Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is cosmetic breast , pectoral, calf, chin, buttock silicone/saline implantation right?

Just wondering were we are going with this cosmetic/plastic surgery thing. Are we using surgery to alter pyhsical appearance and thus our perceived body image, and is this not more do psychological rather than physical issues?
If you're a guy, you'll just end up looking like a tranny.
In some cases, it is used to alter and not for any genuine health concerns
I think its nearly all to do with psychological issues. Personally I'd never have cosmetic surgery, but don't have anything against it if it works for the person involved. Is it better for a woman to be depressed about a flat chest or to be happy with implants? If she feels more self confident with implants then fine.At the end of the day its largely to do with self confidence in how you look - which is psychological rather than physiological.
I think it should be banned except for restorative purposes.The people who advocate it don't want to see that e.g. a flat chest is not the problem, but a low self esteem and a resulting need to conform with the "ideals" that are the fashion of the day.It's just another ploy to make lots of money with people's, especially women's, feelings of inadequacy, which then are projected onto a feature of their body. After a while they find out it did not really make them any happier, and go for the next operation.
i don't think it's right at all.
god made us like this and we shouldn't alter the way we were born.
for some cases, for example, chad michael-murray broke his nose and they couldn't get his nose to how it was before, so his nose was altered in the surgery.
and also scars from fires i think is fine.
but just because u think your ugly or have small boobs then it's just silly.
Not all at once
I do think it's definitely more psychological. It is also a lot more common in Western countries, where there is so much pressure from the media to look a certain way to be socially acceptable. There is also the message that, if you are fat/ugly/hairy, etc., then you must also be ugly on the inside. I have extremely low self-esteem, and had eating disorders for many years because I thought if I was too fat then people would think I was a bad person. I was wearing age 10-11 clothes when I was 22, and I'm not particularly short (!). So I can understand why there is such a high demand for it, and I don't think it's wrong, depending on your motives. But I would suggest that, to anyone considering it, ask yourself, will really change the way you feel about yourself? And, as for the people you hope you might make yourself more appealing to, are they really worth it if they care so much about the way you look?Plastic surgery, as opposed to cosmetic surgery, is a different matter, and the two should not be confused. Plastic surgery tries to remedy the physical results of disease or injury, whereas cosmetic surgery, depending on your opinion, can enhance the way you look and give you more confidence, or change your appearance in response to psychological problems.I can see a disturbing future where the 'beautiful' people become more and more 'perfect', and the normal people seem uglier and uglier by comparison.
I gave my Ex wife plastic surgery. I cut up her credit cards
we are.
and yes
Some implants are left

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