Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is happiness nothing more than just a neurological brain state?

Seems like the predominant way to treat mental health disorders such as depression, etc is thru pharmocological means. What does this say about our emotions? Are we just neurologically determined?
It is connected to seratonin, a hormone secreted by brain. There are substances that increase seratonin secretion, such as chocolate. They can make you artificially happy. On the other hand, you may get happy about something and your brain secrete seratonin naturally. Mental disorders cannot be treated by natural means unfortunately. We can't just make you happy naturally if you are in depression. You can go to a movie and get happy but it will be only temporary. You need more permanent things that make you happy, such as a happy marriage or a successful career. Since temporary changes make you happy for 2 hours and then you get back to your miserable life, you wanna spend the rest of your life watching movies, so it actually doesn't do any good to you and since a doctor prescribe you a happy marriage or a successful career, we have to use pharmocological products.
yesa lot more than that - "you", your "ego" and your "identity " are nothing more than neurological brain states toothis is why they are affected by what you do, eat, sniff, drink, touch, weather, noise level, rhytm, etc.because there are so many factors involved it seems random, but in fact "happiness" is just a bunch of complex neurological brain states
Yes. The body secretes a chemical called serotonin, which makes you happy. That's all it is.
It depends on what point of view you are considering.
According to my opinion, it is something mixt.
Let's take the definitions in order to find a possible solution.
There is a net distinction in neurology between emotion and feeling. I will try to give a small description, as I remember them from physiology.
Emotions are defined by certain neuronal systems that are producing behaviours that contribute to survival.The conscious perception of those emotions are called feelings.
I would say that it is psycho-somatic.Then you are talking about depression : there is primary and secondary depression. The one is due to external factors (and it is reversible)and the other is due to congenital factors.
As I have told you, in order to feel something a chemical reaction has to occur.
You feel depressed, then it is probably due to serotonin's action and in order to correct the problem you have to reverse this action taking a medicine.KaterinaPlease allow me to give 2 private answers, because they are long and can't fit in the comments section.ANSWER TO DELO4,We want it or not,in our brain everything has to do with chemicals.
The communication between neurons(this is the name of the cells of our brain)is called neurotransmission. It is possible because a neuron is capable to secrete a chemical substance called neurotransmittor that is captured by another neuron.
ANSWER TO GOKAY05TAK,I wanted to point out that serotonin can't make "artificially" happy a healthy individual. When a disorder occurs, the amount of this substance in our organism is not correct. So, we are correcting this amount taking the medicine. If a healthy individual that is not diagnosed of depression takes this medicine, will not feel happy imediately(but he will have all the adverse reactions of the drug). It is not similar it's action to narcotic drugs that give this sensation of false happiness.
happiness is not like joyment its an emotional state that no body can explain it its not related to chemicals in the brain or any thing else
Yes, but it is created by an outside event that you like so you experience a copy of the reality.Poor life gets you sick according to recent studies so if you have a poor way of life you'll experience poor mental health,simple, yes?

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