Wednesday, October 21, 2009

is being a nurse practitioner more stressful than being a doctor?

im curious to know!
I think it all depends on your working conditions and your own psyche. If you feel empowered as a nurse practitioner, because you have power commensurate with your skills, you will not feel undue stress. It's also important to have the resources in your health care system to be able to refer a patient to a more knowledgeable professional (physician, psychologist, another nurse) when you know your skills are not sufficient to treat a given patient. However, if you have to have everything approved by a physician, even when you know better than the physician, or when the patient has no recourse to a more skilled practitioner if your skills are insufficient, that can definitely lead to more stress than a physician faces.
Probably.You have more time with the patients, so you get to know them better. Which makes it hard if they are suffering.
Although i am not a nurse practioner or a doctor, But i hear that both are very willingly stressful.
1. You both have to deal with patients and do those things called Oral exams to make sure the patient is feeling well.
2. You have to make sure that all records are in the files and make sure the patient is willing to take the necessary medicines.
3. You have to keep an account of your log on each patient so that whatever happens to you, you'll learn from each patient in the occuring history.
Hell a nurse and if someone thinks doctors have it worse they are LYING..or some kind of delusional or something. We are the ones that do the majority of the work.about the only thing doctors do is diagnose and operate thats it.if there life is stressful its only because they dont know what to spend their next wage on..
Being part of the medical profession, I can tell you that a nurse's job definitely seems more stressful than a doctor's. Doctors do the examination, the diagnosis and plan the management of the patient's condition but it's the nurses who actually have to administer the medication and be available as the first line response team in caring for the patient.
I've also noticed that patients generally tend to form a warmer relationship with nurses than with their doctors.
I guess neurosurgeons have it real stressful, though! 9 hour operations are standard, run-of-the-mill for 'em!
yes, you have the same kind of work to do but you do not have full control the less control the mosre stress also do not get the
same money, social status and power a Dr. has not as rewarded for your efforts and so more stress
I've never been a nurse, but a doctor's job is very stressful. The NP always has a doctor to go to, and the doctor is ultimately responsible. Doctors are also expected to be perfect, all the time. Both doctors and NPs have to deal with some crazy folks, some sad situations (it always seems that the nice people get the bad diseases) and too much to do in too little time.
I've never been either of these professions, but I can say that while I worked in an ER for about a year all the doctors I got to know we're really uptight and had a hollier than thou attitude but the one NP that worked in the ER was about as laid back as you can imagine, he got in trouble for wearing sandls to work more times than I can remember.

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