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Is it possible for antibiotics to adversely affect?

I Currently live in allergy central, OH. For the last 20 odd years, twice every year, when the temperature changes I get something that is similar to, but not quite strep. A couple years ago I was prescribed Cephalexin instead of the SMZ/TMP I usually get. It seemed to actually make me worse, and since then whenever I get sick my sinuses hurt badly and bleed profusely, which never happened before. Is it possible for an antibiotic to actually have detrimental effects (in this case, somehow damaging tissue) or is it more probable that the Cephalexin I was issued was in some way subpar, and allowed the bacteria to mutate and/or change it's attack?
Antibiotics may cause allergic reactions, usually in combination with other factors (sunlight, diet, other medication).I wouldn't blame chronic sinus problems whenever you catch a cold to antibiotics, though. I have somewhat similar (but lighter) symptoms.My chlorine allergy clashed with swimming lessons at school, and while the sinus problems have lessened after I got rid of my tonsils (at least the infections don't last forever any more) the region still is sensitive.Nose bleed is a fairly natural phenomenon with permanently irritated mucous membrane. Irritation over a long time may lead to chronic infection.
There may be two likely couses of this. Malpractice medical care or, your own fault. Doctors prescribe a weak form of pathogens as medicine. If you took the prescribed dose as neede and failled to complete the medication the bacteria may have formed an immune resistance. This has adverce effects to your healing. They actually become stronger thus they have more effects than before.On global perspective the medicine (Vaccine) administered to stop the bird flue might actually worsen the spread since if one or two patients fail to copmlete the required medication the bacteria (influenza) might become more deadly and uneasy to stop in terms of its spread.Advise; always copmlete your medication whatsoever what.

Is it possible for a person to make themselves unconscious besides alcohol or drugs?

There are two methods, one is more dangerous than the other. 1) The first is to induce hyperventilation. You can achieve this by taking 8 to 10 deep breaths inhaling as much air as possible and exhaling it as much as possible, do this as fast as you can. On the 10th breath, hold it - it should make you pass out.
2) This is more dangerous, and should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing - because it could kill you. It is called "choking out." This is taught in many self defense and military combative courses. You need someone else to help you. Wear a loose fitting collared shirt. The other person should take their hands and form fists with the inside collar. Then they rotate their hands inward pressing against your caratoid arteries rendering you unconcious in seconds. This can also be achieved by the person standing behind you and placing their arm in a square around your head. By then taking their other arm and bracing it against the first - it again will cut off the caratoid arteries and render you unconcious within seconds. Again - caution, continued pressure can be fatal.So why would you want to do this??
Hold your breath until you pass out. Not recommended, but it will work. A blunt object to the head usually works too.
lie down in a dark room, preferably your bedroom, and wait 1/2 hr.
How about sleeping?
Yeah, you can just hold your breath. . . why do you need to know? LoL
choking your self with a necktie.
yes,by watching reruns of the dukes of hazard.
I just thought of an easy way to be unconscious besides
alcohol or drugs. Get one of your friends to swing a powerful
punch to your head, thus knocking you out unconsciously.
However, when you get up with a swelled head, you can then press charges against him for assault.
i am unsure about what yogi even is, but i have heard that some people who practice it do this go into trances
Someone could hit them in the head
You can hold your breath until you pass out, but it's only momentary.
Aside from sleeping, drugs and alcohol-induced unconsciousness, the other possible causes you can do are obviously self-inflicting as hitting your head or letting someone to do it for you, gases like tear gas that will make you unconscious, starving yourself are just amongst some of the things you can do but they are self injurious that may put yourself into compromise.

Is it possible for a human to acquire nightvision?

Everybody knows that Vitamin A helps your eyes to see in the dark but if I increase my Vitamin A intake like eating a tremendous amount of carrots everyday,will I possess the ability to see in the dark clearly even with a minimal amount of light?
Night vision is the ability to see, whether through biological or technological means, in a dark environment. Most instances, whether biological or technological, use a combination of two approaches: enhanced spectral range, and enhanced intensity range.Enhanced spectral rangeEnhanced spectral range techniques make the viewer sensitive to types of light that would be invisible to a human observer. Human vision is confined to a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light. Enhanced spectral range allows the viewer to take advantage of non-visible sources of electromagnetic radiation (such as near-infrared or UV radiation).Enhanced intensity rangeEnhanced intensity range is simply the ability to see with very small quantities of light. Although the human visual system can, in theory, detect single photons under ideal conditions, the neurological noise filters limit sensitivity to a few tens of photons, even in ideal conditions [1]. Some animals have evolved better night vision through the use of a larger optical aperture, improved retina composition that can detect weaker light over a larger spectral range, more photoefficient optics in the eye, and improved neurological filtering which is more tolerant of noise. Enhanced intensity range is achieved via technological means through the use of an image intensifier, gain multiplication CCD, or other very low-noise and high-sensitivity array of photodetectors.Biological night visionIn biological night vision, molecules of rhodopsin in the rods of the eye undergo a change in shape as light is absorbed by them. The peak rhodopsin build-up time for optimal night vision in humans is 30 minutes. Rhodopsin in the human rods is insensitive to the longer red wavelengths of light, so many people use red light to preserve night vision as it will not deplete the eye's rhodopsin stores in the rods and instead is viewed by the cones.
Some animals, such as cats, dogs, and deer, have a structure called the tapetum in the back of the eye that reflects light for even better night vision than humans, in which only 10% of the light that enters the eye falls on photosensitive parts of the retina. Their night vision likely falls between a Generation 1 and Generation 2 image intensifier.Night glassesNight glasses are telescopes or binoculars with a large diameter objective. Large lenses can gather and concentrate light, thus intensifying light with purely optical means and enabling the user to see better in the dark than with naked eye alone. Often night glasses also have a fairly large exit pupil of 7 mm or more to let all gathered light into the user's eye. However, many people can't take advantage of this because of the limited dilation of the human pupil. To overcome this, soldiers were sometimes issued atropine eyedrops to dilate pupils. Before the introduction of image intensifiers, night glasses were the only method of night vision, and thus were widely utilised, especially at sea. Second World War era night glasses usually had a lens diameter of 56 mm or more with magnification of seven or eight. Major drawbacks of night glasses are their large size and weight.Thermal visionFar infrared, or thermal, sensing is generally not considered night vision because it is constructed with mechanisms substantially different from the methods used to sense visible light. It is possible to construct an imaging device with microwave energy, sound, or any other signal that is reflected or radiated by objects and can be focused and sensed, but these are also not generally considered night-vision.
Some organisms have the ability to sense far infrared energy which we perceive as heat. This is prevalent in some snakes such as pit vipers and boas. However, this is not actual "vision", but more of a system of thermosensitive pits in the face that can detect the amount of heat and the distance to the heat source. There is still some debate as to what degree this information is perceived as "feeling" heat, and to what degree it is processed as an image by the snake's brain. Since these sense structures lack imaging optics for focus, the spatial resolution of such sensing is necessarily very poor.
Cadillac introduced a far-infrared night vision as an option on the 2000 Deville. It sold well initially, but sales fell and the option was dropped early in the 2005 model year. Toyota Motor Company's Lexus marque was next with a night vision system in their LX470 SUV. The 2007 BMW 5 Series will also offer night vision as an option.
See Thermographic camera.Image intensifierThe image intensifier is a vacuum-tube based device that amplifies visible light from an image so that a dimly lit scene can be viewed by a camera or by eye.Night vision gogglesNight vision goggles typically use an image intensifier to convert weak light from the visible and near-infrared spectrum to visible light. Most night vision goggles display a green image, because the peak sensitivity of human color vision is around 530 nm.
You won't be able to see perfectly but the beta carotene in the carrots will improve your night vision.
The vitamin A nightvision thing is a hoax, and kind of funny one.
your skin will also turn orange
No, but you will start to smell like a rabbit.
I believe it would be quite hard without genetic engineering.
go to the night vision store, off of I-93 near kingsbury plaza, they have everything you need, including night vision goggles
if you take a large amount of carrots down a deep cave or cavern for 2 or 3 years you are welcome to come back and let us know how you get on . but please do it during the day as i am scared of the dark
YES,if u get an owl's eye!
you will not and everybody will not delevop that what you call nightvision for humans even you eat a ton of vit.A foods. but maybe if God takes the place of giving you those kind of eyes, or mankind evolved in so many many years from this point, maybe its possible. imagine a bar thats so lighted. toinks.
Yes,by using infra red glasses

Is it possible for a cadaver to have an erection ?

I think I saw a scene from "six feet under " . One of the characters mentioned this . Is it true?
No, I have had a workshop involving cadavers. The cadaver cannot get an erection, because they have no reactions or reflexes, nor any blood(it has been replaceed with preservative chemicals). However, a cadaver will become generally stiff, so when one tries to move a body part, it does not feel limp. Someone might joke about a connection between this and an erection, however it is not possible.
Hi. The blood pressure would be too low. Unless he had an implant, I suppose.
It requires blood pressure %26 control of certain "valves" to maintain an erection.
If you're dead, you'll have neither pre-requisite.
yes due to chemical break down and the way cells and tissue react to this
i have heard it is possible since the body went through rigor.
I know that nails and more rarely hair keep growing a little after the person is dead. However, erection is going a bit more complex, and is a less automated process.
No and I have handled my share. They do sigh and twitch, though.
No, it is not possible. Sometimes when men are executed (by hanging) they experience a violent erection, due to the sudden stimulation of the reflex arc in the spinal column. But I doubt that they feel anything.
No. That would require blood pressure. Blood pressure requires a pumping heart. Dead people are recognized by their unbeating heart.
I don't know if they can or can't, but there is a story about the gangster John Dillinger had one when he died. He was more famous for that than being a gangster. Supposedly there are pictures to prove it.

