Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is Dr. Scott Hervey Foerster really a doctor?

He says he is a Medical Doctor but has no record with the AMA, or any higher education documents! and so I am alittle concerned about his credibility.
Dr. Scott Hervey Foerster's web site - - indicates that he is in Oklahoma and an epidemiologist. To be a practicing physician, one must have an MD, and pass the boards (the USMLE), and apply for a licence to practice in a specific state. Many epidemiologists do not practice medicine: they use their MD degree as an academic qualification. Scott Hervey Foerster is not licensed to practise medicine in Oklahoma: a search of the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure %26 Supervision
found only two Foerster. Adolf Hervey Foerster is dead; the other is David William - not even a possible match. My _guess_ is that he is a real MD - - but has not taken the USMLE here in the US or else has not apply for a license in Oklahoma. So, technically, he is a real doctor, but not a practicing physician.
Your state liscenses medical practitioners- check your local sate web site for medical liscenses. Most are listed.

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