Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is Intro Bio enough for the MCAT?

At my university, introduction to biology is one semester long unlike intro bio taught at other universities. Actually, all bio courses are one semester long. I plan to take another biology course in my senior year to fulfill the requirements for med school. However, I know i need to take the MCAT in April or August of my junior year. Is intro bio enough for the MCAT? Or do I need to take two bio courses before taking that?
No, not enough bio. i would look into MCAT prep courses in your area. At least that would help to insure that you would be getting a better grade. Keep in mind, that if you get a 18 on your MCAT's the first time you take them, and then the next time, you get a 25, your score will be the average of your two scores and not your best score. So choose wisely of when you plan on taking your MCAT's and how you're going to study for them. I know that some MCAT prep courses run about $1000.00 or so, but if this is def. something that you want to do with your future, ask for family donations and save up, it'll be worth it in the end. Good luck and study hard!
Hey, I hope that all the topics covered on the MCAT is included in your one semester course. Otherwise I would really suggest that you take another semester of biology before you take the test. You will be required to have two semester of bio with lab anyway. To find out which biology topics are tested on the mcat check out this luck. And I don't see you ordering MCAT prep books, what are you waiting for?
I think 1 full year's course of Intro Bio is not exactly sufficient coz u need atleast 2 years of Bio for the MCAT exam.
It's like this, u need 2yrs Bio, 2yrs Che, 1yr phy, 1yr calculus.
unless u satisfy these requirements it is difficult for you to apply for colleges and your MCAT exam.
Anyways what r u doin now??
Everyone I know that has gone to med school took more than the minimum requirements of biology, chemistry, and math before taking the MCAT. Minimum requirements are just that. you will expand your chances of acceptance into a medical school if you go above the norm. They are looking for someone with initiative and determination. Grades and minimum classes are only a small part of the application process.
I am currently in the midst of studying for the August MCAT. which is what I should be doing right now instead of answering these questions, and I will log off now that your question has reminded me of that fact.But before I do, to answer your question, I took two semesters of biology, two of general chemistry, two of organic chemistry, two of general physics (I assume you have at least completed those classes besides biology). In addition to those basics I just listed I also took a Neuroscience course and a Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy course. These are unnecessary for the MCAT. I do think taking a molecular and cellular biology course, or a microbiology course would have been helpful. Also a genetics class might help as well. Biochemistry would have helped immensely as well and I've heard many first-year med students say they wish they had taken biochemistry. Many medical schools actually list that as a requirement or as a suggested requirement.You should take a second semester of biology. If you really don't want to take the second semester of intro to biology, I would recommend taking an upper-level biology course.Good luck!

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