Is it possible for a brain injury to cause a normal person to become criminally inclined?

If so, how?
until it can be medically proved that the injured individual behaved rationally before, and since injury is unable to then the law applies criminal insanity
A lot of defense attorneys have tried this ploy but I don't believe it one iota.
Yes it is. There are plenty of examples of brain injuries causing radical behaviour and personality changes, some of them quite bizarre. For examples of the more bizarre ones Oliver Sachs' book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat" is fascinating. For more a specific discussion of how brain injury may lead to criminality, have a look at the following source:
Yes, it is definitely possible for a brain injury to cause a normal person to become criminally inclined. For example, a servere car accident that cause the brain to shift in the head that the person can lose mobility senses as well as common senses knowing right from wrong. As a result the doctors would have to prescribe medications to help the patient's brain to have the right and left hemisphere to work properly by integrating, or better wire connection.
Another way of learning this is work in the rehabilition hospital that works with brain and spine injuries patients. If that hospital has a lot of security guards through out the hospital, then you will know what types of patients you would be dealing with.

Is it possible for a 6 month old baby to have shingles?

No, I don't believe so. You can only have shingles after you've had the chicken pox virus. I'd have it checked out immediately though. There's so many things it could be!
No, shingles come from the Chicken Pox virus.
shingles is the second run of chicken (herpes variation not in that way tho) pox so the kid will have chicken pox.
yes but it's not good

Is it posible for the drug ice not to show positive in a urine analysis if used on a regular basis?

I was told that some people who used the drug ice took a urine analysis and the drug didn't show positive. Is that posible?
Ironically, the drug that stays in the system longest is the most innocuous, marijuana. Ice (methamphetamine), cocaine, heroin will only test positive for a couple days after the last time they were taken. Marijuana can last up to 6 weeks. These times vary somewhat based on dosage and frequency of use before the test and the metabolism and body chemistry of the test subject.PS: Ice is an incredibly addictive drug that can cause permanent changes in brain structure with very limited use. It is still rising in popularity and is already causing more problems than heroin and cocaine combined. Just stay away from it. And I say this as a person who is generally pro-legalization when it comes to drugs. Meth makes cocaine seem like icing sugar.
I don't know how true that is.considering almost every drug known to man shows up in urine and blood samples. Some can even be detected in hair and on your skin depending on when you used it.
Not very likely. You are gonna get busted if you keep using. Or die.
i think if you're a regular user..than the drug will build up in you body..and will last longer than a one time user..
It takes 3 WHOLE days (72 hours) to completely get out of your system, no matter how much you use. If you use, quit. I have seen it truly ruin families, companies and individuals.

is it posible for me to specialize in plastic surgery in australia?

i have past studing medicine in azad univ of najaf abad in iran .
i got my md document after 7.5 years of studdies %26 hospital courses.our university medical degree is acsepted by w.h.o
i want to specialize in plastic surgery.also i want to live %26 work in australia.
i want to find one way to reach o this goals.
Yeah sure if you have the right qualifications. In Australia all overseas doctors are screened by the government to make sure they are qualified and know what they are doing.
Vote for Mv! :)

Is it okay to use Hand Sanitizer on your face?

I figured, since it gets rid of bacteria, and seems to eliminate oils, would it be possible to use it on your face, as long as you keep it away from your eyes?
I usually use acetone to clean my face, but what the hell, go ahead and use the hand is just glycolized alcohol which will dry out all the pores in your face
I wouldn't advise it. You will dry out your face b/c hand sanitzers generally contain alcohol.
HAND sanitizer.
No! The skin on your face is a lot different and more sensitive than the skin on your hands. Use face products that cleanse and eliminate oils.
Won't do any hurt . plus you will get lemon-lime scent
Don't use it on your face unless you want your skin to dry out and be flaky!
Follow the directions on the product, and only use the alcohol type which do not pose the dangers of the two common antimicrobial agents, triclosan and triclocarban, which can accumulate in groundwater and soil.See the FDA-related article about the use of such products which carry a risk but no measurable reward to the consumer. Here is an excerpt but see the full article in the attached link: "The FDA asked for the panel's advice because of a concern that chemicals used in antibacterial soaps could accumulate in the environment and promote potentially dangerous resistant germs.
Ruth M. Parker, MD, an associate professor of medicine at Emory University in Atlanta and a member of the panel, called the potential for more antibacterial resistance "absolutely terrifying." "
Yes, but the alcohol it contains may dry out your skin. Be sure not to get it in your eyes or mouth!
I have but use lots of moisturizer after so that it doesnt dry my skin out.
Hand sanitizer has mostly just alcohol which could be very drying for your face. You COULD use it but you might not want to.plain soap and water will do the same job without being too harsh.
Only if you want dry, flaky, skin!
I wouldn't because the skin on the face is more sensitive. You might have a reaction to it.

Is it okay to take medical coding specialist training course through a u.s. career institute?

Iam interested in taking a training course in medical coding offered through u.s. career institute home training. I do not really know if i would be able to get a job after I graduate or do I have to stall and get more experience and then find a job.
Take the course! But you will want to get certified as a coder afterwards. You'll probably want to start by becoming a CCA (Certified Coding Associate). You should be able to take that test after taking the training course. Then after a year or two on the job with some practical experience you can get a CCS or CCS-P certification. That will make you a professional in the industry. There are also other certifications to be had through AHIMA. Good Luck!
look into your choices before you jump in..Does the online course help you with job placement after you finish course? or find a college that can help you I am going to elmira business institute for medical coding %26 reimbursment specialist. whether online or at a College look for job placement help after you get degree.i have seen both colleges and some select online sources that will help you get jobs do your homework.

Is it Okay to take 2 doses of Multi vitamins with a 12-hour gap in between?

it would be nice if medical professionals can answer but all others are also welcome to answer!
never overload on iron but all others will be ok,as an overload would be passed out thru the kidneys,the answer is yes fine
Yeah, no worries, extra vitamins just go through you anyway. just don't over do it though excessive multi vits can cause minor problems. But 12 hours is fine, just drink a little more water than you normally would (that should take care of any problems I can think of brought on by what's usually in multi vits).
(I'm not a medical professional (sorry!) Biologist / health nut)
Some vitamins are fat soluble. Those you can overdose on. The water soluble ones will wash on out of your body. The fat soluble are A%26lt;D%26lt;E%26lt; and K. The rest are water soluble. You can take extra B and C , do not take alot of A or D and E.
i do and take it only every 12 hours and i'm a RN
don't want to over do the iorn but you need more b12 and b6
thats what i take and i wouldn't tell you to do something if i wouldn't take it my self
yes, there should not be any adverse effects
If you take one dose of multi-vitamin capsule, only a portion is assimilated in the body. The rest will be excreted through urine.
I don't think it would do much damage. Our bodies are very resilliant and have the wonderful ablility to filter out toxins. Just don't do it too much. Come to think of it, if you did do it regularly, you'd probably put a larger hole in your wallet than you would in your stomach.
first, which multi-vitamin are you taking? check its label and see how much of the daily recomended dose it provides, if it's under 100% then go ahead and take two of them, but only for a while. vitamins like anything else can be harmful when over dosing. for exemple vitamin a though improves your eyes in an over those can actually hurt them. besides the liver damage. I wouldn't take more than 100-120% the USFDA recommended daily dose. if the multi-vitamin you're taking is low in any vitamin then take that one apart.

is it okay to rub salk on someones wounds?

Well,it's not ok to rub salt on someone's wounds but it is ok to wash the wound with warm salt water if you have nothing else in the house. Salt is known to have some antibacterial properties but I do recommend you use hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or go use neosporin. Furthermore, from what i know indian people make a paste of tumeric and salt and use it as an antiseptic cream.But keep in mind if the wounds are really bad or become worse for whatever reason you must take the person to the hospital immediately. The link below may helpyou figure out how to take care of the wound.
use an anti septic cream rather - depending on the wounds - phone the chemist and ask someone there.
Who, Jonas? I think he's dead.
No it is not ok
infact i didnt get your question still m giving the answer
it doesn't help anything, it is actually painful, you wouldn't want it in your wounds, that is an old saying not meant to be taken literally, it means don't keep picking at someone while they are down.
if you want the guy to scream that's perfect, but if you want to heal the would try something else, it's the worst treatment ever.
I dont believe in making enimies, so i wount do that. But have to admit some wounds deserves some salt!
Although, good for the wound, from what i've heard, its quite painful. Use an antiseptic instead.
No i feel it is not okay to put salt on wounds.In my country a phrase "putting salt on someones wounds" means hurting someone. Putting salt basically hurts the person.
salt stings and hurts. i dont think i would want to hurt someone worse than they are already hurting when there are alternate medicines out there that dont have to hurt. on the other hand, if you really like pain, go for it
no it is not is painfull.and it is not good way to clean is better to use water peroxide for disinfection.
No, dont do that.
try Dettol or some disinfectant.
you might get punched in the head
Just remember one thing about this world:"What goes round , comes around!"If your heart doesnt stop you from commiting such an immoral act then i'm sure the above quote will!!

Is it okay to have just 2 meals in a day once between 3.5 -4.5 am and the next time is about 6 pm or 7 pm ?

