Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is a sinus infection contagious?

I suppose I should know the answer to this or be able to find it in my books b/c I am going into healthcare, but I couldn't find the answer - the dr just diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. Turns out I've had it for at least 5 mos., maybe more. He even thinks I have MOLD growing in my nose! Talk about gross.! The initial treatments back in the spring didn't work, so tomorrow I am starting on avalox. But anyways, I am going to an out of town wedding this weekend and going to be hanging around with friends a lot and wondering if I should avoid sharing drinks %26 food with them.. Can I make them sick from my really bad sinus infection or is it just contained and not transmissible that easily? THANKS! Any articles about mold growing in body cavities during sinus infections are welcome as well, for my educational advancement if nothing else! =o)
As a new healthcare professional, I had a problem with this one so i figured I would answer,
No. Sinusitis (chronic and acute) is not contagious. However, the cold that frequently precedes sinusitis may be spread to other family members.
No but it can be chronic.
no the sinus thing isn't but mold is when airbourne.
if it is bacterial yes.. probably not..
as far as I know it's not contagious. I've never had a sinus infection and my parents have had them before. so i don't think so.
I heard sinus infections were indeed contagious but i would contact your doctor and ask him or a pharmacist they would know. I would find out for sure before u go to the wedding then u can keep them from getting sick too and they will love u for being nice and not making them sick.
An infection is contageous be it sinus or whatever.
if its bacterial YES IT IS.. just like any infection
wash ur hands ! all the time !
but if its virial NO its not.
A sinus infection itself is NOT contagious. Sometimes a infection sets in "after" having an initial illness such as a cold or the flu exct. So, the initial illness could possibly be contagious. However if this is 5mos +, I would feel it's safe to say your in the clear for not being contagious to anyone.
Sinusitis would be a constant infection due to continuous irritation by a outside factor - either something you are allergic to or something you are being exposed to on a daily or constant basis.

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