Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is a Post Mortem different from an autopsy?

If so, then How?
Autopsy refers to the actual coroner's ezamination. A Post Mortem literaly means "after death" and can refer to any evidence gathering (not just medical) that relates to the death.
according to me it's the same thing
Both words mean the same thing.Taken from
- Post mortem: Of or relating to a medical examination of a dead body.
- Autopsy: Inspection and dissection of a body after death, as for determination of the cause of death; postmortem examination.Although, post mortem can also refer to state of being--as in dead.
I think a Post Mortem exam is non-invasive and an autopsy is invasive so autopsy would be part of a Post Mortem exam. But i'm guessing.
Post Mortem means after death. An autopsy is something that's done post mortem.
post-mortem exam it usual means less work than autopsy
The same
All autopsies (dissection of dead body) are post-mortems. Not all post-mortems are autopsies.Post-mortem simply means examination after death. It may consist of looking, palpating, or other non-invasive procedures.
post mortems are not always as in depth as autopsies. they are also not always done by the county coroner, they may be done in the hospital morgue.
Hopefully not.Post mortem means "after death" and is an abbreviation for post mortem examination.Autopsy literally means "to see for oneself". I hope all autopsies are post mortem.
Post mortem is a euphemism for autopsy, as currently used. The word autopsy, as correctly cited above, is from the Greek words for "to see for oneself". Necropsy is the same thing, but in current culture is used more frequently for animal autopsies. An autopsy consists of external examination, internal examination (both with the organs in situ and then removed), and followup testing and report completion. Internal examination consists of opening the body cavities, removal, weighing and dissection of the organs, looking for any and all injury or disease process. Followup testing would consist of histologic (microscopic) examination of tissues if necessary, toxicology testing and interpretation, and any other laboratory tests deemed necessary.You can go to for more info.

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