And you should don鈥檛 have any thing between these two meals even you should don鈥檛 have water?
Please tell from medicine look is it okay for health or not?
It is very unhealthy
take those two meals and break them up into 6 small portioned meals
by eating two meals a day, you are going to throw off your body's metabolism and digestive system
This kind of diet is ok for aged people.For younger lot the body is yet to grow and develop.It needs more nourishment. So it all depends on your age.
I do it all the time.
Where did you get this idea? You should never deprive yourself from water.I have eaten only two meals a day for many years. It's fine.
Sorry I cannot tell you in medical terms, but it sounds like how sumo wrestlers eat. All you have to do to become like them is also take a nap after you eat.
pretty much all doctors/nutritionists say that you should have breakfast as your biggest meal of the day to get you prepared for your day. the thing is though if you are not used to eating breakfast than if you start eating a huge breakfast you are only going to get sick.
this is NOT healthy trust me i know someone that usto eat like once a day or just anything and now look at her she is dying well not dying but she got tummy problems . well i say you should eat 3 times a day but small portion of food ..
Muslims observe the present month as Ramdan. The timings are religious not medical.
Thats not very good for the body. Your body needs energy from the food you eat to perform all of its normal processes. If it doesn't get it from food, it starts to break down certain tissues in the body in order to meet the demands. Needless to say, that is not very good.

is it ok to use the same drops?

my son has cold in his eyes. my oldest did at one time and the doctor gave him eye drops for it. is it ok to use the same eye drops, since they were prescription?
Noonce eye drops are used they are contaminatedif this second child doesn't have the same KIND of cold in his eye, he will get it after you put those drops in it.
Most likely, yes. Eye drops are sterile until opened, after that any microorganism that gets on to the bottle that the solution isn't specifically meant to kill will thrive in it.Cold germs are everywhere, it doesn't have to touch the eye, but the hand holding the bottle isn't sterile and no matter how careful you are, the tip of the bottle almost always touches something.The expiration date on the bottle is almost always only for until it is opened. After that, in most cases, it is meant to be thrown out after it's intended 2 week or so use.
Check the expiration date. Clean the end of the tip very well. It should be OK. You can also call the pharmacist.
What do you mean when you say that he has "cold in his eyes?" Also, it's illegal to use someone else's prescription medicine. I guess you can use it if you want, but at least make sure that it's not expired.
It's not. They're not sterile for long (a week or so) once opened, and there might be nasty bacteria in them. Check it out, it's usually written on the bottle.
Also consider that what your younger son has might require a completely different treatment, and the wrong medication may wery well make things worse.
Always be on the safer side when it comes to eyes, you only have two of'em and it's no fun being blind.
No it is not okay to share prescription drugs. You need to speak with your son's doctor about getting a new prescription.
a doctor probably wouldn't recommend it, but if you don't want to drag your son though taking him to the dr and waiting in line for a new prescrip. i would try it
if by "cold in his eyes" you are referring to conjunctivitis--aka "pink eye"--no way!! throw them out--it's incredibly contagious
Eye drops that don't even touch your eyes can get contaminated by the bacteria in them?As in, if I use a dropper an inch above an eye, and they never touch, the drops themselves are contaminated?
No.Even if only one person uses a container of eyedrops, it must be discarded after a set time; see the label on the drops for more info. Letting anyone else use your eyedrops is a big no - no!
no,there are different medications prescribed for different things that can be wrong with the eyes. just like any other prescription, you should not share them with anyone without the doctor's approval. i am a certified could do more harm than good. take your child to the doctor to be diagnosed.

Is it OK to take penicillin and painkillers at the same time?

I am am finishing up penicillin from a bout of strep I had last week.but I take a few painkillers for menstrual pain every month and that time is now. Will they have any effect on each other?
There is no problem, pain killers are often prescribed with an antibiotic for the pain of the infection.
Call the pharmacy that filled your prescription for the antibiotic. They can answer all your questions right over the phone.
I think it's okay
鈥?Some drugs may decrease the effects of penicillin V and prevent it from properly treating your infection. Before taking penicillin V, tell your doctor if you are taking any of the following drugs:
路 cholestyramine (Questran) or colestipol (Colestid); or
路 another antibiotic (for the same or for a different infection) such as erythromycin (Ery-Tab, E-Mycin, E.E.S., others), tetracycline (Sumycin, others), minocycline (Minocin), doxycycline (Doryx, Vibramycin, others), or any other.
鈥?Penicillin V may decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. Use a second method of birth control while taking penicillin V to protect against pregnancy.
鈥?Penicillin V increases the effects of methotrexate, and you may need a dose adjustment during therapy with penicillin V.
鈥?Penicillin V also increases the side effects of allopurinol (Zyloprim) and may cause a rash.
鈥?Probenecid (Benemid) increases the effects of penicillin V. These drugs may be used together for this purpose; however, be sure your doctor is aware if you are taking probenecid. You may need a lower dose of penicillin.
鈥?Drugs other than those listed here may also interact with penicillin V. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist before taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines.
I can't think of any reason why there would be a problem. Most likely, you will be OK.Take care, and I hope that you feel better soon.
I'd ask a pharmacist, honey, about the specific drugs you have in mind.Hope you feel better soon! :-))
yes this is fine
i dunno, probably not wise to just do it without knowing how it will effect you
Did you take penicillin under the medical supervision? You better consult a doctor before you proceed.
no problem
its okay

is it ok to take a laxitive and a sleeping pill before bedtime?

That could be interesting.give it a try
I sure wouldn't think so. No.
sure, and make sure you put on a big diaper too, LOLL
not if you're sleeping in my bed
It might be a little messy when you wake up.
it should not hurt you.but I can imagine that it is not a great combination. And actually, laxatives are very rarely ever needed. Try simple methods first. Same with sleeping pills. They are rarely needed, they are just something you want.
..and add a muscle relaxer! That would be awesome! Just make sure you put the rubber sheets on the bed first.
Not unless you want to wake up to go to the bathroom after you all ready have.
I don't imagine it would be a great idea. What if you have to get up to go to the bathroom, but are knocked out from the sleeping pills?? You'd either poop yourself, or have a really rough night. I think you should wait to the take the laxitive unti lthe morning after a nice night of restless sleep :)
medically- i have no clue as to what the reactions or side affects of mixing those 2 pills together would be. [chemically]In Reality- Why would you want to? .you're just gonna be really messy when you wake up!
you need to think which drug is the most important item the laxitative or the sleeping pill? if one is more important than the other one then take that!! upto u but certainly wouldn't take both at the sametime.You might be able to take one at 7pm and then the other one at 10pm
Sure why not I mean if you have a hard time relaxing or sleeping there is nothing wrong with taking thoughs pill!
Some sleeping pills can cause constipation.

Is it OK to sleep in the afternoon ?

well i think it is perfectly fine to sleep in the afternoon aspecialy with a friend if u get what im saying
of course it is
Of course,I mean if u are tired then it right to get some sleep.But my mum always tells me not to sleep in the evening as i will get sick..Im not sure whether its true or not but anyway, it's OK to sleep in the afternoon.
Sure it is OK. It is good for your health
I sure hope so, because given the chance, it's the best nap time there is as far as I'm concerned.
sure if you're tired and have nothing better to do
Sure! I used to work night shift and slept in the afternoon every day. Get room-darkening shades, it'll help!
actually u burn more calories if u sleep in the it is good and is neccessary..
Yes, I do that all the time. I take a nap just about every day.
I'll tell you in a couple of hours!
Yes, it's ok. Especially when you are not in good health and need rest.
You can sleep any time you like..night sleep is a must.
It depends on the type of activities you do in the entire day. If you are doing only office works with little stress %26 little physical activities, it is not advisable to sleep in afternoon. If your activities / job invloves more stress / more physical actions, a small sleep in afternoon (nap) is acceptable.
Depends on your body-need. But God made the day for work and the night for rest and sleep.
only for 15-20 min
more than that u ll be lethargic %26 sleepy for rest of the day(its scientifically proven)
Why not
YES , why not?
If u r not doing job anywhere and u have time u can sleep. So just continue sleeping in afternoon.
Whole cultures thrive on it. Are you familiar with the mexican siesta? Napping is your body telling you it needs rest. Some people swear it adds to your overall health. Enjoy.
It is. (But do that only at home.)
It is proved through scientific research that around 30 - 45 minutes of sleep in the afternoon is very refreshing. it will get you re focussed after a nap in the afternoon. but it is also suggested that you should not sleep for more than an hour in the afternoon. otherwise you get drowsy.
If you do sleep in the afternoon, then don't sleep but about two to four hours at most. You want to be able to go to sleep at night. That way, you can be refreshed for the rest of the day and still be able to get a good night's sleep.
Yes the word is "take a nap"
yes. i do. i wake up at 5 in the morning, go to school at 7 and come home at 4. i take a 15 to 30 minute nap, wake up, eat and start on my homework around 5.
you can sleep any time..but it's better to sleep at night
taking nap at after noon is best!! it is good for health. but dont sleep fo that long that u cant go to bed at night. take a short sleep so that u can sleep well at night n wake up early in the next morning.
yo no problamos sleepin the day 1/2 day,fullday ,sleepin the morning sleep in the night sleep keeps up and tight

Is it ok to drink a beer while taking an enema?

