Wednesday, October 21, 2009

is chocolate a depressant??

It's an anti depressant, the trouble is after a quick high, when that wears off can leave you feeling lower than before, which leads to eating more, creating a vicious circle until you end up sick, fat or seriously ill.
It is an anti-depressant containing serotonin, a neurotransmitter.
chocolate is not a depressant
chocolate is a stimulant
has high sugar content so initially you get a buzz but the come-down from it makes you low - that's why you crave more xx
Chocolate is a stimulant. However, regular chocolate also contains sugar which gives you a lift, followed by depression as your blood sugar level drops. This gives you the urge to have more chocolate and is the reason it seems addictive.
no quite the opposite which is why alot of people, especially girls turn to chocolate when they feel low, sum say it is better than sex, now they wouldnt say that if it was a depressent would they?!!
Can be if you can see into a mirror while eating it!!
yes iam if i dont get any to eat
it would depend if you like chocolate then no. when I am depressed chocolate makes me happy. in less I am depressed about my weight. so it would really depend on the person. but it increases the love hormone in your brain that is good we all need more love and chocolate if you ask me.
usually not, but if you abuse, it is. dont get addicted to anything.
no its an antidepressant
definately not
Only when youv`e eaten it all !
no chocolate is full of a hormone that makes you feel happy.can't remember the name of it. This is is why chocolate can prove to be addictive to some people.they feel low without..
sorry i wouldn't no
i haven't had any since January 22!
Chocolate intake has been linked with release of serotonin in the brain, which is thought to produce feelings of pleasure.In the central nervous system, serotonin is believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep, emesis (vomiting), sexuality and appetite.For more information on that subject go to :
No it perks you up feeling low then have some chocolate it makes you feel better try it.
its antidepressant. they release endorphins which make u feel good. oooh i fancy some now. hun
Chocolate is a stimulant. In fact, it shares a great deal of chemical similarity to caffeine.
No, it can be very helpful to take the edge off tension-such as period grumps.:o)
Due to it's high content of the neurotransmitter, Serotonin (found in certain antidepressants), chocolate actually gives you a good feel factor and makes you happy.Hence, women with PMT, have cravings for chocolate.Research has shown that people even eat chocolate as a substitute for sex!
chocolate contains caffeine which is a stimulant.
chocolate is not a depressent. it will actually make your body produce endorphins (happy hormones!!).
There are chemicals in *real* chocolate that are relaxing, but most are stimulating - so the overall effect is pleasantly exciting.
only because of the weightyou might put on! I thoght it was an antidepressant

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