Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is bowel prep a preoperative care for any surgery and why? Is bowel prep used in breast surgery?

Bowel prep is used as a preoperative treatment for, %26gt;surprise%26lt;, bowel surgery or bowel viewing procedures such as a colonoscopy.
In order to minimize the risk of intestinal contents leaking into the abdominal cavity during bowel surgery, it is useful to empty the bowel. This procedure however, can not be used for every case where bowel surgery is required.
In order to make it easy to visualize the inside of the colon during endoscopy you must make sure it is empty.
The procedure utilizes different types of compounds, most commonly it uses a polymeric compound that forces the gut to empty by sheer volume ("GoLytely"), while others such as phosphosoda cause the gut to force extra water into the lumen forcing out any contents.Bowel Prep is not needed prior to breast surgery.
Can you imagine what the operating room would look like if they didn't? Anesthesia often causes diarrhea.

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