Monday, October 12, 2009

is a ml the same as a mg?

no. ml is a unit of volume. it stands for "millilter".
there are 1000 of these in a is a unit of weight. it stands for "milligram".
there are 1000 of these in a gram.These units are linked because 1 ml of water weighs extremely close to 1 g. Don't you love the metric system? :-)
No: ml=mililitres (liquid measurement)mg: miligrams (weight measurement)
Absoultely not! ml is milliliter, a measure of volume and mg is milligram a measure of weight.
no.milliliter is volume
milligram is mass
don't believe these fools. metric system was designed for water measures. the meter was invented for sailing distance on the earth. it comes out evenly from pole to pole. then they took a cubic centimeter of water, and that volume became a mililiter. then they weighed that same mililiter of water, and that became the gram. so, yes, a gram is equal to a mililiter, when measuring water
No. ml is milliliters 1ml=0.001l (1/1000 liters). This measures volume of a is milligrams 1mg=0.001g (1/1000 gram). This is a measure of mass.
ml is mililiter which is a measure of volume. mg is milligram which is a measure of mass. If you have pure water then a ml is equal to a mg. Water is the only substance where this is true, because water was used as a common substance when devising the metric system, based on the earth. .
Most certainly not. ml measures wieght. mg measures amount. Please don't get them confused.

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