Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is anyone doing treatments using embroynic stem cell therapy which can be regenerated into any kind of cells.?

To be more precise can it be used to treat a Brain Infarct patient whose some cell were dead e.g speech and body movement cotroling cells due to stroke but other metabolic activities are working fine.
There are processes of regeneration going on, but getting cells to specifically differentiate to take on those roles is still in its infancy. It also depends on how the brain was damaged and what parts were damaged. Stem cells are omnipotent which means that they can differentiate into any kind of cell, but a culture is very hard to maintain and the success rate of transplant is still very low.
well i do not know of anyone treated with it right now though reearch has unleashed the advantages and the disadvantages.
I know there's bilateral work between colombian-portuguese medics and scientists going on about olfactory bulb/epithelium cells (neurons that do regenerate) in transplant for spinal cord injuries. two famous people (senator Jairo Clopatofsky and former football coach Luis Fermando Montoya) have had the experimental surgery but it has been fairly recently, so there's no results so far (and in an realistic fashion, all signs point to no results in future).

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