You could drink a beer - But nice wine and candles would be so much nicer - Hey you could put wine and beer in the enema! Far Out!
Hey, Why not!
Go for it!
make sure your sitting on the throne, for the good of humanity

Is it normal to have a period and then a week later have another period?

It's not normal, but it's also not unheard of, especially among girls in their early to mid teens and women going through menopause. If you've just recently started getting periods it's more likely to be just crazy hormones than anything serious, but extremely frequent periods could also be caused by, for example, an ovarian cyst or tumor (I once knew someone who had a benign tumor on her ovary, and would get her period every three days or so if she didn't take birth control pills to regulate her hormones but she didn't have any other problems from it). If it was just a one-time thing, I'd recommend you discuss it with your doctor at your next check-up. If it's a regular thing (as in your getting a period every other week) you should probably schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN as soon as possible.
no, but what the deuce are you doing with your birth control to make yourself do that?
No, you're only supposed to have a period once a month (or every 28 days). You could have a problem, ask your doctor.
Only if you are a sentence.
Take your birth control as prescribed.
gurl nall you need to go check yo self out
This depends on your age, if you are going through puberty this is not unheard of. Even still, you should seek medical attention, contact your physician, preferably your gynecologist.If you are not currently going through puberty this is not normal. Seek medical attention at the next oppurtunity. If bleeding becomes volumous, and excessive, have someone drive you, or call an ambulance to the Emergency Room.
Tiger Striped Dog MD
No, especially if you are usually the regular every 28 days or need to get checked by a doctor.
I wouldn't consider more than one period within the same month normal. However a lot of people suffer these type of issues when on some form of birth control. If someone is not taking their pills around the same everyday you can experience what is known as breakthrough bleeding which can seem like an additional period. If however you have no contraceptive method responsible for this then you may want to see a doctor because 30% of a woman's iron is lost through her monthly cycle and you are having what seems to me multiple periods within the same month then it could possibly be dangerous for your health. And there is also a possibility the excess blood could be coming from somewhere else and something else could possibly be wrong in your reproductive organs. I suggest you see a doctor in reference to this as soon as you can.

Is it normal to have a heavy period one month and then a lighter one another month?

I am not on birth control
Yes, it is. Periods can vary just like any other body function can. That being said, if there is a chance of pregnancy (sex without protection), you might want to wait a week and do a pregnancy test. It is not common but it sometimes happens that a woman will have a light period even though she is pregnant.
I'm not a doctor but I have found that to be very normal. I've heard that the female body doesn't always generate as thick a lining from month to month causing some months to be heavier than others.
It certainly is. It's just nature - and isn't it grand!?!?!
if it is consistant. EX: skipping every other month is normal if it happens over a long period of time. If you are usually light and recently had a heavy one you might need to check that out.
Yes, it is pretty normal. A lot can affect our menstrual cycles, like irregular sleeping patterns, taking medications aside for birth control pills, being anemic, diet changes, etc. So, don't worry about it. :)
absolutely, depending upon your age bracket then there is a realistic reason for this and i would not worry. however if you would like the answer from your doctor then i would make an appt. sounds to me like it's all normal. if you are older, say 40'ish, then it could be perimenopause. i know that mine are coming 23-24 days apart now. ( hate it) but oh well, such is life. take care
can be very normal depending on your age, weight, and how your life is going. man oh man, so many things make a period go "whacky." as long as you're not hemoraging or not having a period at all, as long as you're not in a lot of pain and your periods are regular like within the 21-40 days apart range, I would not worry. but i think it is a good idea to get yourself an annual pap beginning as early on as you or your doc feels necessary.
Irregular periods are very common whether you are on oral contraceptives or not. The menstrual cycle is basically a disintegration of unused (unfertilized) eggs that shed through the lining of the uterus. the variations in blood flood can change due to other medications, hormones, physical activity, and even stress. Any one of these factors can affect the flow of your cycle. Also keep in mind that sometimes your diet has an affect on flow as well. I usually notice that my flow is usually heavier when I've been eating poor and I notice more clots when I give into those "period cravings" for sugary snack foods and chocolate. Unless you notice a severe increase in your flow where your flow is unusually heavy where you are going through way too many pads/tampons I would say you have nothing to worry about. But keep in mind if you are seeking regularity in flow oral contraceptives are usually very effective in doing this.They also aid in relief of complete deletion of painful cramps and less bloating during periods.

Is it normal that Oxycotone makes you act drunk?

Im taking it for pain cuz i got my wisdom teeth taken out lol im not a druggy lol
Yes, that's why people get hooked on it because of the high it can give you. Be aware that this med is extreamly addictive and cause harm to you and your body and liver not to mention your state of mind, it can alter your dicissions and make you do things that are out of character for you
Good luck
I took it for post-surgical pain and after the first day I felt more or less normal.
it might make you feel high, because it has narcotics in it. I guess if you are not used to stimulants and such, it might make you act silly. it just supposed to make you feel good.
If you actually need them, then you probably won't act that way. It should just make the pain go away, if the pain is enough to actually need that strong of a painkiller. Try taking half of one in stead.
If you are experiencing those kind of effects, then the dose is too high. That's a strong drug for wisdom teeth extraction.I would suggest switching to Motrin, and using the oxycodone only if the pain becomes unbearable, or if you need it to sleep at night.It is easy to get physically dependent on narcotics, so you should take them only when needed.

is it necessary to do a maths a level to study medicine.?

i am doing ma as levels and was planning to go on to do medicine after that tho im rubbish at maths so i didnt choose it. is it neccesary to have a maths a level to do med.
In the UK, if that is where you are, then the answer is no. The only essential is a chemistry A-level. You do not even need biology. However, more science A-levels are obviously better. I did Maths A-level myself, but you certainly don't have to. Medschool maths is very easy, much more so than A-level.
No i don't think that you have to, to study medicine.
But ask your careers advisor for definite.
Given the content of the A-level maths course I did, I'd have to say most of it would be irrelevant. If you went into research, maybe the statistics (T1) module could prove useful, but if it isn't a prerequisite for the courses you want, they'll go over it anyway. Check the prospectuses of the courses you want - these should tell you the minimum requirements. It could help to exceed them if there's competition - but if and how you do this is your choice; not a necessary item.
No, you dont. You can go through medical school with very minimal math skills. Today, there are medical calculators for your PDA that do everything. Even the lcencing exams ask very, very basic math ques if any at all.
The answer to your question in brief - it depends.Reasons for doing a subject:1. The knowledge or skills gained in the study of that subject will aid you in your career.2. The way of thinking that the subject engenders will be beneficial to you in your future career (though the specific knowledge will be a secondary feature).3. The qualification is stipulated by the institution that you are applying for.Some universities do like to see a Mathematics A-level, whereas some don't mind, so point 3 may or may not apply depending on the institution that you apply to. Points 1 and 2 are relevant to Chemistry, which is why many universities are so keen on their medical students having A-level chemistry. Apart from the knowledge, whish is useful in itself, the way of thinking required to do a chemistry A-level is beneficial in the studying of medicine (the large number of facts to assimilate, and the ability to weigh up evidence).That leaves point 1. Remember that a medical degree is a means to an end (work as a Dr) and not an end in itself. You note your skill level in Mathematics. Different medical specialities require different levels of mathematical (usually numberical) skill. Whilst you can get computers/PDAs to do the sums for you, you will not always have recourse to this and may well have to do them sometimes for yourself. Therefore, I would carefully weigh up what specialities you are considering, and enquire as to the level of methematical skill required for it.For instance, the following specialities require a higher level of methematical (numberical) ability (this is not an exhaustive list - so discuss specialities you are interested in with a career's advisor/a doctor):- Paediatrics (doses are often in mg/kg body weight)
- Anaesthetics
- Intensive care
- Nephrology (renal medicine)
- Lab-based specialities eg Chemical Pathology/Biochemistry
No. You will need Chemistry and Biology. Physics is a good third A level, but English or a humanity would be OK instead.
It is not a required subject although most medical schools suggest you do Chemistry and probably Biology as well.But since there is such huge competition for entry to medical school, having A-levels in subjects that are percieved to be much more academic (like maths, geography and sciences) as opposed to 'softer' subjects (like media studies and sociology).But what you ahve to remember is that your academic ability is only half the story, and your whole portfolio of extra-curricular and work experience will be taken into account. If you do alot of volunteer work and extra-curricular then you can pass by witout the best grades.
yes it is
helps you solve problems quick

Is it natural for Dairy Cows to lactate all the time. It seems they get milked every day. How is this normal

Female cows that have never lactated are heifers. virgin cows. They are pretty much of no use to a dairy farmer. Once the cow has a calf, they produce milk for their baby. They have no biological clock to tell them that four months, or however long a baby cow suckles, is all the time a cow should lactate. Their body tells them to keep going until it is no longer needed.Milking cows simulates a baby cow suckling off of its mother. The mother cow does not know when to stop, so she keeps producing milk.Tiring for the mother cow, I could imagine!
No they only lactate when they are pregnant and need to farmers give them hormones to lactate year round
Dairy cows do not lactate until after their first calf is born. As long as the calf is nursing or somebody is milking them everyday, they will continue to lactate.
Hi. Milk production eventually goes down and the cow is "freshened" by mating and calving again.
once ANY mammal has given birth, they will continue to lactate as long as the milk is being used, or until they become pregnant again. At least until they are too old for it..
I don't know, but will tell you what I saw on a dairy farm in California: Lots of dead new born calves.
you are either a boy or a woman who has not had children . cows only produce milk after they give birth and lactate for a while due to the constant milking they keep producing and its normal to t a point but not bad for the cow..
ur face

Is it more benefical for a Pre-med student to take one quarter of biochem or 2 quarters?

