and in bundles of cells. When those cells no longer operate, the knowledge is lost.Unlike heart, kidney, or other less critical organs, it is impossible to cool the brain to prevent the massive cell death that results when blood stops pumping. You'd have to remove the brain from the cranium - which isn't all that hard, it's the putting back that is the real challenge.
Another reason for brain death, which doesn't necessarily have to do with organ failure, is when there is a traumatic brain injury the brain swells up and since it has no where to go because of the cranium, it herniates - then death.

Is it possible to poot through something other than your butt?

I once pooted through someone else's butt.
a woman can fart air through her vagina. its called a queef.
Why the heck would you ask a question like that?? you sound like a little kid talking about farting! that's ridiculous!
The gas created has to exit through your colon, so no.
if there is a colostomy bag present then the waste will collect in there.
sure. ever hear of diarrhea of the mouth?
Yes, if by 'poot' you just mean excreting bowel waste. For instance a surgical proceedure called a colonostomy cuts the bowel higher up and attaches it to an opening through the skin above the hips. Other, natural conditions can also cause an opening to form where it isn't usually found. Obstetrical fistula is a condition that can occur when very young women (who's bodies are still smaller than adult size) give birth. In this condition a tear develops between the lower bowel and the vagina whild delivering the baby and subsequently, bowel contents leak out through the vagina. This is a problem in some african countries right now.
The first answer is correct..Women really can do that.Sometimes in happens during sex and can be quite embarassing.
A woman cannot fart through her vagina as the intestinal tract and vagina are not connected. However sometimes when a woman farts the air goes up the vagina and is then expelled sounding like a fart. This is just due to the anus and vaginal opening being so close together. This causes no harm.

Is it possible to make a nicotine patch?

nicotine is mainly transmitted by breathing or tasting
but i know that working in a tobacco field and making contact with the tobacco also transmits nicotine
so why not buy your favorite brand and tape or bandage the tobacco to your skin
nicotine patches have liquid nicotine in them, cigarettes have a lot less nicotine in them. Taping tobacco onto your skin will do nothing for you.
Because nicotine patches are made with carefully measured doses of nicotine. If you try to make your own you can actually end up overdosing on nicotine and getting poisoned.
Medicated patches are manufactured to constantly deliver a set amount of drug over a certain period of time. This is researched and tested. Just applying tobacco to your skin would cause erradict amounts of nicotine to reach your skin. Different species of tobacco leaves would have differently levels of nicotine in them. For that matter, different leaves from the same species will vary. You'd have to consider species, condition of the plant, time you picked the leaves, processing, and a hundred other variants. Even if you could come up with a standard amount of nicotine how would you deliver it? Would nicotine from a leaf be absorbed accross the skin? Remember, nicotine is a powerful drug. Too much can kill. The lethal dose is really not that much. Basically, you have the same problems the herbal industry has. No standard product or delivery system. Then there is the question why go through all this? A number of companies have already done this work and sell this product without the need for a prescription.

Is it possible to lose your memory after fainting?

ok. story: running around for about 30 min. in 90degree heat. started dazing out?? got really weak and was on the ground, half leaning on a 1.5ft high bench. slumped over completely, MIGHT have hit head. was lying down on concrete, with nothing pillow-like under head. lifted to sitting position. given water--choked. really weak and fragile--couldn't walk/stand. lay down again, first on a shirt, then on someone's lap. soaked shirt in water and put on forehead. got home in a car. doesn't remember/is confused with family members (names, relation, etc.) on remembers half her friends. doesn't remember passing outNote: this is written in third person from the view of someone who was there when the person passed out, not from the view of the actual victim.
After a typical syncopal (fainting) episode, one does not usually lose memory, except for during the time that one is unconscious.The episode you described could have resulted from heat stroke, dehydration, hypoglycemia, or head injury from the slump/fall.If she has ANY memory loss (other than while she was passed out), she needs to be evaluated ASAP. Go to the ER or an urgent care facility. Better safe than sorry.
they could have hit their head and gotten a concussion.take them to a doctor/the hospital
Yes you can have memory problems after fainting. If you lose oxygen to your brain for a short period of time it can lead to severe brain damage. From what I read it sounds like the person had a heat stroke. When they became dehydrated it didn't allow the blood to carry enough oxygen to the brain resulting in the fainting. When your oxygen (O2) level's drop into the seventies there is a high concern for brain damage.

Is it possible to lose part of your memory from fainting?

Fainting caused from low blood sugar. Loss of family members etc. Only remembers half of friends
Definitely see a doctor about this. Brain damage can occur if she suffered head trauma. Fainting is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain due to poor circulation or a number of other sources. If it's for a short period of time, there shouldn't be too many long term problems, but if it's for 4-5minutes or more, large amounts of brain cells can die. I repeat, go see a doctor about this.
Perhaps, if they hit their head when they fell, or if they were unconscious for a significant amount of time. You didn't say how long they were out, if they got sufficient oxygen, etc. It is possible if they have a traumatic or anoxic brain injury.
Sure, if you hit your head on the way down, it can cause brain damage and memory loss. Or, if you lose a portion of oxygen for long enough, yep, you can lose your memory.
hey maggie. its jess. i think she did hit her head.i found this on a website: "In reactive hypoglycemia, symptoms appear within 4 hours after you eat a meal. " was it 4hrs since we had food?i also got these answers (yes i asked too):skidave
4 minutes ago they could have hit their head and gotten a concussion.take them to a doctor/the hospital

4 minutes ago Yes you can have memory problems after fainting. If you lose oxygen to your brain for a short period of time it can lead to severe brain damage. From what I read it sounds like the person had a heat stroke. When they became dehydrated it didn't allow the blood to carry enough oxygen to the brain resulting in the fainting. When your oxygen (O2) level's drop into the seventies there is a high concern for brain damage.---------
some guy answered my other question and gave me some links.
Absolutely. You shouldn't play around you should definitely consult a Dr.
Did you notice any foul or noxious odors?Maybe a mushroom like smell?
their is more to it if the person is passed out and yes if they don't get medical help the body can shut down and the person can die and also they should have a medical exam to see if their is no other underlining disease in the family like all timers and they should be wearing a medical alert necklace or braclete
Running in 90 degree weather and passing out sounds like heat exhaustion, not heat stroke, and is due to loss of salt and water. This alone should not cause these symptoms. It sounds like she experienced anoxia to the brain for a few minutes.

Is it possible to know a living person's age by medical diagnosis?

Yes. Cutting of primary and secondary teeth, development of secondary sex characters and ossification centers in long bones revealed in x rays are used in detemining the age for medico legal purposes.
It would be easier to just ask.

Is it possible to invent a medicine that can make u live forever?

Just wondering
I believe it is.At the moment the best life extension techniques involve cutting calories (caloric restriction) and getting appropriate combinations of micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants.The reason you age is because each time your body makes a new cell, it has a few more imprefections in the DNA blueprint.This just means that cells operate less and less well, as you get older. One of the many reasons this happens is because people have oxidants floating in their blood stream (which is why antioxidants like vitamen c helps). Another is that the "telomeres" get shorter each time a cell splits.I am confident that gene therapy in our lifetimes will have the scope of significantly enhancing our longevity, if not makeing us immortal!Great question! You should google the words "longevity science" for more information.
to tell you the truth, scientists have been working on a medicine that grants you immortality
there is no living forever.even after hundreds of years you would disentegrate under the weight of air.but such a machine would have to constantly keep the brain stimulated and the organs rejuvinated. Don't see it happening in our lifetime, friend
I hope not.
Nope, if there was one made, it would probobly be so bad for you that it would shorten your life. After the flood, God made it so that no one could live past 121. Good question though!
they will but not in my lifetime---but ask yourself, do you really want to live forever?
yes. that medicine is called JESUS and GOD. u must have a relationship with HIM.
Yes. It's called faith, and it's already been invented. You just have to visit your local religous institution of choice and pick some up.
yes its all ready been invented you moron where have you been? your probably the only one thats not gonna live forever, get with the program
Nothing is impossible.
Who knows, i mean, in like 20 years, so much is going to have changed! There could be something better than e-mail, or the internet (like what? "idk") and there could be such things as "holographic tv's" and some weird stuff.the e-mail was "invented" not too long ago, think of what could be invented in that time (20years) or more!
Nothing is impossible. Anyone can do anything if they have the time, resources, and ambition. I would imagine someone has been working on that for a very long time and still is and, will pass it on to someone else when they die. Ironic isn't it? As long as there are humans, anything is possible. Good question!
Well, hard to say. See, the price of breathing is aging. We age, we oxidize - in essence we rust - because this is the effect that oxygen has on our bodies. We mature because our bodies need to develop to a certain point to reproduce, but after that it's a slow-acting form of poison that we need to survive. Now, if someone could develop a serum that prevents the oxidization process (antioxidants don't help, we've already figured that part out) then we could probably live a lot longer than we do. But forever? No, the elements would eventually wear away at our flesh, our bones would wear down from movement, and a million other things I probably haven't even thought of.
everything is possible ,but it takes time
so much time that for now people are dieing
I don't think it's possible because physical matter decays. You could probably invent a 'medicine' that would sustain you for a very long time but not forever.
forget it
everyone will die no matter what!

