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Is Anthrax a human blood cells disease?Any relation between anthrax and HIV/AIDS?

Anthrax is an acute infectious disease, caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis, that most commonly occurs in wild and domestic mammals. Anthrax occurs in humans when they are exposed to infected animals or tissue from infected animals, or when they are directly exposed to B. anthracis. Depending on the route of infection, anthrax disease can occur in three forms: cutaneous, inhalational, and rarely, gastrointestinal.The anthrax vaccine was originally licensed in 1970 by the U.S. National Institute Of Health (NIH) and in 1972 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took over responsibility for vaccine licensure and oversight. In 1997, the Clinton administration initiated the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program, under which active U.S. service personnel were to be immunized with the vaccine. Much controversy has surrounded the program since its inception, since vaccination was mandatory, and a perception developed that the anthrax vaccine was unsafe, causing sometimes
no.anthrax in not a human blood disease..there's not even a relation between an anthrax and HIV..apart from anthrax is cause by bacteria Bacillus anthracis, and AIDS is cause by a virus. AIDS is a human blood cells disease because it attack the white blood cells, whereas Anthrax manifest itself in human either in 3 types..Cutaneous Anthrax(skin), Pulmonary Anthrax, and Gastrointestinal Anthrax.Human can get infected with the agent from domestic animal. A person can get skin anthrax if they have wound on the skin, if this wound get in contact with the causative agent, they can get anthrax. skin anthrax result in formation of a black substances on the wound. pulmonary anthrax can be acquired via inhalation, usually inhalation of the infected domestic animal fecal particle which distributed in the air.
gastrointestinal anthrax can be acquired by consuming the meat of the infected animal, if it's not prepared properly. the suspected infected animal which are dead are not suppose to be consume and should be cremated because the causative agent can get into the soil, and if it mix up with the soil, it can be easily disseminated in the air..increasing the possibility of getting pulmonary anthrax.
in my opinion, if a person is infected with HIV virus, they are more susceptible to anthrax because, their body are not capable of destroying the bacteria.
no, and no. Anthrax is a spore forming bacteria that releases toxins which are harmful. HIV is a virus
Anthrax primarily attacks the respiratory system, if the spores are inhaled, or the skin, if the spores get in through an opening in the skin. It is a bacterial disease, with specific, systemic toxins.HIV/AIDS primarily infects T4 lymphocytes, and to a degree neurons; it devastates the immune system, which sets people up for endless trouble with infections of other sorts--often ones that other people are highly resistant to getting. It is strictly viral.The two diseases are immensely different.All vaccines can cause mischief of one sort or another; this is true of absolutely everything medicine does. As one of my colleagues--who is a bit of a wiseacre--likes to point out, even FAKE pills (placebos) have side effects. The centuries old proverb is, "As hath power for weal hath power for woe." In modern English, "What can heal, can harm."Focusing on vaccines in general, and Anthrax vaccine in specific, the whole thing is focused on population-level analysis. If exposed to the disease, we have sound evidence that those vaccinated will have more survivors than those unvaccinated--even if you count those who were harmed or killed by the vaccination process itself.To steal a line from my wiseacre fellow physician: Vaccinations just change the names and reduce the number of the dead. Of course, that's quite correct--just one horribly morbid way of putting it.I hope that gives you some useful mental tools for thinking about vaccinations.
However, If you have AIDS, chances of you getting anthrax toxification are higher. This is because, HIV destroys your immune system and your body is not able to fight off the bacterial infection. That's how HIV kills you. Anthrax is a blood borne as it causes haemorrhaging and tissue cell death.It also destroys the alveolar sacs in your lungs causing acute respiratory distress sydrome.

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