There is a choice of taking a quarter of biochemistry which is an overview of the subject or the series (2-3 quarters) it's more detailed or incorporates molecular biology.
Depends on the specialty that you want to go into. You need to take the full series though. If you are on quarters, it will be 3 classes, if you are on semesters it will be two classes. Also make sure that it is a lab class, and that it fulfills the requirements of the medical schools that you are applying to.If you want to do internal medicine or pathology, take more. Interested in orthopaedics take more physics. Talk to your adviser.
There is no easy way to do med school. Take 2 quarters at least. It will help to make you a better MD through better understanding of what is happening in the human body.
2quarters definitely.The more you get to know,the better you become.

Is it more appropriate to treat virus infections such as chicken pox, influenza, and the common cold with an a

Antibiotics will not work on viral infections, because viruses are not alive and the word ANTI-BIO-TIC means anti-living thing. That's why they work on bacterial infections- bacteria are organisms.
What鈥檚 the harm in taking antibiotics
anytime? Using antibiotics when they are
not needed causes some bacteria to become
resistant to the antibiotic.
These resistant bacteria are stronger and
harder to kill. They can stay in your body
and can cause severe illnesses that cannot be
cured with antibiotic medicines. A cure for
resistant bacteria may require stronger
treatment 鈥?and possibly a stay in the hospital.Using antibiotics for a virus:
鈥?Will NOT cure the infection
鈥?Will NOT help you feel better
鈥?Will NOT keep others from catching
your illness
You didn't finish the question.
Yes, Yes I do.
well since i dint get the real question i'm just gonna assume you meant antibiotics..well i use them most of the times..the rationale? well ideally the exact mode of treatment of a viral infexn like chicken pox, measles and mumps is just symptomatic..that is give an anti pyretic for the fever and give4 topical antibiotics to prevent infection of the rashes and thuS PREVENTS Scarring..also for mumps i give antibiotics to prevent secondary infection by bacteria as the immune status of the patient is already low with the viral infection
Antiviral drugs like Acyclovir is being givento some viral infections such as chicken pox but it combats the disease in its course and thi%26#92;us ( i think) prevent the patient from attaining secondary lifelong immunity from the virus..
hope you're happy with the answer

Is it morally right to deny treatment to patients who do not have a way to pay?

Not sure what topic area to post this one too, but I guess medicine would be acceptable.
Nobody should have to suffer because they are poor. A doctor cannot refuse treatment because it would go against his Hippocratic oath. I have heard of doctors refusing to treat patients whose lifestyle is semi destructive ie; overweight, smoking.etc. I think even that should not be allowed. I understand the doctors are trying to help their patients, but there is a limit to how far they should be allowed to go. So, no. Everyone should get treated regardless of their means
that is a tough one, i think it is morally wrong, but business wise, it is the right thing to do
Is it morally right to rip off the doctors and nurses and the hospital and not pay them for their services?
no its not right. If u r sick, u should be able to go see a dr. even if u do not have the funds. I personally think it is bulls*it. Dentists r the same way. U can be dying of pain %26 they still won't see u if u don't have the money up front, which is usually not cheap. It's a bunch of Bull.
I don't think it's morally right, but you should also clarify as to what type of procedure you're talking about.
If it's something superficial/cosmetic, it might still not be morally right, but there's no real harm in denying them treatment. If it's something life-saving, then there really doesn't seem to be something to debate- you really MUST help them. (In my opinion).
obviously its not morally right but if your talking cash its definately right
if a patient truly has no way to pay ( and is not trying to ripp doctors off) then it is morally correct thing to do to help them and treat them especially if this is a major sickness ( or even moderate sickness that could turn into something serious).but this is just my opinionps. whoever said people like this ( who have no way to pay for surgery but desperately need it ) shouldnt get treatment because it is "ripping off doctors." doctors become doctors to help people and just want to help people and wouldnt care if the patient has no way of paying( unless they are only in for the money in which case i spit on ppl like them)
It is morally wrong to deny treatment for patients who cannot pay for their treatment. for instance, take the case of a patient who suffers from TB. If such a patient was denied for treatment they would transmit the disease quite rapidly and this is a disadvantage both to the public and the health sector..
I think that if there are medical services which can help a person, than that person has the RIGHT to be helped by them.
Personally, I wish the USA was on a system like Canada, which, at the cost of significant taxes, provides health care to all of its people.
Medicine isn't just another commodity, and should not be treated as such. Medical practitioners, medicine, and research all cost money to provide, but they are not the same as TVs, and store owners. I believe that people have the right to recieve the best health care possible, because people can die with poor or no health care. We don't have the right as a society to kill people for their monetary status. Therefore society should step up, in the form of taxes, to make sure that all people can recieve the health care they deseve.
It definately is morally wrong. Doctors take an oath to save lives and by denying someone medical help they are breaking that oath. Now I also think that it would be wrong not to pay the doctors, which is why I think that the government should pay for medical treatment. Someone can't help getting sick or getting hurt and they shouldn't have to die because they can't pay out a lot of money for the treatment they get. We can blow up other countries but we can't even provide good health care to all morally wrong is that?
Is it morally right to own a cellular phone, DVD player, have cable TV and eat out at restaurants when you haven't secured health insurance for yourself?
there r some condition u cant deny1) potential dangerous or critically ill
2) delivery
3) death certificateetc
for starters, it is legally impossible not to give primary attention to stabilise patients.moving on, this obviously drops the responsability on medics alone. sure there is a commitment to serve people regardless, but you won't live off good will.The rest of society dumps these moral deals on medics and so they can point fingers? my * they can. The problem here is not the medics but the central government and indirectly the whole of society. there's places where healthcare is taken care of by the state. or at least in a balanced fashion (the rich pay for the poor). in such fashion doctors don't depend on independent patients paying up but rather recieving accordingly to the service you provide via the govt or semi-private healthcare providers. of course, in your retrogressive and demolishing capitalist democracy (america), there's no subsidiary systems and medics are only another business (for starters, many of you call your services "offices". i'd not be surprised you serve clients rather than patients); the rich pay for themselves and only very little diverts for the poor to get their healthcare.

Is it morally acceptable for a doctor to lie to a patient? what would be a situation where it would be ok?

I think that if the mother or child are in a life threatening situation and the stress of hearing that her husband was in a bad car accident could cause her or her childs life: then I say LIE, LIE, LIE. What could she do for him if she were in labor besides pray for him? If her and her baby were fine and the doctor deems that she could withstand this disstressing news, then he should tell her! It just depends on the situation and you would not believe how often women and her unborn child stand on the brink of life and death during labor and would you want to be the one to push her to the other side? Or her child for that matter?-
This would never be ok. A doctor should always be 100% truthful and up-front with a patient about everything.
It depends on the doctor's intention.Q: "Dr. are you sexually attracted to me?"
Lie: "No."orQ: "Dr., will my cancer kill me?"
Lie: "No."One of the above lies is good, the other one is not.

Is it me or sometimes I keep thinking in some situatoins why was i born??

liek sometimes you just want to cry or mad and stuff and you dont want to live anymore sometimes..
I think we all ask this question sometimes. But you need to take a look at the rest of the world. What have so many people done with their lives that have asked the same question?This is your one shot at greatness. If life is frustrating, think about how lucky you are to have it. There is always someone worse off than you. Problems can always overwhelm, but you need to understand that without this life, you truly have nothing.
Everyone feels this way at one time or another. Don't worry. It will pass. Talk with your doctor, minister, parents, or a counselor. I know it feels really bad sometimes, but it won't stay this way. Right now, try to stay as active as you can. Start worrying about someone else's problems. Is there anyone you can help in your community? Can you smile and help someone even though you may not feel like it? Try it! It will help. Be around people and help them at every opportunity. That pulls people out of the blues if they will just give it a try.
don't get so ddepressed life is so sweet and it only gets better.
I think that way 2/4 of the time to. All I do is think about all the people who would die inside if I were gone. I also believe that God put us here to serve a certain purpose in life. I thought that way for about 7-years of my life so if you need help you can contact me by e-mail Hang in there we all have to
sorry you feel like that. well. i've feel like that too sometimes. but you're probably going through a rough time but think of it like this, it can only get better. hope you feel better.
Hang in there. I feel your pain, truly do. I have been going through a huge rough spot in my life, and really, do wonder why I even exist sometimes. Like it has been said, try to stay active. I find that helping others in way, helps me. It makes me feel like I have a purpose, and for that time at least, I don't feel like crying, and the feelings of anger subside.Hang in there, ok? If you need anything, mail!

Is it legal in Illinois to have non-licensed medical staff giving shots, drawing blood, etc?