Is it possible to injure yourself by holding in a sneeze?

I hold my nose when I sneeze and people have told me it is bad for me. But I've been doing it for over 30 years now, and no problems yet.Should I be worried that some day something will happen?
Good quesiton and the answer can very well depend on the unique structure of your body. While some people are more tolerant than others when it comes to physical shock, there are also those who cannot tolerate even the slightest injury.For instance, there are those who are born with hearing problems due to internal ear damage, in their case, sneezing, coughing, humming too loud and like activites will more than likely cause further damage. On the other hand, normal beings with no apparent malfunctions in the eyes, ears, nose and throat regions should not suffer any adverse consequences by holding the nose while sneezing. That is, as long as your sneezing isn't too extravagant.You might want to pay a visit though, to an otholaringologist and have the physician look at your ears to make sure that no damage has been caused.So while most people should't suffer from any problmes as a result of this practice, it doesn't guarentee that you wont.
Oh that's a good question. I think you could cause some permanent damage doing that.
yeah, i do the same thing..and people always tell me that too.but nothing has happened to me yet's probably just BS.
it hurts my ears sometimes.
Not really, nose, ears, and throat are all connected. It will comes out the other ways if nose is not available.
depending if you sneeze hard after wards.
Yes, you can possibly damage your ears. If you've ever held your nose and tried to breath out your nose to open your ears (or depressurize them) then you're essentially doing the same thing by holding your nose as you sneeze. You're violently depressurizing your ears. It's possible to blow out your ear drum by doing it.
I doubt anything will happen. It's fine.
It is bad, because when u hold in a sneeze the cilia push snot back which could get into ur lungs. can remain deaf or some blood vessel can pop in your brain.that's what people told me.if they lie I lie.
Did you know . why it's dangerous to hold in a sneeze? The old wives' tale warns us that if you hold in a sneeze, your head might explode. That won't happen, but you can do yourself some harm.
The air expelled by sneezes is said to travel up to 100 miles per hour, and an unimpeded sneeze sends 2,000-5,000 bacteria-filled droplets into the air.
Holding in a sneeze potentially can cause fractures in the nasal cartilage, nosebleeds, burst eardrums, hearing loss, vertigo, detached retinas, or temporary swelling called facial emphysema.
Therefore, it is best to let your sneeze fly, but please cover your nose and mouth.
You don't know what your missing.. just let it out. It feels great!
Well, my husband always tells me to let out my sneeze because the dust can exit the lungs. I don't think anything will happen to you exept the fact that you will sneeze seveal times in a row if you don't "let it out".- Try blowing your nose after a sneeze, that might get rid of some dust too. We are all made out of dust anyway
A nurse once told me not to do it because it's possible to pop your eardrum doing it.. due to the pressure. I don't know if it's true or not. I've never popped an eardrum
Someday.there are a lot of somedays.and when you expect disaster, you are sure to find it.I wouldn't worry so much about holding in your sneezes; I don't suspect that you've done any damage, though as you age, if you find yourself turning to flabbiness, you may end up with a pulled muscle in your pectoral region.Our bodies sneeze for a reason, to expell things (mites, viruses, dust), so if you can, sneeze into your sleeve, from time to time, and let that gunk out.
I have heard that it can hurt your heart or something like that but I don't remember. Either way if it's true or not I hope you feel good. Have fun doing what ever you are doing today.
You might force fluids into your sinuses or Eustachian tubes, but it sounds like you have that under control.
If you can do it safely (as apparently you can) then no, you won't harm yourself. Though once I stifled a sneeze and ended up forcing some mucous into a place that was so uncomfortable, I started coughing like I was going to die and attracted a lot more attention than the sneeze would have.
Sneezing is the body's attempt to remove macroscopic pathogens from the nasal canal. If you hold in the sneeze, you prevent this from happening.
But our immune systems tend to be strong enough to handle most anything, so you needn't worry unless you have a depressed immune system.
It can rupture a few blood vessels in your trachea(troth) but if it's a habit you've had for 30 years and nothing has happened it doesn't matter
I dunno about you, but it's worse when I sneeze. I sneeze so hard, it hurts. It sucks. I don't think you'll face anything more than extremely light bruising from a few damaged vessels. Ignore the fools.
That is how you become an airhead. Does that count as an injury?
My band teacher did it and it slightly lacerated the back of his throat. Chances are it won't hurt you. but there's always the slight chance that what happened to Mr. Voight could happen to you.
maybe pop an eardrum..??
OK! my mom doesn't hold in hur sneezes because if she does, she'll wet hur pants!
I hold in my sneezes in class
Alternative names Return to top Sternutation
Definition Return to top A sneeze is a sudden, forceful, involuntary burst of air through the nose and mouth.Considerations Return to top Sneezing is caused by irritation to the mucous membranes of the nose or throat. It can be very bothersome, but is generally not a sign of a serious problem.Common Causes Return to top Allergy to pollen, mold, dander, dust (hay fever)
Virus infections (common cold, upper respiratory tract infections)
Drug withdrawal
Corticosteroid inhalation
Nasal irritants such as dust and powders
so this is a way of the respiratory tract to take out things iritating it
so, sneeze is a kind of clining metod of the respiratory system and is good to do that ,

Is it possible to inject animals' antibody into human? Does it work without complications?

Yes. In some cases it is required that a person be given antibodies raised in an animal. This is called passive immunization.Read more about it in the source link
What do you think innoculations are? Some are live serum; some synthetic. Talk to a vet, your doctor, or school science teacher.
You better be sure you knoew what you are doing with this one, if you puncture wrong in the animal ,could die.
Yes. People used to get horse serum injections a long time ago before synthetic antibodies have been made. People used to react to the horse serum and get "serum sickness." It's a hypersensitivity reaction.

Is it possible to increase one's IQ?

if so, how?
Read, learn, reflect. Repeat.Or else just hack into the test center's computer and up your score by a few dozen points. :)
books. lol it takes time to change ur I.Q and most I.Q tests change about every 6 months.
increase of IQ means you need to be a very lazy person and know how to solve problems the fastest / simplest way possible. Basicaly the higher your IQ the more lazyer you are imo. There are two types of lazy in this world Good lazy and Bad lazy. Good lazy gets things done fast and easy bad lazy gets things done awful and slow. Learn the art of Good lazy and your IQ will skyrocket. But the second you have a high IQ and people know about it you'll be asked to do more work then you can handle so have fun :)
yes this question is simple, wen u study u get smarter, if u use certain tequniques on types of thing ur IQ can get up, im sorry but i dont kno those tekneeks.
umm read more. think about it your iq was low when you are born versus now since you had school
The brain is simular to muscles in that you can "use it or lose it", if you don't think, your capacity to think diminishes, challenge the grey matter, and it shall prosper in its capabilities.
maybe yes ,because I think IQ+PRACTICE%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;mind,s power. so seems IQ is a genetic aspect of mind,s power.and as we know genetic can change by mutation [in DNA ].but we never can measure IQ independent from environment,s effect on it .in ordinary life with out mutation,we can bring up our IQ amount with practice.
I Q stands for intellegence qoutent, the theory is that by asking questions to a person we can measure the the amount of information that a person's brain can hold. i do not like this idea that a person's mind is like a preset glass. some have bigger glasses then others that can hold more water or information. i fancy that with the right motivation and determination and environment a person can hold as much information in thier head as they wish. hence on the biological vs. the environmental debate of intellegence you can see where i stand. so in short i think that everone's IQ is limitless depending on environmental factors. i think that IQ therefore cannot be measured and you cannot increase it since it is limitless.
Probably only about 5% by practicing IQ test type questions.
Yes, but we will have to plug you into the Matrix Neo.IQ Is relative to the average person. So your IQ would increase if you were surrounded by imbeciles? I wouldn't put it past scientists to figure out a way to enhance our brains by some other artificial form of stimulation.I have heard of implanting microchips to enhance higher brain functions. If science fiction can think it up it probably exists in some form.

