Wednesday, October 21, 2009

is baldness genetics problem , is there any cure?

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Some baldness is genetic, some isn't.Typically, Male Pattern Baldness, which is the stereotypical "chrome-dome" has early life onset, and is passed through the mother. So one would want to look at their maternal grandfather to see if they're likely to get this common form of baldness.Other forms of baldness are harder to trace, but do tend to be genetic.
i am going bald because its genetic and if there is a cure out there thats not too expensive lat me know please
The baldness called "male pattern baldness" is an x-chromosome feature, so if your mother's father was bald, you probably will be too. There is no cure; there is a surgical procedure which involves moving some of the hair follicles on the back of your head that are still working to other places on your head so that it will appear that you have more hair than you do. The procedure is quite costly, and I'm not about to do it myself.
Male Pattern Baldness was known to be a disease given to men by their mothers' genetics and skipped a generation. Generally, if your mom's father was bald, then you'd be bald; if her brother was bald, then you wouldn't be. I never understood the name, though, because women could get it, too. Nowadays, hair loss can be a result of stress, which has been on everyone more these past 30 years than ever before. More people are losing their hair sooner than usual and for different reasons. I don't know of any cure, per say, but there are treatments available which return hair growth. There are surgeries, pills, creams, and other things to do to regrow one's hair.
why are you bald
rogaine, implants, combover, toupee
or be proud. some guys are cute bald.
Baldness usually comes from a combination of genetical disposition and male hormon (testosteron). Therefore, a testosteron-inhibitting drug such as cyproteron will usually prevent baldness, but if the drug is taken only after baldness has set on the effect may be limited.Testosteron-inhibiting drugs have the side effects you would expect, such as reduction of sex drive.
Don't sweat the small stuff// baldness is sexy.
(oops r u a guy? i forgot to look? ) a lot of guys shave their heads because they like the way they don't worry about that.

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