I cannot find anything anywhere. I am talking about people who are treated like nurses by their bosses/owners, but have no medical education or training outside of what they have learned on the job.
In a private physician's office, it is legal. This person is practicing under the physician's license. In a nuring home or hospital setting, it's not legal. Not that the person has to have a license to do these things, but they need special certification. In some facilities nursing assistants are allowed to draw blood, etc provided they have special certification on top of their aide certification. IN other facilities it's not legal. It depends from institution to institution what people are allowed to do. You should either check with IL Nurse Practice act or call the state dept of nursing to ask these specific questions about your state.
I dont know if its illegal, but someone will be responsible for malpractice. Hope this company has good malpractice insurance.
yes,,,,, anyone using anything that comes in contact with blood/spore/pathogens. bio-hazard material.will need a il. health department for statutes
Probably. It doesn't surprise me that is happening. Facilities are hiring less qualified staff to do things like that in certain places because it costs them less money. I have heard worse than that were I live at in CA. I myself when I only had a CNA (nurse assistant) license was doing acts like passing meds and dressings in a nursing home like facility. These places get certain qualifications from the state and so are able to get away with it. The scary part is not only are they less qualified but many are also resorting to hiring illegals doing nursing tasks! I am serious, I've seen it. LVN and LPN licensing are becoming sort of extinct in an effort for these greedy facilities to pay staff less. It's a scary thing for all of us. It's illegal in many instances no doubt but they find a way to get around it.To elaborate a little more on the subject (since it is my field of work), on how many of these places of employment get away with it is by how they classify their business. Say for instance I am a millionaire and decide to open a mansion and have it set up as a nursing home for the elderly. I may be running the operation as a nursing facility but technically it is my business therefore I can get away with more stuff. I can hire illegals and untrained proffessionals for about 8/hour and charge your grandma about 3,000 a month to live there. I see this all the time out here and when I say untrained I might as well say really stupid. When I worked in one I saw a fillipino nurse? put butt ointment on this older gentlemen's face everyday. I explained to her what she was doing and she pretty much ignored me. The guy looked like he had permanent rosacea and I doubt it will ever get better as long as that idiot is working there. It all comes down to the greedy getting greedier and America's lovely "melting pot" of foreigners ready to work for peanuts.Welcome to the new wonderful times.try your damndest to not get sick and end up in a place like these.
they are under the medical professionals license, such as a medical assistant or for that matter a cna who draws blood in a MDs office would be working under that MDs license

is it injurious to health if daily sperms comes out ?

i use to laid opposite to bed and rug my lol by wat daily sperms come out.i want to know that whether thats injurious to health or not
The wording of your question is alittle hard to follow, but I doubt that ejaculating daily is likely to be very detrimental to health. men do lose zince in their semen, so if concerned take a zinc supplement, but otherwise enjoy yourself without worry!
well first of all learn how to ask your question and make since. You can jack off daily you will be fine.
I don't think it's unhealthy, it can't harm in any way.
you need a simple answer, but I don't have one.

is it harmful to take daily doses of 500mg of vitamin C?

Do megadoses of vitamin C cause wall of arteries to thicken? since vitamin C is involved in collagen synthesis
No as what your body cannot use it will excrete in your urine.
no it is safe to take 1000mg a day but its best to take soluble(fizzy) ones as the body rids this vitamin through wee .Taking it this way it is absorbed quicker.
No, it is not harmful. Your body will just absorb what it needs and the rest will go out together with the urine.
no, megadoses of vitamin C (up to 2 grams, imagine?!) are still safe. no, in theory it even helps unclogging the arteries (theoretically) because people taking megadoses of vitamin C have been found to have reduction in their bad cholesterol.

is it hard to stop doing pain killers?

?, do not understand, why is it hard, you just stop!, not hard at allNO! it is not hard, that is just plain crazy to think other wise
If you are talking about opioid analgesics (narcotics) - the answer is that it can be very hard once you're dependent on them. In addition to addiction, you become physically dependent on them, so that once you stop you have withdrawal symptoms.
very broad.. aspirin to morphine.. understand?ADD: it has been proven that the addiction from mid-level pain medication is not chemical at all.. it is a mental addiction.
it is a complete different drug than morphine, and should never be drawn as a parallel in any way.. morphine on the other hand does indeed create a chemical dependency.
For some people it is, they get too dependent on them. For me, after knee surgery I bit the bullet and only took a minimum and only when I needed it most. I didn't use the pain pills as a crutch. That made it much easier to give up.
YES YES YES YES YESPainkillers are America's new drug, especially Percosets, Darvocets, and Oxycodone. If you feel as if you have a problem, try to wean yourself off SLOWLY. if you feel like you have the flu, then you are experiencing withdrawal. There is no shame in going to your doctor and telling him your concerns.Get help now. Most people do not know that the drugs I mentioned above are one or two chemical processes away from Heroin.and that is one trip you don't want to go on.If you need more answers, please feel free to e-mail me. Good luck!
Pain killers are very difficult to stop using. Morphine was the original pain killer administered to patients back in the day. It was so addictive that they developed heroin as a less dangerous alternative, and since then many other variants have been made.
Prescription medication is not something to be abused, used without a prescription, taken when no longer needed, or ingested for recreation. They are synthetic compounds created for a specific purpose and any other use can result in tolerance, dependence, or addiction.
Follow your doctor's instructions. There's a reason prescribed drugs are kept under lock and key; it's because they're dangerous.
Yes it is they are addictive. Do Regular doses of glyconutrient powdwer.Look forward to being pain free in days depending on how toxic your body on my blog roll.
Depends on why you are taking the pain killers. If you are having pain, and the pain is finally relieved, it should not be difficult. Doctors can "titrate" pain relievers against the pain.For example, someone has cancer pain in their spine. The pain is intense. They may be able to take amounts that would overdose anyone else. They can be fully functional, walking, talking normally, no one could tell. Then something is done to remove the source of the pain, and suddenly the person is overdosed on that same concentration.If you have been on them for a lengthy period of time, your body has adapted to them and the receptor sites for endogenous as well as exogenous opiate substances require more of the drug to do its job. You may very well need medical supervision/advice if you are a long term user.

Is it hard to pass TOEFL?

I am a RN here in the Philippines and i want to pursue my career in California. Aside from NCLEX, TOEFL is one of the major requirements in California for me to be a RN there. I just want to know if it is hard to pass the test? Do I have to attend a review class for that or could i just do a self-review?
the Advanced test is not an easy one. I would like to try next year .Good luck
Test Of English as a Foreign Languageis a very simple test if you have strong foundation in the english language.
just view sites like google and gain some informtion about it .you'll surely get good piece of information.
nothing is hard as long as u realy want it, i did pass TOEFL
I did it u can too for sure
I personally thought it was a joke. Get a few past papers and see how you find those. I think the best way to study for it is just doing past papers, because your english looks pretty good!
If you have 6-8 years of experience with english it must be a piece of cake
My wife took the TOEFL, Test of Written English (TWE), and Test of Spoken English (TSE) some years back. It's not particularly difficult since you get a really good English foundation from the Philippine education system. What you need to be aware of, like any standardized exam, are the testing conditions you'll be under and what I like to call The College Board's English. That is, their English standard is probably closer to what you learned in class, as opposed to what you find on TV. My wife passed on her first try, using self-review material. If you need a classroom setting to get you ready, go ahead. And good luck!
its basic english if your able to write here you will pass.
If you persue medicine then you should worry about mcat or usmle.
The test berry hard. Me no english person. Me come from China. Me take Toefel and it is was berry hard.

is it hard being a doctor?

well i want to be a doctor once i finish hs. is it a satisfying job?
Many people think that becoming a doctor is difficult. Others have some sense that becoming a physician takes many years and is expensive. Most people realize that being a physician is difficult yet rewarding. All these people are correct. Becoming a physician is a long, arduous, expensive process that can only be accomplished with great dedication.
Before starting the process of becoming a physician (or any profession) you must do some honest soul searching. First of all you must be aware of the time commitment involved in becoming a physician. Medicine is a career that requires many years of preparation. Generally most people graduate college at age 22 and medical school at 26. Then after 3 years of internship and residency, many physicians begin their career at age 29. However, the training for some specialties can last until the physician's early to mid 30's. Obviously this can delay plans for marriage and starting a family. Some people begin their medical education after pursuing other careers, which can further delay the completion of their medical training. You must decide early on if you are willing to dedicate the time it takes to become a physician. As you can see, this is not a decision to be made lightly.
More importantly, you must decide if medicine is a field that is right for the kind of person you are. I believe that there are three cornerstones of a successful career in medicine: A love for learning in general
A true intellectual curiosity about medicine in particular
A strong desire to help others.
Being smart and doing well in the sciences are obviously important components of being a successful physician. However, do not fall into a medical career because you have done well in the sciences. Although this is a necessary requirement, you must also be able to relate well with people.
As a physician you have an opportunity to help others. Wanting to help others and enjoying helping others are necessary attributes of a good physician. This is something that cannot be taught. However, there are many other professions that can help others. Politicians, religious leaders and social workers all have the opportunity to help others, perhaps in larger numbers. Medicine is a career filled with choices. In what other career can you choose between delivering babies, taking care of children, handling emergencies, removing someone's cancer, or talking to someone who needs psychiatric help? Better yet, you can teach others any of these specialties, and while teaching have the opportunity to both practice your profession and teach it. Alternately, you can do research in whatever specialty you choose, with the potential to make a real breakthrough in preventing or treating illness. In addition medicine is a career that is honorable and is held in high esteem, allows you the ability to live just about anywhere, and provides job security (unfortunately, illness is something that will be around for the foreseeable future). However, all of this comes at a price. The many years of preparation, the discipline, the awesome responsibility, the worry about malpractice and the long hours can take their toll. Medicine is a unique field and it demands a unique person. One word about money. Please don't let this be a driving factor in your decision, for the sake of your patients and yourself, because it will not sustain you. There are other careers in which you can make more money without the responsibility and the effort it takes to be a physician. IT IS VERY SATISFYING, make sure you have the grades and the personality to match it thought. GL
it's one of the most satisfying jobs
Yes because you gotta make sure you know your medicine so you don't give the wrong medicine out to your patience's. Cause there lives in your hands when they come in. And they depend on you to know what your talking about. But at the same time it can be easy especially if u get a doctor that loves his/her job and knows alot about it and likes to help people.
no way its not difficult to be a doctor but ur efforts in tat is the moreimportant tat is if ur just wanna be a doc thn u can be not only u every one can be a doc??
But why its meant only 4 the persons who really like to be a doc and only thing is tat u should 'nt hesitate to touch the people who r very dirty and not in goodway toosee all this matters. So betterbe confidentof wht u wanna do thn do it by ur self. One more thing whteveru do do it frm ur heart and not fromn ur mind ok gud luck.
yes if you are satisfied with a decent income , heavy workload , compassion to sick manage a angry wife on daily basis . no if you want a lot of money and enjoy life
Its easy to be a Dr. To be a good, learned and compassionate one is very difficult.
if u really interested in helping people and gaining knowledge abt human,then u will love becoming doctor

is it ethical to use foreskins to make apligraf?

