Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is HIV fetal immunity possible?

embryopathy of AIDS
When a mother is HIV possible, it is very possible to have a child that is born HIV free. The mother must take anti-HIV drugs (like AZT) to keep her viral levels down. The blood baby barrier of the placenta should be able to prevent transmission under these circumstances. The baby must also be born by Ceaserean Section rather than vaginal birth.
Yes, some research have shown that not all the fetuses are infected by HIV in-utero. And with the current regimen of offering Antiretrovirals during pregnancy to HIV infected mothers has shown some benefit in protecting the fetus from infection. They think that HIV is transfused into the child during delivery where complications may occur that will alllow the mixing of the fetal and maternal blood.
i don't think its possible .because no vaccine have been found out till as the HIV is a virus that changes its shape every second its unable 2 find a vaccine against it
felines and dogs have both survived their form of HIV (the H is for human in felines it is FIV) and all present day cats and dogs have the virus but are immune to it, like most of us are resistant to the plague. everyone who was susceptible to it died. the ones who were lucky enough to have some form of immunity went on to have children who were also immune to it.

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