Wednesday, October 21, 2009

is biotech is a better option than mbbs?

biotechnology is an upcoming branch as far as employment opportunities are concerned. no doubt you will get paid well if you can get high enough up the ladder,but after MBBS I feel your chances for ahigher income and a better position will be better
Dear Neha,Biotech and MBBS have no connection as career is concerned. It all depends on one's needs and interest.But as per my view, you might earn a good amount being a great scientist in biotech..but.. in MBBS you also gain a good respect in society by being a doctor. My view is being a doctor you also have an opportunity to serve human beings which is desperately required in today's world. So the choice is yours .. :) Have a nice day.
Hi. Depends on your own needs. If u intend to become a biotechnologist then i think choosing biotech will be a better choice than mbbs. Of course, MBBS will always gain more 'respect' but in my own point of view, the role plays by scientist is also equally important. After all, docs still need scientists to do research and develop new technologies for their applications.

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