i just did my research ethics exam (psych honours) and i learnt that we must not carry out research that does not hold the participant's interests and wellbeing above that of potential advancements in research knowledge (let alone bio companies' bank accounds :-%26#92;)cutting off an infant boy's foreskin would appear to me to be something which this ethical guideline is designed to prevent. this is because cutting off the foreskin is extremely harmful to the infant, it causes great pain and trauma (including psychological/emotional). additionally, no modern medical research supports the routine removal of infant boys' foreskins.this is because the foreskin actually helps prevent the very medical problems its removal was originally cited as preventing. such as urinary tract infections (possibly even hiv/aids).apligraf is artificial skin to provide temporary help in treating diabetic, venous, and pressure ulcers. it has also been used in burns treatment.
Intel_Knight wrote:
%26gt;%26gt; This is a case of tissue donation, so the decision should be made by the parents. %26lt;%26lt;What other healthy normal body part of a child is a parent allowed to donate without their child's permission? The answer is of course, no (it's not ethical), since the victim does not consent. Doctors have no business asking the parents what should be cut off an infant. The parents are not the patient. The doctor's obligation is to act in the best interests of the patient. NOT ONE national health organization in the world recommends routine circumcison.
This is a case of tissue donation, so the decision should be made by the parents.Generally, the circumcision is not research, it is a plastic surgery done for religious or cultural reasons. There are medical benefits to it, especially in hot climates with water too scarce for personal hygeine. In modern US this is more of a cultural than religious thing; decision not to circumsize would often made the child a subject of teasing at school.

Is it ethical to cut off a baby's foreskin, charge his parents for the operation?

%26 sell his foreskin without telling his parents, and keep the money? Is it legal?
Only if there was some weird emergency!
I know of no conditiopn in which fore skin needs to be romoved except perhaps if damaged!
Unethical,illegal and a blot on medical profession.I request Mr.Robing Cook(I am his fan)to write something on this,after Coma,Fever,Vector,Toxin and many such malpractices in the medical field.
Oh yes. Why didnt the parents do it themselves? It takes training and experience to circumcise. Pay up!

is it easy to buy prescription drugs in Canada?

i have heard that it is easy to buy prescption drugs in canada but is that really true? can you buy it at a store? is it expensive?
We get some of our meds from Canada. You need a prescription from your local doctor.
Yes, it is totally easy. You can buy them from vending machines, for Christ's sake!
As long as you have a prescription signed by a doctor. And I hear that Canadian drugs are a lot cheaper too.

Is it easier to get your LPN than your RN?

I'm a pre-nursing student, and I can't decide which one I want to do.
Depending on the regulations of your local state board of nursing, you may end up doing less as an LPN than an RN. An LPN degree can either be a diploma or certificate program, depending on whether or not a college is involved. LPNs in the usual scope of practice cannot insert intravenous lines, access central venous catheters or administer drugs intrathecally (via the spinal canal). They can give medications and administer subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. They also cannot perform patient assessments (like physical examinations) By law, an LPN must have any assessments or test results signed off by an RN.
RNs are either a 2-yr (associate degree) or 4-yr (Bachelor degree or BSN) program from an accredited school of nursing.
RNs can administer medications through central venous catheters, take samples from arterial lines and Swan-ganz catheters, etc. They can suture minor wounds and perform complex dressing changes and packings. They can perform dialysis. An RN is a better career move because you will have higher pay (as well as greater responsibility) and can work in any health care facility, from a doctor's office or clinic to an operating room in a major trauma center.
If you can afford the time, get the 4 yr BSN degree, because then you can get into Master's levels of nursing, like nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, etc.
BTW, both LPNs and RNs must pass a board certification test in order to practice and maintain their licensure in the state in which they practice
Yes, you can get your LPN in 1 year. RN is a minimum of 2 years. ( I have my LPN) However, if you have the time to get your RN now, I would strongly suggest that you get it! Better pay, more job opportunities and much better work! I wish I would have done it.
LPN's DO have to take boards..I am also IV certified which just required an extra class.
Indeed it is. All RN's have a bachelor of science degree in nursing, and passed a national board of nursing before they are certified RN's. A degree is not required to be an LPN, because they don't have the technical skills of an RN to administer drugs, adjust and put in IV's, etc.
Basically the first year of a ADN program and LVN or LPN program are the same. Best thing about getting your LVN first is that you can work in the nursing field while you are getting your RN..the best thing to do these days is to get a BSN,about 3year program. Bachelors
It is much easier to get your LPN than your RN. Schooling is only half the time. Is it worth it though? NO. Take the extra year to get your RN and your salary will almost double.
Easier is subjective. Less time is more accurate. I have been a LPN for 16 years and I had to learn how to pass medications, start IV's, know anatomy and physiology, drug calculations and direct patient care. The difference is in level of responsibility not necessarily technical ability. RN courses will stress importance of management not patient care. LPN courses are more geared to patient care issues. I love being a LPN. And I would rather be taken care of by a LPN.
LPNs are a valuable resource to the nursing community, but if you have the time, I encourage you to seek an associates degree or better yet a bachelor's degree and become a RN. RN courses do not just focus on management. In fact, they help expand your understanding of patient care so you know what you're doing and why, not just how to do something reflexively (develop critical thinking). There are so many opportunities in the nursing profession, and having a bachelor's degree makes most of those an easier possibility. For example, I am in grad school right now for nurse anesthesia. I completed a bachelors in nursing right from the beginning, so when i decided that I wanted to move on to advanced practice, I didn't have to waste an extra 2 years trying to finish a bachelor's degree and could apply right away. Many of my co-workers did associate programs or hospital programs and had to spend more time to prepare before they could apply to grad school. Plus, you'd save yourself the stress of trying to work and go to school at the same time. Many people do it, but just focusing on school was so nice. I could really focus on learning and didn't have to worry about work requirements.

Is it dangerous to use Albuterol every day for your asthma?

i use about 2 puffs a day and have been doing this for about a year. At first my dr. said it was fine to use it everyday, then the last time i saw him, he said that it's not good to use it everyday. Does anyone know if it's dangerous? Will i develop a dependency on it? Cancer from years of use? Please Help. Please answer if you actually know, don't speculate. I don't need any more mis-infromation. Thank You!!
Hi. I have asthma too. For awhile I was using my inhaler daily. Eventually my albuterol stopped working as well because my lungs never got stronger. My doctor explained it to me like this: there are a lot of medicines out there for asthma. If you're using you're rescue inhaler (albuterol) everyday, then you're asthma isn't under control. They are many maintenance meds doctors can prescibe for a few weeks or months to get your lungs back up to your normal level so you don't have to use the albuterol constantly. basically, you're asthma shouldn't control you, and the maintenance medicines help that a lot.
G'day Ethereal Darkness,Thank you for your question. gives the following sideeffects for albuterol or Volmax "Stop taking albuterol and seek emergency medical attention if you experience any of the following serious side effects:
路 an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; swelling of your lips, tongue, or face; or hives); or
路 chest pain or irregular heartbeats.
鈥?Other, less serious side effects may be more likely to occur. Continue to take albuterol and talk to your doctor if you experience
路 headache;
路 dizziness or lightheadedness;
路 insomnia;
路 tremor or nervousness;
路 sweating;
路 nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea; or
路 dry mouth.
鈥?Side effects other than those listed here may also occur. Talk to your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual or that is especially bothersome".I would speak to your doctor about why he doesn't want you taking it daily.I have attached sources for your reference.Regards
cremedelacreme answered correctly with good research. And was polite, to boot =pFrom my personal experience (including what I've been told by my doctor and nurse mother) .use of inhalers, even if they're actually placebo seems to be more habit forming than the actual chemicals warrant. That is, the psychological comfort of being able to be saved or alleviated by an inhaler matters a lot to most people.Albuterol itself, says my doctor, and unfortunately, I'm beginning to find out myself, if you don't need the full dosage, etc .has adverse affects on your heart. Because of this, most doctors hold off from prescribing an inhaler .and my doctor at home (whom is completely trusted) was surprised that my doctor at school prescribed me albuterol.
Arhythmia and blood pressure fluctuations are the most common. This is especially true for cases like me, where it's not been prescribed for straight asthma, but rather, bronchial spasms and wheezing.. 'cause they don't really make inhalers that give less than ..what.. 30mcg per dose?Keep tabs on your bloodpressure and heartrate and such. If you're worried, ..yeah, go ahead and save up your usage. Your life will be a little more uncomfortable, yet you can still have use of the inhaler available for when it's more of an emergency.
Hope you feel better soon; take care
I've unfortunately theorized and later had my doctor confirm that, on occasion, albuterol can have the opposite effect with regards to spasms. I was told, one, that this is rare [some patients go so far as to have the equivalent of anaphylactic shock, BECAUSE of their inhaler], and two, could be propogated effects due to my steroid-ridden nasal spray
I've read the warnings about albuterol, also proventilin, but I've used them both for years. During my lifetime, the surgeon general has said that I could die of cigarette smoking, saccharine, red meat, various over-the-counter and prescription medications, smog, gasoline, white-out, aerosol sprays and cat dander. I'm half a century old and still hangin in there, still without too many medical problems. I know there are risks to everything, but the best way to find out about those risks is by talking with your pharmacist. See what he/she has to say about Abuterol.Good luck to you!
All of that is good information, but I think that the reason your doctor says you shouldn't be using the albuterol every day is because this indicates that your asthma isn't under control. If you are needing your rescue inhlaler (ie: albuterol) more than 3 times per week you should be using a "preventer" medication (ie: inhaled corticosteroids). Once you are stabalized with this medication your use of your rescue inhaler should dramatically decrease. One way to tell if your asthma is controlled is the number of times you use your rescue inhaler.

