Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is hydrocortisone safe to use on lips?

Steroids can thin and shrink skin, and lip skin is already thin. What is wrong with your lips that you want to use steroids on them?If it were me, I would get something prescribed for them if you have swelling or a rash--there are several strengths of topical steroids, and a dermatologist will know best how long it is safe to use each kind. He/she can also prescribe special formulations for special kinds of skin. You might also need something that is not a steroid (for example if what you have is cold sores).If you have swollen lips, they may also be part of a bigger problem, like a serious allergic reaction, and a doctor needs to see that.
as long as your dont eat it, yeah.
Lips are sensitive and hydrocortisone is a steroid . if you can find any other alternative that will be best. but if donot have any other alternative apply just a small amount and just for few days. and the best thing is speak to your doctor.

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