Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is Ear-transplant actually possible? where? whome to contact? cost? web-links?

If someone looses hearing capability can he or she regain it by transplanting the internal ear or any part of the whole mechanism involving the process of hearing?
You are probably thinking of cochlear implants. Depending on what type of hearing loss you have, it is sometimes possible to drill a hole in you skull and place a small device called a cochlear implant into the part of your ear that actually sound waves into nerve impulses. For some people it can work incredibly well (Rush Limbaugh is a good example), but it doesn't work for everyone. For example, it won't work in older individuals who have been deaf since birth or anyone without an intact 8th cranial nerve. Cochlear implants are generally performed only at major academic medical centers. They are also extremely expensive, costing somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000. Fortunately, they are often covered by medical insurance. Since cochlear implants are only helpful for certain types of hearing loss, you should first ask your primary doctor whether you might be a good candidate for a cochlear implant. Your doctor can also help refer you to sub-specialists (usually otolaryngologists) in your region who perform this type of surgery.
No Cause It Must Be A Disorder. Good Luck=)

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