Saturday, October 24, 2009

is gene found in stomach similar to gene present in cheekcell.explain the answer?

is gene found in stomach similar to gene present in cheekcell.explain the answer?
Every cell in your body possesses a full copy of your DNA. This is because all cells originate from a single cell, made when the sperm joins the egg. As this cell divides and divides to make a fully grown baby, these cells are copied over and over, billions of times, and therefore all contain the exact same DNA, just some go to the ear, eyes, skin, etc and make different body parts.This means a sample of your cheek cells will be able to give the same information about you as the stomach cells. In this way, police forensics only need a hair follicle or scraping from the inside of the cheek to identify someone from their genes.
In terms of genetic identity, yes, the genes in our stomachs are identical to the genes in our cheeks. However, when we consider activation and expression of those genes, our stomach and cheek cells differ greatly. Some genes in our stomach cells may not have any expression while the same may not be true for our cheek cells. It is this combination of activation and silencing that makes our bodies' cells so varied.
A cell from anywhere in the body has DNA in it that could identify an individual. There is also information in it on how to be the cell from where it came. In metatasis of cancer cells when a cell moves from a cancerous liver to the brain, you can tell that it ws a liver cell that started it. In stem cell research you can start with a cell that has not differentiated into its type of cell and direct it to become something else.This is why stem cell research is needed to help repair spinal injuries or replace brain cells when disease affects some.

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