Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is Bird flu going to kill me?

As it stands right now, most people are safe from the bird flu. The other answers are right in that you have to handle infected birds to get the virus. Most of the time, we are safe from a virus that is carried by another species. Occasionally, however, a virus mutates in such a way that it is able to "jump species" and infect humans. When this happens, our immune system is little prepared to defend us from the unusual-type virus. The good news is that right now it can only pass from birds to humans. If it should mutate to the point that humans can pass it amongst themselves, then it will likely become pandemic. Therefore, the fears that people are having are based on "scientific possibility" and the government is responding to those fears; not creating the fear.
It can, but only if you catch it.
It could. Just be careful! (Depends on the area.does it have proper medical care?)
i donno, its scarey
Well.Yes. if you get it.Bird Flu won't kill anyone who doesn't get it! ehehe
My magic 8-ball says.maybe.Try for yourself at the link below.
First question: are you a bird?
I wouldn't worry about it, you could get hit by a bus crossing the road. The world does have patterns of influenza, there was a huge outbreak just after the first world war, these things happen. Just enjoy what you have now.and if it does hit, hope you can get the vaccination. Though if you're reasonably young, fit and healthy, you should have a much better chance that someone weaker and older
For now the only way to catch it is to come in contact with an infected bird. Until then they are working on a cure for when it becomes dangerous to humans.
Avoid poultry and you'll be fine. 1) Don't eat raw or half-cooked eggs/meat.
2) Avoid contact with birds of any kind but especially chicken
3) Which region are you in? The US is pretty much okay
FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! DOES ANY ONE REMEMBER S.A.R.S.? OR WHEN DUCT TAPE SALES WENT THROUGH THE ROOF BEC. THE GOV SAID THAT SADAM WAS GOING TO SEND OVER SOME BIO"WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" guess what we are still here, as the gov. wants you to think(and it is beggining to work)that the bird flu is going to kill 50% or more of the U.S. they are tring to scare the american public.AGAIN!!
I鈥檝e heard that this is similar to the pandemic that traveled across the world in the 1900鈥檚. With that pandemic, it seems that if you鈥檙e between the ages of 18-40 years old you鈥檙e at risk 鈥?I believe that statistically speaking, 1/3 of the population between these ages died 鈥?and pregnant women between these ages had a higher mortality rate of 戮 getting killed by the pandemic. I think it attacks young healthy people, so I鈥檓 worried, and wondering if I should go on that McDonalds diet to make me unhealthy.
It wont kill you.

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