Is it possible to have hair on your tongue?

Hairy tongue (lingua villosa) is a commonly observed condition of defective desquamation of the filiform papillae that results from a variety of precipitating factors. The condition is most frequently referred to as black hairy tongue (lingua villosa nigra); however, hairy tongue may also appear brown, white, green, pink, or any of a variety of hues depending on the specific etiology and secondary factors (eg, use of colored mouthwashes, breath mints, candies).
Does this mean you have?
Or have you met someone who has?
yes,,every time i lick beavers
Yes. My cat's always got hair on his tongue. I don't think you can actually grow hair on your tongue.
Yes. There are cases in which people who chew tobacco can develop hair on their tongues? Are you a tobacco chewer?
yes, that's why I make her shave "it"
The existance of hair requires the existance of hair folicules. yes it is possible, if the ginetic code was damaged or altered to do so. But I have yet to ever hear of a case it has happened. but possability and reality are two things.
Are you referring to abnormal hair on your tongue? Because there does exist a condition called "Hairy Tongue" or "Hairy Black Tongue", but it's not very serious.
yes, if your g/f isn't shaved, i get it all the time, but at least it doesn't get caught in my teeth
I don't think that is possible but there could be a big possibility that you may have an over grown taste bud or you are pending to much time down there it could of gotten tangled once again with a taste bud and it hurts to pluck it out heheheh
The tongue should be covered by hairless squamous epithelium, plus nerve receptors for touch and taste. If hair follicles developed there, the condition would be a type of "hamartoma'.Most of our body cells contain all the same DNA. but only certain genes should be "switched on" in specialised / differentiated tissue. Sometimes, a mistake is made, during differentiation, that results in the wrong genes being expressed. Then, you get the wrong tissue type for that location in the body; a hamartoma.
It is possible, but very improbable.

Is it possible to have a little bit of Jaundice?? or is it like aids. you have it or you don't?

I know that some new born babies have a little bit of jaundice which is not bad enough to treat with the lights I'd imagine it's the same for adults-if that's what you're wondering.
You have it or you don't.
Yeh it is possible
well yea you can have a little bit.but it's not called's just your skins a bit yellow..and no it's no AIDS.but your okay
Jaundice is happening because your liver is not functioning correctly is my guess.
Babies, both my sosns were born with jaundice and had to be under the billy-lights for a couple of days. Their billiruben (sp?) counts went right down 2 days later. Jaundice DOES go away.
You can be a little jaundiced or dramatically jaundiced
Yes you can have a little bit, but it still means that the liver is failing, it doesn't mean you need a transplant just yet, but something needs to be done.
Hey dont worry bout it i have ebola
You either have jaundice or you don't. This means the liver is not functioning properly. You should seek medical attention right away. There are several reasons for jaundice of the skin and eyes, hepatitis, cirrohosis,abnormal lft's which is liver functioning test and others.
Yes it is possible. Although most people associate jaudice with a liver problem it may also be caused by an excessive rate of destruction of erythrocytes (e.g. erythroblastosis foetalis caused by rhesus incompatibilty between mother and child before birth). It is also possible to have small bile ducts blocks with gall stones that may cause bile to forced back into the blood stream. Thsi type of obstructive jaundice can sometimes be detected by shaking urine in a closed container with an air spaceon top - a bright yellow froth can be seen if obstructive jaundice is present.
You can have a mild case of jaundice.
It is easily curable if its mild.
Do what your Doc says though or it can be trouble.
that is a question for ur family dr. to decide on what u have.
Yes, you can be a little bit jaundiced. Jaundice is caused by the buildup of bilirubin. Bilirubin is broken down (metabolized) by the liver, so depending on the degree of liver dysfunction there will be more or less buildup of bilirubin and consequent yellow color. Jaundice itself is not a disease, it is a sign of liver dysfunction.
Either you have it or you don't. But there is a genetic disorder called Gilbert's syndrome manifested by jaundice that is precipitated by stress or fasting. It's very common (about 3-5% of the US population). It is usually discovered incidentally while performing routine blood work (you'll see high level of total and indirect bilirubin).
Jaundice.. the last time i was jaundice; i was diagnosed with Hepatitis. Don't be alarmed i had a Lot of other symptoms that led to the diagnoses.if you continue to stay this way and other symptoms occur you should see a Dr.
(symptoms:vomiting, dark urine;and i mean dark as in coffee dark urine, and jaundice looking eyes, trust me you'll feel and look like crap) i was only seven years of age, and i still remember the look; i was Yellow..

Is it possible to have a human foot transplant? Please read details.?

lets assume that a person would be willing to have his own foot amputated in any ideal spot, and then recive the foot of a newly deceased person.If it is possible, how much sensation, and range of movement would be possible (in general or as a guess)?Thanks!
Well, they have done at least a couple of face transplants and one hand transplant has been reported, using cadaver donors. Unless the news has not been alterted because the outcome is bad, it seems so far so good. They will, of course, not have sensation for a number of months, if at all, and will for the rest of their lives need to take immunosuppresive drugs.
Yes, they've done hands, partial faces, etc.I don't think they are able to feel like they would with their normal appendage, but they can develop good mobility and use of it.
There is an example of a rare but successful foot transplant here:
first of all its unethical, unless the deceased person has given the permission to do so before death.
Second blood matching and grouping
and third which person in a normal state of mind would do such a thing?
It's probably possible, because there was a successful hand transplant around 5 years ago. There was some feeling and motion because a few nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc. were connected. The recipient hated it so much he later asked that the hand be removed.
Well, i read that there were two patients who had hand transplants that were successful. They used hands from cadavers of course. However, one of them discontinued immunosuppressive treatments and had the transplanted hands removed.
I'm not sure if there had ever been a foot transplant, though.

Is it possible to have a high science GPA and decent MCAT and get into medical school?

I am thinking about getting a second bachelor's in BioChem in order to have the requirements to take the MCAT. I graduated in business for my first bachelor however it was not I began working that I realized I wanted to become a doctor. My GPA from college was not great but I have been taking classes at night and found that I love science (obtained all A's) and believe I can pull off a high science GPA if I go back to school. Do I even have fighting chance to get into medical school?
yes, your situation is not the typical route, but it is not at all unheard of, you have a good chance with your good science grades, especially if you have good GMAT scores and good references too
Of course you've got a fighting chance of getting into med school.The question will be WHICH med school, and what kind of scholarship you'll get. IF you're hoping for Harvard on a full-ride, then you might be in for a rough ride. I'd suggest that you have an ADVANTAGE, since you've been out in the "real world" for a while. You definitely found out what God put you on earth to do (your niche, your calling, your thing, etc), and that looks great. Above all, you'll want to do an interview w/ med schools and let them know why your college GPA is a little low, and why that shouldn't matter.
I know that for pharmacy school at least, it isn't ONLY the science classes GPA that matters. They will care about your study habits and grades for all classes.
Actually more mature students have some advantages, they often have decided that what their vocation really is and understand much better the implications of embarking on a medical career . If your academic grades are good you will also need to convince the admissions tutor that you are really committed to going back to being a student, with all the long hours, poor pay, lack of social life. If you have a partner make sure they are aware of the implications.

Is it possible to grow tall after the age 23, if so how and by how much?

