Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is ADD/ADHD Neurological or Behavioral? Why?

Neurologists, Physicians, Specialists in Behavior, any anyone else who has studied Add/ADHD and its' effects/causes/cures. What is your scientific reasoning for your answer?
I have ADD and I have a bunch of friends that have ADHD they say its a chemical in balance
MY DAUGHTER HAS ADD. her psych doc says it is a chemical imbalance that she could grow out of. the main thin i know is that she is the most wonderful little girl (she's 10) when she is on her meds regularly. and when she even goes a weekend without them she is absolutely out there
I'm 19 and I Still have ADHD. But then I also have Asperger's Syndrome.
Its a neuron thing man. But really everything is right?
Either way its not certain that its a chemical imbalance, thets just what doctors call it. I forget which neurotransmitter they say is responsible, but the medications they prescribe to fix it are IN MY OPINION some real crap. They fix the problem but its not exactly done naturally, more of a malicious solution if you read up on how it works(just dont rely on the manufacturers web-site to be straightforward). Fact is they really dont know much about what causes it, but the ritalin solution is sure filling some pocket books out there.
Really its just the type of person you are and it shouldnt be tampered with. So what if he cant pay attention in class, neither could Einstein. He may daydream alot and get bad grades but he could paint the next mona lisa or cure cancer or something. Just leave it alone and everything will be fine. Some things are only a problem because someone says it is, I mean weve made it this far without screwing with it right?

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