Saturday, October 24, 2009

is it abnormal to pass stool everyday that comes out in hard pellets? What could this be caused by?

The condition i guess would be chronic as i have had it for over 6 months. I am 17 years of age.
eat more fiber
Lay off the rabbit food, lol. I would ask your doctor. I'm guessing its nothing to worry about.
Could be you have a goat for a dad
You are not drinking enough water and liquids. Drink more water and eat lots of fresh fruit you will become normal again.
not enough moisture(water) or fiber in your diet = constipation. you can take pills or change your diet you should see results immediately if you change your diet.
have you been eating a lot of frosted mini wheats?
Sounds like constipation. Eat lots of fiber. Examples of foods that include lots of fiber are prunes and broccoli. When eating fiber, be sure to drink a lot of water--at least one glass, if not more. You should drink several glasses of water every day.
Drink more water at least 8 glasses a day, don't call me in the morning though..
No I would think it's not normal. Drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies. If that does't work in a day or two call the doc.
no this is not normal!! i think that they call it Piles, and for starters you have a very poor diet when this happens. i would go to the doctor because this could lead to colon polyps and i am sure that he would recommend a high fiber diet with lots of water and exercise to get yourself back in balance.
You may have too much iron in your diet. Try looking at what you are eating, and take a stool softener
I don't know. Are you a rabbit? Have you ever been a rabbit? You should see a gastrologist.
drink more hydrating fluids for one thing. eat more FRESH vegetables and fruits. drink more nonconcentrated juices.that may help.. if i don't, see a doc.. see what they'll say about this i'm sure they'll put you on a diet if they're smart. dumb ones will just give you drugs and when they run out you're back to this problem if not morso.if you already have a good diet and you're drinking those fluids. are you taking medications for a problem? have you been stressed out? do you have gerd?so on.try those simple things and if it's not aleviated in 2 weeks.. see the doc. i'm sure it's a simple adjustment in diet or something easy to correct.remember there may be another issue to this.. blood chemistry or something in the intestines. just in case..
I don't know for sure. But, may be from not drinking enough liquids.
Insufficient fibre - eat prunes
if you follow the advise of others and eat more fiber without increasing your water intake, well that just wouldn't be good, try to get some exercise as it helps peristalsis

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