The epiphyses are closed and if a growth hormone stimulates the bones, the patient becomes and acromegalic freak.
Not w/o growth hormone. 1/4" maybe, not at 23.
I am sure a lot of people would say no you cant but my husband is living proof. We are both tall people and when we met there wasn't that much difference between our heights and we were 23. Now two years later my husband is nearly a foot taller then me I now have to look up at him instead of straight at him. I guess there's the question of did I shrink?
Fairly unlikely.most men reach their full height in their late teens.not much more after 24..but stockiness will occur (fill out) between 23-27.
Extremely unlikely. Once you've hit puberty most of your growing slows tremedously.
Not much. You stop growing at the age of 25.
Consume excessive amounts of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Though it may have unpleasant side effects, it seems you want to get taller, so you probably don't care.
sorry. not possible.
I heard about an orthopedic surgeon who can add as much as 4 inches to your height by breaking your femurs just above the knees and then putting you in a contraption that you slowly screw taller and taller until you get up to two extra inches in height, over a many month period. Then the same can be done to your tibias just below your knees for an additional two inches. He only does it on really short people. How short are you?
Yes. Growth after the age of 23 is possible but it is also unlikely.The rate of growth depends on every individual because it depends on the epyphiseal plates within our bones, hormones and of course puberty which later induces the closure of these plates, thus ending the growth phase of a person.Because everyone's physiollogical timeline is different, we can only calculate when the average population will stop growing, meaning that while the average estimates of age 20 for females and age 22 for males is an accurate calculation for the majority of people (as to when they will stop growing), this isnt always true for others.You also need to consider other factors such as brain tumors, breakage of bones, which can cause a significant growth on an idividual regardless of age.

Is it possible to get medical research on you without consent?

Oh, come is a fact that millions of women were used as research subjects for decades and lied to when given conjugated estrogen and told all the happy little tales about how it was a miracle and would save mankind from all our female was not until the evidence became so great that it was impossible to cover up that the truth was told.Every time you take any drug you are being experimented upon. take ownership of yourself and find out how things work(start with your own body) before embarking on a path that someone else advises you to take.Be responsible for yourself.
NO that is first off immoral and second off ILLEGAL anyone who practices this deserves the all axpenses paid holiday to hell
only if there is a subpoena for the information given by the courts. Now there could be instances where your info might be given out with strickly your medical profile with no names or information that could identify you.
I don't like it but probably.. You never know what the government is up to. CDC may have access but I would think ONLY those 2.. :)
i like chocolate
Medical records can be searched for info - it is done all the time. They don't take down your name and address (OF COURSE) with this info, but note things such as age, race, etc.
How else would researchers know WHAT health issues NEED research without this type of survey??

Is it possible to get a head transplant?

Monkey head transplantation had been done in 1970 and 2001 by group of scientists led by neurosurgeon Robert J. White from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland Ohio in which the first was said to be success to some extent and the second one was reported as successful. The operation involved cauterizing arteries and veins carefully while the head was being severed to prevent hypovolemia. Because the nerves were left entirely intact, connecting the brain to a blood supply kept it chemically alive. The majority of neurosurgeons believe that head transplantation in humans will be possible in the near future. The procedure would most likely involve cooling the brain to the point where all neural activity stops. This is to prevent neurons from dying while the brain is being transplanted.It will be a risky procedure but still supporters note that the brain, unlike the liver for example, is an immunologically sound organ; there is no risk of the new body rejecting it. Ethical considerations, however, have thus far prevented any attempt by surgeons to transplant a human being's head.There is a large debate over this issue. Researchers on this aspect say it would be beneficial for those who would prefer to live as quadriplegic rather than dying. The operation foresees duadriplegic effect to the patient due to the fact that technology effect to reattach the severed spinal cord has not yet been developed.The scientists had started working on this research and remained unstoppable to pursue doing this procedure to human being so with the advent of science, though head transplants are a step too far, yet the possibility of this procedure is foreseeable but the great concern will be on the length of survival after the procedure plus the ethical concern over this will be most likely the very tough issue involved. Definitely, many will accept to be quadriplegic than to die- there is no question about that. So the big question will be: who will be the head donor? What grounds will then be acceptable to donate head? Really I cannot figure it out but who knows, there might be resolutions to this to make way for human head transplantation to become a reality. Head transplantation donor,anyone?
I highly doubt it
Definitely, I get one every day, and they interchange between the kids being in school and being at home
Wouldn't that techncically be a body transplant ?
face yes.head no
nope, but you could get a body transplant
You can get a face transplant now.
Why?? Do you need one? You can have mine.
No. The nerve endings from the spinal cord into the brain has not been successfully connected
I will try it, if your my Ginnie pig
A no brainer, no.
Yes, it's possible, but you won't survive the operation.
Wouldn't that be great? :) I'd trade places with a cartoon character. Then maybe people wouldn't be so surprised at the way I act. :)
definately no. the spinal cord cannot be spliced back together once severed.
I would be happy to undertake this experiment if you are volunteering.
why would you your head looks cool
if it is possible .people would have spend crores to transplant their heads with of a genius
not yet, but there are studies underway- I believe they have been successful in small animals. It is only a matter of time.
yes, it's cheap and painless
Unfortunately for you, No!
sure they can put a penis on your neck
and it would live .
but if they put your head on your penis it would die !
which one?
Hi, Very unlikely
ye go get it done,maybe we will see an improvement in your questions.
yes they're researching it in america

is it possible to do a shadowing or attachment in hospitals in other country?

i am an A-Level students pursuing to do medicine
Yes but like the other guy said it really depends on the country, I'm an honor student at my university, and i will do my internship at Harvard medical.
But mainly because my university set everything up.
you should contact different institutions. Including your own.It will be quite an experience, trust me.
We get doctors from the u.s. all the time and they freak out the first couple of days opening books to read about conditions they have never seen, running about the hospital.
But after their experience they always give thanks to have a chance to practice real medicine( in thier words).Go for it. After you've been in a hospital out of the u.s. nothing will shake you.
That's a tough one..depends on the country

Is it possible to determine DNA from sweat? I mean, can you perform a DNA test on a sweaty tissue,for example?

Yes. A small amount of protein is excreted in sweat. Check the source website for some good information about DNA collection.
no its not possible, coz the composition of sweat is just salts and water. If ur talking abt sweaty tissue, DNA test can be performad from any body tissue, as these tissues are made of large number of same cells united together and DNA is present in these cells within the nuclii, which can be extracted by chemical process.
Actually, sweat does contain small traces of DNA. The DNA is present in cells that have 'sloughed' off and deposited into the sweat. There is enough DNA in sweat to detect its presence, but there usually too little to identify its source. That is, there is a low chance of identifying from WHOM the sweat came.edit: grammatical error
I think is you have about 30% chance to get DNA out of sweat.(If I remember correctly)
yup. anything that comes out of your body has traces of your dna.

Is it possible to create the Elixir of life?

I really wanna be a chemist after seeing the death of my granny.If i can create this potion or something similar2 it, this will be the best gift 4 her . It may sounds ridiculous but it is even more ridiculous if u wanna be a chemist without having dreams of ur own..Thank you
You might want to actually consider taking a CHEMISTRY class before you talk like that. There will never be an Elixir of life, people will continue to die, the best we can do is expand lifespan by treating disease and illness.
yes, have faith that you will find it.
I think that you have a better chance of extending life if you went into genetic science. Although some things are considered unethical. I believe you have a better chance here, then chemistry. The true elixer to life is of course H2O.
? First off, I would hope that anyone genius enough to create the elixir of life might be able to write a simple sentence.
Secondly, the "elixir of life" is an alchemical term, it refers to alchemy, or magic chemistry, so I'm afraid that just studying chemistry won't be good enough. Maybe if you can get accepted to study chemistry at Hogwarts?
i believe you might extend your life for houndreds of years if they found a way to replace the function of your cells with nanobots. you would probablly turn silver but you might just live allot. or maybe some medicine that makes your cells so much stronger that they wouldnt get old so fast. so then you could extend your life a bit more.
No, chemistry proves that you can't.

is it possible to convert units of measure (i.u. ) into milligrams (m.g.)?

kg kilogram = 1,000 grams (g)
g gram = 1,000 milligrams (mg)
mg milligram = 1,000 microgram (ug or mcg) i.u International Unit (measure of biological activity, rather than the weight, of fat soluble vitamins). one i.u vitamin A = 0.30 mcg retinol
one i.u beta carotene = 0.60 mcg retinol
one i.u vitamin D = 0.025 mcg one
i.u vitamin E = 0.67 mg d-alpha tocopherol (natural source vitamin E) or 1 mg dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (synthetic vitamin E).
Yes, but the conversion is different for each drug.

