Saturday, October 24, 2009

is drowning a peacefull way of dying?

no, it would be painful and you would be alive as the water fills your lungs until they exploded and you died.
I wouldn't think that water filling up your lungs and you sufficating is a peaceful way to die.
No its not.Sleeping is.
I don't know how peaceful it is for the alveoli in your lungs to explode. Painful, yes; peaceful, I doubt it.
Try this.. put a bag over your head and tie it off. see how much fun it might be.Or, have you ever had something go down your trachea rather than your esophagus? Can you imagine that would be peaceful?
Only if you think that struggling to breath, inhaling water, and having your brain slowly starve to death from lack of oxygen while your lungs burn is peaceful.
No one here can tell you that. Go to a psychic/medium.
definately not..
Um.. well ihave to say no. because its watter filling up ur lungs and u suffucating so unless you think is peacefull then no.
No, I'd hate to go in any way that involves lack of breathing.
I would guess it's not. Have you ever experienced having water go up your nose while swimming or water going down the windpipe instead of the esophagus? Both of those experiences are painful to me. I can't imagine having that feeling for several minutes until death happens.
you will suffocate
ever get choked on a drink of water?what do you think?
Not until you enter the euphoric stage from lack of oxygen. Prior to that, it is a very terrifying thing.
I don't think so. We are designed to survive, and even if we are determined to die,we would thrash about and panic at the last second. This is why we cannot simply hold our breath to kill ourselves. Our survival instinct kicks in.
If in any way you are thinking of doing this to yourself, please,please do not Things can seem terrible at times, but you never know what wonderful,happy times may be in your future. Call a help line in the yellow pages,talk to your pastor or a friend or teacher. You cannot know the heartache that comes to a family and never goes away. Others care,and I care,too. may God bless you
Compared to burning to death, yes it would be. After the initial struggle for your body to get a last breathe, the lack of oxygen to your brain results in a euphoric feeling, most commonly attributed to seeing the light.Having your body functions simply stop during your sleep would be the most peaceful, but drowning would be the least painful when compared to being horribly mangled and slowly bleeding out. Burning to death would be excruciating until your nerves were all burned off.
I tried to drown a fish once and he just peacefully swam away to his fate. On this basis I would have to say yes.
No. You'd be thrashing toward the surface during your last painful minute of life. Not at all peaceful.
Do you think struggling for air and knowing you're going to die is peaceful way? I don't think so.
I've heard that it's not painful. A guy who drowned and then woke up again told me.
ask Bruce Willis
Drowing is peaceful until the water starts filling your lungs. Then you're in horrible pain, just like you're choking on water that went down the wrong pipe. You go into a coughing fit basically until everything goes black, and everything gets peaceful and quite again.
dying in your sleep (not due to a pillow in your head) would be much better. drowning? There's still a chance you'd fight for your life. why are you asking this question? are you planning something on somebody? Dont!

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