Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is it possible for a person to make themselves unconscious besides alcohol or drugs?

There are two methods, one is more dangerous than the other. 1) The first is to induce hyperventilation. You can achieve this by taking 8 to 10 deep breaths inhaling as much air as possible and exhaling it as much as possible, do this as fast as you can. On the 10th breath, hold it - it should make you pass out.
2) This is more dangerous, and should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing - because it could kill you. It is called "choking out." This is taught in many self defense and military combative courses. You need someone else to help you. Wear a loose fitting collared shirt. The other person should take their hands and form fists with the inside collar. Then they rotate their hands inward pressing against your caratoid arteries rendering you unconcious in seconds. This can also be achieved by the person standing behind you and placing their arm in a square around your head. By then taking their other arm and bracing it against the first - it again will cut off the caratoid arteries and render you unconcious within seconds. Again - caution, continued pressure can be fatal.So why would you want to do this??
Hold your breath until you pass out. Not recommended, but it will work. A blunt object to the head usually works too.
lie down in a dark room, preferably your bedroom, and wait 1/2 hr.
How about sleeping?
Yeah, you can just hold your breath. . . why do you need to know? LoL
choking your self with a necktie.
yes,by watching reruns of the dukes of hazard.
I just thought of an easy way to be unconscious besides
alcohol or drugs. Get one of your friends to swing a powerful
punch to your head, thus knocking you out unconsciously.
However, when you get up with a swelled head, you can then press charges against him for assault.
i am unsure about what yogi even is, but i have heard that some people who practice it do this go into trances
Someone could hit them in the head
You can hold your breath until you pass out, but it's only momentary.
Aside from sleeping, drugs and alcohol-induced unconsciousness, the other possible causes you can do are obviously self-inflicting as hitting your head or letting someone to do it for you, gases like tear gas that will make you unconscious, starving yourself are just amongst some of the things you can do but they are self injurious that may put yourself into compromise.

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