Is it critical to take birth control pills at the exact same time of day?

or do you just consider times as morning, afternoon, or evening?When i wake up on the weekends its obviously later than during the week, so i take it a couple hours later. Any input would be very helpful.
Usually, there's a grace period of about 3 hours, but you should really try to take them at the same time every day. Maybe you could slowly move the time you take it to the evening, and set an alarm on your cell phone, etc.
yes it is.
They suggest taking it within an hour of the same time every day. However as long as you are not sleeping until noon on the weekends when you usually take it at six during the week days you will be fine.
You should try to be consistent with the time you take them. Try putting them some place where you can see them to help you remember.
Yes it does matter. My friend got pregnant and she was on the pill--the Dr. said that it is very important to take it at the same time everyday.
They are most effective when taken as close to 24 hours apart as possible. The reason is that the pills whole purpose is to prevent you from ovulating and taking them at irratic times makes that less effective. So if it's just a couple hours difference it should be okay not that big of a deal, but that's why they give you all those instructions on what to do if you miss a pill, etc. When you start your next pack, consider taking them before bed instead so you can take them closer to the same time and not worry about sleeping in on the weekend.
i have to agree, you have to take the pill at the same time of the day, if you forget it you can still take it 12 hours after wards and you still are protected from an unwanted pregnancy (but that doesn't mean that you forget it every day cause than the protection is gone)
The combined pill has a 12 hour window in which it is ok to take the pill, you don't have to take it at exactly the same time. If you are on the progestogen only pill, you only have a 3 hour window so it is more important to take it at the same time (with the exception of Cerozette which has a 12 hour window like the combined pill).
a couple hours shouldn't be too big of a deal. but you want to do as close to 24h as possible.the pill works by maintaining a constant, low concentration of estrogen in the body. this keeps your body from producing its own estrogen and cycling amounts in the blood to trigger ovulation. as soon as you take the pill, it starts to absorb into your bloodstream, and the drug formulation is designed to maintain that low concentration of estrogen for 24 hours. after that, you begin to see a rapid decrease of drug (estrogen) in the blood as the pill you took the day before is gone and your body starts to clear out the drug. soon your blood doesn't contain enough estrogen to stop the body's own production of estrogen.this is a simple lesson in pharmacokinetics. there is a certain threshhold at which the drug is no longer effective. you want to make sure you take the pill at the same time every day to maintain that effective concentration. after you drop below the threshhold, it takes a bit of time to build the drug level back up in the body and that's where the problems kick in.

Is it considered drug abuse if i drop-kick a bottle of tylenol into the neighbors yard?

You betcha! That is a violation of the P-702 Discrimination of Medicine act. This bill was passed in November of 2003, and was substantiated by the USDA, and as well as the S.U.P.A.-(Stop Unruly Pill Attacks), which has been funded by Harpo, American Idol, and even Nexcon.An offense may result in 20 hours of community service in which you will be forced to orally give medication to senior citizens, or pay a 10% interest on you next health insurance policy if you are found guilty.
I'd appreciate having the extra supply!
No. That would be called distribution. :)
lol,drug abuse no, illegal yes in most countries!

Is it common for Wellbutrin to lose it's effectiveness?

I've been on it for perhaps 8 months now.
Wellbutrin is a Godsend drug if it's the right one for you.As far as losing its effectiveness, I'm not sure. What I do know is, your chemistry may need an increased dose. Also, you have to consider which one to take; SR or XL. One of the differences in these two is the way they are released. Over 8 hours or over 24, respectively. The best advise I would give is one, be very careful when it comes to just any doctor prescribing this. It can be a dangerous drug. A history of seizures is a big reason not to take it, as an example. You also need to know your depression.(if your taking this for a smoking sessation reasons, it's a whole different ball game except for the medical warnings). A psychiatrist should determine this, in my opinion. There is no stigma in this. You are not crazy. This is a chemical imbalance. The best thing you can do is educate yourself. You should never take any drug because someone prescribed it. This could be the wrong drug for your depression. You may need to try several to get the results that decrease your symptoms. Take charge of your body. I'ts your responsibility too; not just your doctors. Good luck.
Yes it does and your doctor shoud have seen the signs by now. If it has done this with you. I don't know what reason you are taking this but you should try natural ways to get rid of your problem. Be careful there are alot of risks taking this.
In Response To Previous Response:"My son wanted to commit suicide while taking wellbutrin. We found alternative means. They worked".did you just admitt to helping your son commit suicided? LOL

is it better to have a bottle in front of me than to have a frontal lobotomy?

you can always preserve your frontal lobe in the bottle in front of you
Why limit yourself. Have both
They really produce the same effect, depending on what's in the bottle.
way, way better
I wouldn't want a frontal lobotomy, but that's just me
yes. they use spoons to scoop the unwanted brains out. it's not very glamorous.
Mos def!
I think it is best to have neither.
Just think that used to be the treatment for mental patients!Let's take out some brain tissue and he'll be good as new!
Tee hee!

Is it better to be "fat but fit" or lean and unfit?

Fat and Fit?
Is that possible?
I'm thick and fit.
Meaning, I'm not a stick I have meat on my bones but I play basketball so I'm firm, not soft. I'm not muscular and I have great curves. Lean and unfit is very possible, lol. I know some people like that.
fit and healthy are always best. I doubt it is possible to be fat and truly fit. That does not mean be a stick figure. I wear a size 16 am very healthy and far from then. But fat is not an option to many health risk.
neither, they're both unhealthy. look at examples of "fat but fit" people: some of those american football players with their giant guts who can barely run down the field. many of them die in their 40s and 50s (way too young for an athlete to die if they were really "fit"). and what about a meth addict - lean and unfit as it gets - would you ever think that was healthy?
Neither.being fit is too broad a term. For example you can be skinny with a very high levels of cholesterol, yet you can be fat with normal levels of cholesterol. Being fat doesn't necesarrily need you are unhealthym and being skinny doesn't mean your are. No extreme is ever good. Excersise, eat healthy.thats the key.
you can't be OVERWEIGHT and fit.
but if you consider "fat" being that the person has some fat on their body. and the person is in fact FIT. it is MUCH better to be "fat" and fit, then to be lean and unfit. because if you're lean and unfit, you're not strong, and that's definitely not good. And chances are that this "lean and unfit" person isn't eating properly either.

Is it bad if you eat those chocolate laxative bars like candy bars?

Yes, especially if you are doing it as a way of crash dieting. That can be VERY dangerous. If you are asking because you want chocolate, then for goodness sake--just go buy a chocolate bar. If you want one that is not going to be all the calories etc., they do have some in the healthy foods section of the store that have the chocolate--but not the bad stuff..and none of the poop-fest.
well, youre going to be crapping non stop for the next week, but hey, do what you wish're looking for an upset stomach. I know because as a young adult, some friends and I didn't like a student. We gave her some "chocolate exlax" that she shared with a couple friends. All went home sick.
yeah dont do it
If you eat them like candy, it's gonna be bad.
well its not a good habit, the reason is that your digestive system will evacuate food before it can get properly digested, and you will not get the nutrition that you need, also it is very bad to take laxative for longer then is absolutely needed, because your Colon can get used to work only when it is given laxatives, which would cause chronic constipation, and irregular bowl habits, and you can eventually become dependent on laxatives, which has a whole list of other side effects and symptoms.
so stay away from any laxatives, unless your doctor orders it, or its absolutely necessary.
The chocolate laxative doesn't taste very good. Plus, if you eat a lot, you will regret it. Laxatives cause your body to dump a lot of water into your intestines. This causes a diarrhea type action. Take too much and you get very dehydrated. This can lead to illness similar to a cold, you might also get muscle cramps. Mostly you'll spend a lot of time on the toilet feeling like you're having a baby but nothing comes out. That gets painful after a while. As a result of this you also get rid of the bacteria that is in your colon. That stuff is very necessary for proper digestion. It's a bad idea all around. Try broccoli or make bran muffins, They're Great!
No, it is the secret to weight loss. Good luck!
Actually it can be fun if you eat enough. If your lucky, you'll need a mop afterwards. Don't worry about the bleeding afterwards either, it goes away in a couple of weeks.
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