Is it possible to convert depression, to sleepiness, then nap and awake with no depression?

One person reports that he deals with depression on a regular basis. At times he was been diagnosised as 100% disabled. However, he reports that sometimes when he is hit with a certain type of depression (often one that hits like a sledgehammer) sometimes the depression eventually turns into sleepiness. He has to take a nap. However, when he takes the nap and awakes the depression and sleepiness are gone. He seems to state that to deal with the depression, he somehow converts the depression into something he can deal with which is sleepiness. Then he deals with sleepiness. Has anyone else ever had such an experience with depression? How does one explain this using the chemical imbalance theory? Some doctors are beginning to argue that depression is an autoimmune disease of the brain. If the immune system attacks apart of the brain that causes depression, maybe the immune system can be directed instead to attack that part that causes sleep. Then the person sleeps.
Well, science does not know much about depression yet, I think.Actually there is a kind of solution altogether:The person should go for a manual one-time treatment called Atlasprofilax. The effect on the self-healing power of the body and mind is simply amazing - own experience. :-)And it's really worth travelling far - at present, the treatment is available in California and Europe only, costing around 200 Dollars.I look forward to some experience report.
Well here is my situation. Whenever I become sleepy or tired, I become more depressed. It's like I loose the willpower to fight off negative emotions. (I also become upset easier, etc.) Once I rest and wake up, I generally feel better again and ready to face the day. (The exception is if I have bad dreams relating to why I'm upset.)
I wish it was, but it is not. Depresion has to do with neurons.
I wish.
DepressionWhat is Depression?
Depression is a serious medical illness; it鈥檚 not something that you have made up in your head. It鈥檚 more than just feeling "down in the dumps" or "blue" for a few days. It鈥檚 feeling "down" and "low" and "hopeless" for weeks at a time. more%26gt;%26gt;Signs %26 Symptoms
Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood
Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism
Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed more%26gt;%26gt;

Is it possible to change a person's blood type?

Someone said that their blood type was B and now it's O.
The most interesting question of the day, so I had to do some research. While I thought it was impossible because of the antigens present in blood types, this article seems to indicate that it can be done. That sure will relieve blood supply issues.
This is not possible. It is possible, however, that he was mis-typed or he misunderstood what he was told.
no your organs like your heart are only compatable with your certin like a only. but there is an exception people with blood type o can give blood to any one because its compatable with anything
anything is possibleO is supposed to be compatible with all the other types so I suppose it is possible.
if they changed their blood type they would be dead. It is not possible. He was probably just wrong
yes, you would have to do it illegley, or some sort of blood replace ment.
nope. ur body can't associate with any other blood group. for blood transfusion u have to look for the same blood type along with Rh factor %26 other stufs. O blood ttype person can b given if totally compatible. AB blood type person can accept almost any othar slighly varying blood types
It is impossible. A person's blood type is determined by genetics. Red blood cells are continously produced, so even though a blood type B person have a blood transfusion of type O, his own body still produce type B blood, so he is still type B.
Theoretically, for a person to change his blood type, he has to change the DNA in all the cells in his body, or at least in all his bone marrow (where blood cells are produced)
Well that someone lied to you.NO you can't change your blood and NO it's not possible..
Actually, it **IS** possible for your bloodtype to change if you have had a bone marrow transplant.Your blood type is determined by antigens on your blood cells, which are made by your bone marrow. People who have received bone marrow transplants as part of the treatment for certain types of leukemia can sometimes be given bone marrow that produces blood of a different bloodtype. It turns out that the new bone marrow must match you HLA type, but not your bloodtype.That said, bone marrow transplants are generally a last resort for treating leukemia. They are long, danerous (around 20% of patients die), and very unpleasant to go through.
By the information you have here it looks more like a clerical error. A person's blood type can change, there is only one possible way and that is by bone marrow transplant. This can be a real headache for a blood banker as the patients blood type changes trying to figure out what type to give if needed.

Is it possible to brainwash yourself, and if so can you undo it?

Yes, you can tell yourself your whole life that you hate a specific food and naturally, you won't like it because you keep telling yourself that.I overcame that one. I told myself all my life that I didn't like chili or goulash. But one day my b/f's mother made a goulash and I didn't want to be rude or impolite and not eat the very food that she just made for us! So I told myself hey, I think I will like it because it has macaroni noodles and spaghetti sauce and cheese, what more could I ask for and why would I not like it? I tried it and I LOVED her recipe! So you basically have to tell yourself the opposite and tell yourself that you're not afraid of certain things or whatever the case may be, you can get yourself to believe anything that you want to.
more usual is to let yourself be brainwashed ,like what happens with a lot of religions.
to undo is always hard work .and means thinking alot.
Yes. An example is like when someone comes up with a good lie or something like that and they tell it so much that they actually start to believe it. I've seen it happen.

Is it possible to beat lung cancer?

It is possible to beat lung Cancer but it depends on:
1. type of lung cancer - Small cell, Large cell, Adenocarcinoma, Mixed type (smallcell type is the most fatal and aggressive while adeno Ca has the best prognosis)
2. Cancer stage
3. Age
4. Co Morbid diseases (eg. heart disease)But it is wiser to consult your doctor for prognostication and early treatment
Ask God!
If it is possible, radical change of diet would help greatlyAlso. eastern medicine is very different from western medicine, it's quite the opposite of our insanity
look in to that(it would have prevented it 99% sure, but can likely reverse it)
my grandmother had half a lung removed and lived for a long time. good luck
Anything's possible if you don't give up hope!
Not sure but lots of people say that eat more Verge and fruits to beat the cancer .fresh carrots are best
You would have to be a very strong person in spirit, I bet.
Yes, absolutely, there are people who are lung cancer survivors. It is a bad deal for sure, and the treatment is rough, but medicine is making great strides every day. You have got to have a positive attitude and be a fighter, and be proactive in your own case, getting all the info from the doctors, and staying on top of every development. And of course, faith in God, that is crucial, because without Him, we can do nothing.
Lung cancer is one of the bad ones (okay, there aren't any good cancers, but you know what I mean). However, *some* people do survive lung cancer. Most who do find it early enough that surgery is possible. Even without surgery, patients can often live quite a bit longer with chemotherapy.I hope you are only asking a theoretical question, but if you or someone you love is a lung cancer victim, my thoughts are with you at a difficult time.
Major clinical trials are underway to develop better lung cancer treatments. A variety of new chemotherapy drugs have become available, and chemotherapy is proving more effective in treating lung cancer and improving the quality of life for patients diagnosed with lung cancer.Early detection and treatment are critical factors in the fight against lung cancer. The average survival rate is 49 percent or those whose cancer is detected early, before it spreads from the lung. Unfortunately, only about 15 percent of lung cancers are found in the earliest stage.The overall cure rate for lung cancer has doubled over the last 30 years. The one-year survival rate for lung cancer increased from 34 percent in 1975 to 42 percent. The five-year survival rate for all stages is only 15 percent. However, the survival rate is 49 percent when the disease is still localized.Some of the most promising research findings related to lung cancer include:Specific oncogenes (abnormal genes associated with tumors) have been found in some lung cancer cells. It is hoped that an oncogene test may soon be invented that will assist in planning lung cancer treatment. Ultimately, researchers hope to develop drugs that "turn off" oncogenes, ending cancer growth.New studies have provided evidence of tumor markers within an individual's genetic makeup that are related to a person's risk for developing lung cancer. This finding may help in screening people who are at increased risk of lung cancer.Use of monoclonal antibodies that recognize only lung cancer cells. These antibodies attach themselves to cancer cells, causing the cancer to be destroyed. An example is C-225 Erbitux庐 (cetuximab). The use of anti-EGFR (anti-epidermal growth factor receptor) drugs such as Tarceva庐 (erlotinib) have been approved by the FDA and are under study.Another way could be stimulation of the immune system by using naturally occurring substances such as interferon and interlukin-2. These substances have shown some promise in treating other forms of cancer and may be helpful in treating lung cancer. This year an estimated 172,500 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed and an estimated 163,500 people will die from lung cancer in the United States.Presently the best weapon against lung cancer is to avoid smoking. Eighty-seven percent of all lung cancer cases in the United States are smoking-related. Men who smoke increase their risk of dying from lung cancer by more than 22 times and women by nearly 12 times. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths.
Yes, if you get early. My mother had it, thank god they caught it early. She's doing fine now. *knock on wood*
Try Homeopathy or Ayurveda, you will find solution.
Why are you asking this question, If you really looking for alternative medicine I can give guidance.
only if you are really serious

