Saturday, October 24, 2009

is it abnormal to have a wbc jump from 4.4 to 7.7 in 3 months?

I was worried i had hiv so i had a cbc done a second time.My first cbc had wbc of 4.4 but now its 7.7
first cbc had platelets at 266 and now they are at 203
first cbc had lymphocytes at 1.4 and now they are at 1.7so is this fine?should i worry at all?does this gurantee i dont have hiv?
it's perfectly normal you hypocondriac!
These are all very good questions to ask a doctor.
It seems obvious that you have engaged in some very wisky behaviors. Fluctuations are not always a negative sign, however, because of the nature of your question, you should get tested every six months for at least 4 - 6 years, and change your habits.
It is not abnormal for one's CBC to go up or down. You may have been exposed to an upper respiratory tract infection, which could make the wbc go up, or down. some medications can cause one's white count to go up or down. The only way to know if you have HIV would be go to your doctor sign a consent, and have a HIV test. Follow safe sex practices, if such exist.
Was the cbc a venous stick, or a finger stick? Sometimes when the wbc is checked by pricking your finger, the phebotomist may squeeze out more plasma, the fluid part of the blood, than the wbc's, rbc's and also the plat.'s. If you had 10 wbc done the same day by a finger stick, the plat. count would be different nearly every time. Not a big difference, but a difference. Again some viruses can cause plat. count to increase or decrease. I see no need to worry about such a small jump in the total wbc. If it jumped to 50,000 to 300,000, yes, a peripheral smear would be needed to diagnose leukemia, or other blood disorders. If you start having bruising, bleeding gums after brushing teeth, bone pain, these are all symptoms of leukemia, It seems as if you have none of the symptoms, and as long as you feel well, all is probably well.
But to answer your question, NO, no need to worry as several things can cause a jump. The WBC count changes every day as does the plat. count.
And even a neg. HIV test does not mean you do not have HIV.
It is not abnormal to have changes in your cbc. This could be because of many things such as infections, colds, etc. Now this doesn't mean that you don't have hiv. It is best to get retested at a later date, just as your Dr. advises.

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