Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is AIDS Virus created in the lab,of which country?

no HIV virus is not created in the lab. Rather it was part of a family of virus that is naturally present in many organisms, cat also has a strain of this virus. Currently it was known that HIV was originally a strain of SIV (S stand for simian) that infect rhesus monkey and make the jump to human host in Africa at least 3 times so they are natural and not manmade. The reason for this jump so recently is because before, human don't have extensive contact with rhesus monkey but with the advent of "civilization" into Africa human intrude into the rainforest and come in more extensive contact with the monkey; a mutant form of the virus that can infect human successfully do so, and the rest, as they say, is history.
the various enters the body, through contact. as of today i am almost certain the virus cannot be created in a lab by chemicals and etc.
Burkina Fasso.
It mutated from a conflict between between two **'s dna from having male to male sex and was spread that way until now it has mutated into a more virall strain that can be transmitted more easily. They claim it started in africa
Not in a lab. It is not man made.
Yet from a primitive ooze that was hit from a direct lighting strike somewheres in the deepest unknown parts of Africa. It has been around since before the Jurassic time period, just waiting for a host. That is dutily patient.
Being a parasite it does no use for social economics. Similar to the mosquito in being a parasite.
Everything came out of Africa.even white people.
The virus was created accidentally in the Congo by a pharmaceutical company making polio vaccines, from SIV infected chimpanzee kidneys to cultivate the virus which would later be inhibited.
u r highly mistaken to think such a thing it is not possible for any country to design and inject such virus so beautifully in men and remain anonymous so stop thinking such things

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