Is it possible to be phobic about spiders, but not about scorpions & other arachnids?

if so, would you still be arachnophibic?
I suppose so. I used to be arachnophobic but through behavioral conditioning I am not any more. I can now have a spider crawl on my arm. I would, however, steer clear of poisonous spiders and scorpions. I do not think that is phobic. That is just good sense.
yes very much possible, its just the human psyche which make one phobic, one way to get ride of such phobia is to face the thing as much as u can, Good luck.

is it possible to be entirely exsanguinated?

or would there always be a few blood cells left in your body?
I would think it would be just about impossible even if you ran water through the veins there should still be a few blood cells
It could probably be done if a group of specialsts got together to do it, but you would be quite dead, and so there would be ethical issues.

Is it possible to be allergic to water?

Just wondering..
No, but something in the water. Perhaps a contaminant or a pollen in the water. If you were truly allergic to hydrogen and oxygen you would just not be able to exist. It must be a contaminent. Your body is made of water.
Hey I guess if that's a good excuse for a cat.. yeah sure it's possible.
no, maybe the crap that might be in it.
No.The end.
wow i really dont know.. hmmmmm lol now im gonna wonder bout that for a while.
yes if you are an alien
I would not discount that possibility, but how can such a person stay alive?
absolutely not. your body is 98% water
Not the water itself but you could be allergic to something in the water---get it analysed.
could be.not the water.but the chemicals or bacteria in it. that is why you get the runs sometimes when you visit other countries..and they tell you.dont drink the water.drink bottled water instead.stick with a good the wall companies in other countries..well.. may give you the trots too..
hi,..There is a condition called aquagenic urticaria in which a person develops wheals or hives after being exposed to water of any temperature. There is also a heat induced urticaria in which environmental exposure to anything that results in sweating causes hives to develop. In this case exposure to warm or hot water that made someone begin sweating would produce urticaria. It would look like the water was the culprit but really it鈥檚 the sweating that results from the exposure to warm water that is the true cause.
Possible, if you are an asthma patient and take cold water..
the obvious answer would be of course not.i guess it might be possible for a zygote to be allergic to water, but then it would never be born and we would never find out that it was allergic to water. ok, maybe thats a stretch, but its the closest thing to someone being allergic to water that i can think of.
Your body is about 3/4 water, so you'd be in a HEAPPA trouble.
Yes. Lots of micro-organisms in water. Also minerals. All can cause sensitive people to react.
yes it is possible to be allergic to anything. What happens is your body believes that a certain substance is foreign and harmful to you body, thus it starts creating antibodies or responds like you have and infection.
menew, that's dumb. It is not possible to be allergic to H2O, since your body is 75% water. the body would attack itself. the original poster is probably allergic to something in the water.
I think u must be having a diseases. :S///
Or .there must be hydrophobia .. or . :S u have been bitten by a mad dog!
It is medically impossilbe to be allergic to water, you are made up of it. The only thing that you can be allergic to is any contaminants in the water such as heavy metals or cemical additives.
there must be something in your drinking water that could precipitate an allergic reaction. skin can also simulate allergies with an unfavorable water temperature. I don't think anyone could be allergic to pure water. H and O has always been in the air that they breathe in since birth. The unfavorable chemicals or minerals could be from the water pipes etc.

Is it possible to alter your voice??

I have a deep voice which is keeping certain opportunities from me. These aren't important but i wondered if there was a way to raise the pitch of the voice in a permanent way that doesn't require a vocal coach and the consant using of just a different voice that could slip and reveal my original one. Any help would be greatly apprecated. Thanks
Yes, you can alter your voice. I fail to see how a deep speaking voice would be a hindrance. Poor grammar, slang, and a failure to enunciate your words would be a greater turn off for an employer, than a deep voice.
Women with deep voices can sound very cool.
Impersonators can sound like anyone. I suppose you could too, with a little practice. Get a tape recorder and go at it!It would probably be best to imitate specific voices that you can get recordings of, like news broadcasters, etc.
It is possible to lower one's voice permanently, but not to raise it.Just be yourself.
Surgery. Suck up helium. Sorry that I can't help you realistically.

Is it possible to alter my dreams structure medically/chemically??

Is it possible for me to alter my dreams structure medically/chemically ? I mean is it possible for me by taking medicines I can dream of (a) Romance , (b) Love, (c) Sex or any relaxing mood/atmosphere. Cause I dream bad and horrible dreams everyday.Dreams of death, evil and catastrophy all around.
I'm sure it is possible.. I know that you can actually increase the probability of nightmares by taking sleeping pills and then going off them quickly.. As far as the other way around, which is what you are looking for, I can't say.. But I wouldn't suggest taking sleeping pills if you are having bad dreams already (which some might do in that case if they have trouble sleeping), will possibly compound the problem over time.
There are some supplements you can take to improve your brain activiity during sleep and also help you remember them in the morning. The company is called "Brilliant Dreams" and they offer a pill to help with the dreams you are talking about. These dreams are called "lucid dreams" where you actually feel like you are controlling what is happening and they feel more "real" than normal dreams. I've also read you are most likely to dream about the last things you were thinking of before falling asleep.
I suggest you to do the Art Of Living course. That might help you.I heard, lots of ppls got rid off similar prob at 11/9, Tsumani, Kashmir earthquake etc when art of living conducted the course for the victims.
So if ur serious u can do the course
But dont think u can structure ur dream to wat ever u like, like romance, love, sex or something.
U may be able to get rid of the horrible dreams, thts all.
Playing with the mind can be dangerous. Mind is as much sensitive as it is strong. My opinion is dont mess with your brain. It could lead to serious conditions like phycosis or MPD.
It is possible, 2 ways that i know of. Just make sure you want to do it first. I learned to control my dreams when I was 7, I cannot do it anymore, but it can be done. Certain drugs and chemicals can change the mode of your dreams completely.

Is it possible that through genetics,a female may deliver her identical without sex use of any other person?

bravo ankush. bravo. the best answer around.damn! you beat me to it..JOMAR S.T. NDGM '96
this phenomenon takes place in plants ,but in humans ,research is being conducted in labs undergoing human cloning experiments,but there is a great possibility to develop female clone in a very easy way without sex,
take double stranded DNA from any somatic cell and fuse it with the egg of the female itself and implant the embryo in the womb and the clone of the female itself,in this way the female becomes the surrogate mother of herself
This phenomenon is called parthenogenisis. Sharks do it all the time. While there hasn't been a proven case in humans, there is like one in one-hundred-million-billion-tr. chance that it could.

Is it possible that the women who suffer from epilepsy after childbirth lose her disease?

Please note that I am not a medical doctor, but do work in the field of brain research.
It is definitely possible. There are many causes of seizures following pregnancy (or during pregnancy). One condition is called eclampsia, and is described quite well on Wikipedia ( However, the causes of eclampsia are not well understood, nor are the effects of hormones (like estrogen and progesterone) on epilepsy (search for epilepsy and pregnancy at for research).

Is it possible that Maria was hermaphrodite ? i see only this reason for her virgin pregnancy.?

Typically hermaphordites (sp) do not have fully developed sex organs for atleast one of the sets of sex organs.
Are you implying she impregnated herself? That would mean that Jesus would have been a clone of her, and therefore also a hermaphrodite.
A hermaphrodite, even with both male and female genital structures, cannot fertilize herself. Mary, if you are referring to Mama Mary, got pregnant because it was God's will.
I suspect you mean "is it possible that the virgin birth was a case of parthenogenesis?", which has been observed in many species. However, parthenogenesis has not been reliably observed in humans.
If the Madonna was a hermaphrodite, Jesus would have been a girl.
I agree with Confuzzled, and this is why. Mary, or any other woman, virgin or not, would have 2 x-chromosomes. If they were to combine, the result would be a girl. Only in the presence of a male, with an x and a y, could one produce a male child.

Is it possible that man can neve die?

Is it possible that a brain can be downloaded on chip and that chip fit on another body (body only without brain/feelings)and man will never die ? how it is..
Nope, all human beings eventully die. Theres something in our dna that is being chipped/ shortened as the years go by. It is our death clock. No one has found a way to stop that. If stopped, we will become immortals. Brain information cannot be downloaded and transferred if not we did all become einsteins by now. We can only monitor brain activity.
But if I could do the following, why not?
Kool question, wow Maybe. But sum people you just wish would die LOL!
that's a phenomenal idea.I guess they can do such a thing in the future.
according to mythology. if u do gud deeds. not u ur soul gets immortal. like jesus or any other god of othr religion
yes, if he did not born
No for sure..
everyone will die sooner or later
its not possible yet but two years ago my psyhical science teacher heard about something like this were scientists were arguing if it was a good idea or not and then he asked us what we thought and some told him its a good idea and others said it was bad because even if you do live forever our brain isnt the one that gives us artritis when were old and makes our skin wrinkle so we would have to find a new body or alot of better body parts.
giving the rate as which scientist today are making new discoveries i wld't be suprised if this was tried some time i the future but as of now everyone has to die.
Yes, it is possible. God originally intended for us to be immortal, but we screwed it up. lol
Sorry, there are 2 things in life you can't escape, taxes and death. Maybe we'll be able to escape both of them sometime in the near future :) man could ever live forever because scientist cant extract data from the brain unlike computer..u just cant..but i heard that in about 30 to 40 years scientist will develop something that will make u live 4 another 1000 years or so
Only in science fiction movies.

Is it possible that a girl become pregnant when sperms infuse on ***?( when penis is not in vagina)?

how much is the probability? (in percent)
please send your answers in details and ask me if you need any more information about my answer.
The presence of semen on any part of the female reproductive system from the labia to the clitoris can result in a pregnancy. The percentage depends on a million different variables, from the pH of the Vagina to the volume of the semen, so an exact percentage is unknown, i would guess about 0.01%. However there have been reports of women becoming pregnant from the physical contact of underwear "dry humping" in which the male climaxes. Hope this helped.
Yes. If sperm is introduced into a vagina by a hand, for example, it is possible, but rare, to become pregnant.
I guess it depends on what the asterisks stand for.
You will never get pregnant if they stand for your mouth. If they stand for your external genital area, you could, but it is less likely than if his penis was inside you. Please be careful. Ask him to wear a condom, they help prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect you against sexually transmitted disease. Also you could go to Planned Parenthood for counselling if that is available in your area. Please have responsible sex for the sake of your life and your future!
yes its possible
Please don't get me wrong but . why do you want to know?
why he-- yes it is and you could have aids too and a baby born with them too wake up!!no pitty here
very little chance unless it happens that some of the semen accidentally got into the vagina; even then the sperm don't last that long in the environment, and it's a pretty long way to go to the egg even if it goes into the vaginaall in all chance is probably less than 1%

Is it possible for the elderly to willfully die even though all systems are running effectively.?

I knew a man, 88 years old - heart was O.K., no cancer, etc. just tired and lonely. He wanted to die and he did. How can it be? Doesn't the body have to be diseased somewhere or malfunction in order to die?
Yes. I know of many elderly people who just gave up and died soon after their spouses had passed over. They miss their partners so much, and die of loneliness. There has never been anything medically wrong with them. By the same token, many elderly people who are very ill, can hold off death until after a holiday (Christmas, Chinese Spring festival, Harvest moon festival) in order for all the family to enjoy the festivities beforehand. Or to give all their families time to gather and say goodbye.
If he starves himself to death and stops drinking water then yes.The body is just incredibly indestructive and if there is no overwhelming problem, it will go on indefinitely. No they cannot die willfully. Lots of them want to die but just continue existing. I know, I live in s. Florida and know lots and lots of them.It is very unusual for someone in their 80's to not have some sort of physical problem but not unheard of.He died of something, believe me, and it could have been lots of things, aertic anyerism is very common in elderly men and takes them fast and suddenly.
The question you are posing is a test of faith. Personally i believe that if you want to die and you are old the earth will take you. But there really is no real medical answer for someone dieing without disease. If you don't have the will to live, you don't live.
If he starves himself to death and stops drinking water then yes.The body is just incredibly indestructive and if there is no overwhelming problem, it will go on indefinitely. No they cannot die willfully. Lots of them want to die but just continue existing. I know, I live in s. Florida and know lots and lots of them.It is very unusual for someone in their 80's to not have some sort of physical problem but not unheard of.He died of something, believe me, and it could have been lots of things, aertic anyerism is very common in elderly men and takes them fast and suddenly.
Yes, I have seen elderly people die, even when they were fine medically. They just roll over and the next thing they are gone. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to a person, and people often just will themselves to leave this mortal body. I believe that nothing just just moves on to another place.
I believe the greatest component to the human body is the heart. When the heart goes, I'm talking of course about purpose, not in physical sense. Its very sad. How many times have you heard about a person dying and a partner is left behind and within months sometimes even weeks the other dies. Ive even heard this about animals.. It says a lot about how we were created..
Yep! If the spouse died or lonely %26 depressed. They lose the will to live. It's possible

is it possible for the drug in marijuana to still be in your system for 4 months, where can i find more facts?

i used in july and my levels are going down but are not completely out and twice they doubled and i know i did not injest any marijuana at all, i was told it was medically impossible by someone who is not a medical professional, i need to prove my innocence!!help
marijuana has a "half life" of 28 days. that means that it takes 28 days for your Bibby to metabolize HALF of theee chemical once you stop using it. stopped in July.lets say July august 4th only on half will be gone, by September 4th one half of that. and by October half again. You still have in your system about 1/8th of what was there in July.
Not it will not be in your systems for up to 4 months.
Yes, it depends on whether you are a heavy smoker.if you do it once in a blue moon.then it wont.but if you do it for long periods of time, then yes it can!
Marijuana (THC) 7-30 days
I have always heard the rumor that it stays in your system for 3 weeks, but it may just be a rumor. If you are really worried about it go buy a home testkit. I have seen them online although I don't remember the url. I'm sure you could find one in under five minutes with a simple search.
Yes. It would show up in a blood test. Tetrahydrocannibol (THC) does not leave many cells for a long time and is slowly seeped in to the blood stream from those cells. Such a person would pass a blood test, but would fail a hair test miserably. The CDC should have information on this oddly enough.
yes it can.altough its not in high levels, its really low level of the drug.
Haha no! i get drug tested all the time by my parents and it stays in your system for like 2 weeks to month. you can get it out sooner tho by drinking a lot of green tea, getting wheat grass shots, or its really good if you get those antioxident green tea shots from robex. The amount of time it stays in your system depends on how much you smoked and how good it was. But theres no way if you smoked 4 months ago, and still havent. that it would show up on a drug test. If its hair test tho, your screwed, unless you dye your hair cuz the chemicals will make it so that you dont come up positive.
It is false. Everyones system is different but i smoke it every day. And 3 times I had to get tested for other sicknesses and really didnt want the lecture of how bad it is from the doc, so I cleaned out my system for 10 days and it was out of my system and I peed clean in 35 days.
ok here is the skinney, THC metabolites are stored in the fat cells, if you start burning the fat the metabolites will be released. usually they are undetectable after 10-30 days. I would imagine they are detectable by a gas mass chromatigram, but these tests are expensive. My thought is this. YOu are being told a lie. Someone is trying to BS you into not using, then they came up witha phoney story about your levels doubling to see if you would admit it. If this a probation officer they would have had you arrested for violation of probation, if infact your levels were increasing, but since you say the level increase happened twice tells me it wasn't a PO if it were they were BSing you.
No your system usually compensates and the concentration will lower in about 30 days.
4 months is might help you out.
Not only will it stay in your blood system for a while, it will also stay in your hair or 7 years I have heard. You should not have used it in the first place.

Is it possible for someone to turn up the power during a 'hida scan' to over expose or do harm?

I have had doctors at this hospital lie to me about my lab results. They have told me I have a a disease when I did not. During blood draws nurses have inserted the needle through the other side of the vein and then insert the whole needle, about one inch. Then they would shake and move the needle around trying to tear and damage muscle tissue or anything they can. Just want to know if I could have been over exposed to X-rays.
in order to receive a damaging amount or radiation you would need about 600 full power chest xrs in a year so it is extrememly unlikely that there will be residual effects
Sounds like the ARS to me! They are out there, ya know?Are you sure you aren't paranoid?ARS = Against Rugrar123 Squad

Is it possible for siblings to have 3 type of blood types (A+, B+, O+) when we have the same set of parents?

1 sister have B+
1 sister have A+
1 sister have O+
yesone parent is blood type A+, and the other is B+.Therefore, can be represented as AO, and this way, it is possible to have an AB, AO, BO, and OO blood type, more commonly known as AB, A, B, and O
I'm honestly not sure,
yes one parent is AB+ with the o genome. The other parent is O+
It doesn't sound unlikely. I was watching TLC and this mother was getting welfare and they had to get a paternity test on the mother and father, the father came up fine, but the mother was negative. She got about four tests done, and she KNEW the babies were hers, they just didn't happen to share the same DNA. Weird huh? I guess anything is possible.
you should have either your father or your mother's blood type. One of you is a bastard. Sorry.
Yes, one of your parents have blood type A and the other has B. I'd explain in terms of heterozygous and big I and little i and Punnet squares, but I don't think that's necessary. Basically yuor parents genotypes are I(A)i and I(B)i.
It is very possible. If one parent has a BO+ genotype (their blood type would be B+), and one parent has a AO+ genotype (their blood type would be A+), then all of those combinations are possible. _|B___O
O|BO |OO|Above is a simple Punnett Square. One parent's genotype is shown on the top, and the other goes down the side. 25% of the children will have genotype AB, with AB bloodtype. 25% will have genotype BO, with B bloodtype. 25% will have gentotype AO, with A bloodtype, and 25% will have genotype OO, with O bloodtype.It couldn't work if one parent was AB and one was OO, because A and B are both dominant over O, and each child recieves one from each parent, then every combination would be either AO or BO, bloodtype O wouldn't be possible.
yes. your parents probably have the alleles AO and BO.each sister will have inherited the one allele from each parent. so they have BO, AO and OO respectively

Is it possible for people with TMJ (clicking jaw) to learn how to speak dolphin?

No, but it would probably be easier for them to learn the San or Khoisan languages, which contain clicks as part of the consonant structure.Love the humor in your question, also.
Good grief, that is a funny question!! What is frightening to me, is that I was actually mulling over the possibility in my mind. LoL
Its probably easier just to teach the dolphins to speak English. Most of them are very keen to learn but are never given the chance. They have even setup their own schools.
Maybe, but not in Japan. Too high a chance of being taken for "scientific whaling" and ending up on a supermarket shelf.

is it possible for one to have a bald head when nobody from his family is bald?is baldness curable?if yes, how

I believe so. My brother is bald %26 I don't know of any other bald male relatives. Or female either!Curable? I don't know but I doubt it. Talk to your doctor.Remember - it's just hair!
It is quite possible, and there are treatments for it. Talk to your doctor.
er no there is no real current treatment for it so break out the polish matey
it is possible and common. the gene for Male Pattern Baldness is actually carried by the female but only affects the male. so you need to look at you maternal grandfather, if he was bald, you mother would have carried the gene and passed it to you. but, also it could have been your maternal grandmother's father or you maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's father (your great great great grandad) etc etc. so it can go many generations without showing.
bald is the new hairy..
Try Regaine or Nourkrin. Might work might not.
There are only so many perfect heads, the rest are covered with hair!
alopecia- Baldness which can be congenital, premature or senile. Alopecia areate, a patchy baldness, usually of a temorary nature. Cause unknown, but shock and anxiety are common precipitating factors. Exclamation mark hairs are diagnostic. Alopecia cicatrisata, synonym, pseudopelade, progressive alopecia of the scalp in which tufts of normal hair occur between many bald patches. Folliculitis decalvans is an alopecia of the scalp charaterized by pustulation and scars.
Please se the webpage for more details on Alopecia, Male pattern baldness, Alopecia areata, Alopecia totalis, Alopecia universalis.
yes it is genetic but can also be environmental, so you may end up bald. it is curable if you use female hormones (pill) but you don't have to mind the shrinking of your dangly bits and some fat deposits on the hips and breasts

Is it possible for me to be admitted and complete medical school with a three year old child?

I started medical school with a 1 month old child. I was a single Mom for 5 years. I did it. So can you.You will need support from family and friends, because medical school will suck every available minute from your life.My son is now 20, and I have a great practice, plus 2 more kids (residency babies) and a great husband.I used to wonder if I would have been a better doctor without being a Mom, or a better Mom without being a doctor. Now, I know I'm a better person for being both.Go for it!
They can't keep you out just because of a child, but you have to have really good grades and lots of service hours in the medical field.
Sure, I have a daughter that is three and a son that is one and I will start medical school in August.
It will be extremely difficult, however if you simply do not attempt you will never know. So i suggest you try it. If you are having finincial difficulties then it is another problem. Remember nothing is impossible only your temporal lobe creates a wall blocking your cerebellum from taking risks.
If you can make the time to go to school and put in hours of study as well and still be a parent then YES you can do it.Keep the grades good and enjoy being a parent.Best of luck.
It can probably be done but why would you want to? I mean if you have a three year old child, think of the things in her life that you will be missing out on because you are so tied up in school and labs, interns etc? You'll be stressed out from school, you'll be putting in some very long hours and probably not get to really spend any real time with her til she's in high school.I know I couldn't stand the idea of missing out on my child's growing up years. Your child is priority right now.If you want to get into the medical field why not start out in nursing? You can become an LPN in a year taking full time classes and that will get you a job in the field. From LPN you can work on becoming an RN which takes about four years. Or any of the other four year medical degrees like Medical Assistant, RN Practioner, Anathesiologist, Radiologist, etc. there are so many options out there besides becoming a doctor that will be more suited to your needs as a parent. and you can be earning a living rather than accumulating debt with all those years needed to go thru med school.
If going to medical school is what you REEEAAALLLYYYY want to do, you can do it. I've met people in similar fields with two or more small children. I've even seen mothers bring their children into the labs with them. If you're serious about med school, if it's your life's dream, then you can do it. If it's too much all at once, start by taking only a couple of courses at a time. If it's not your life's dream, figure out what is your dream and go after that.
P.S. - most colleges have free day care centers
errrrrr.. is it possible? yes. but don't even think you are going to be able to do it alone. the question to ask yourself is: am i ready, willing, and able to have someone else parent my child? because you will be an absentee parent for at least 8 years. more if you specialize. the further along in your training, the more medicine will demand your time and the more 24/7 childcare becomes a make-it- or -break it factor if you are to successfully get through training and pass the boards. med school is a cake walk compared to residency. you'll be x-tremely lucky to get even a total of 2 hrs/week of quality time with your child. the norm will be this: when you are w/ your child, you will be pressed for time, sleep deprived, and low on patience. the upside? your actions will teach your child numerous invaluable lessons - the least being what tenacity, hard work, and sacrifice can achieve. good luck!
You can do it. I just hope you have a partner who can help you! I went through undergrad with a girl who had two small girls and is currently in osteopathic school. I have a nine month old and start medical school in August. I did defer for one year b/c of the baby, but I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 4. You have to REALLY want to go through with it. It won't be easy, but you will be able to give your child all he/she needs.
Possible, not easy, very difficult most likely, but possible.Good luck. :)
anything is possible, specially if you have a midn to do it, just get help from family and friends. good luck
Yes, we have a number of students like that. The osteopthic (DO) schools tend to be more accepting of non-traditional students. You need to have solid arrangements for child care because medical school is extremely time consuming. Figure on 25-30 hours a week in class and 50 hours a week stugying from day one - and I really mean DAY ONE.
yes I know lots of people who have more then 1 child and still be able to get a 4.0 GPA its on how you can handle stress and other things in life.
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