Monday, October 12, 2009

Is a bachelor degree required to enter med school?

I am 20 years old, in RN school, graduating in december 06. Want to join a med school don't know if i need a bachelor degree in something or not? and if any of my nursing stuff would work for med school? plus anything else that u guys can tell me.
You do need a BA or BS. Go to the following link, there is some good info on the subject:
Nursing stuff will work because your MCAT score is the most important thing you will need. Good Luck.
If it's of any help, it is NOT required to enter dental school. However, you must make sure your GPA is above average in the pre-reqs for the school you are attending. I would guess that it is similar, but that is, of course, only a guess. You should be able to find this information on the medical school's website.
it depends on the country.for example in india if you have passed your higher secondary exam and score good marks in the entrance exam you can enter into a medical college
here in singapore, students can do medicine as an undergraduate course. all they need is an A level or maybe diploma
Yes you would have to possess a bachelor's degree
I applied to over thirty medical schools my first time so I think I ought to know. You have to look at every school's criteria. Some schools did say it was "possible" on their website for someone with three years of college, but with the competition to get into medical school, the odds are next to nil.None of your nursing classes will substitute for medical school classes.Search "yahoo answers" that were previously posted on the subject. A great site is "" to talk to other people.There are four required classes to take in college, after that you can be any major. You are going to need a ton of good advice over the next couple of years. Good luck!
depends on the country. if u stay in singapore, med school is only open to A level grad.
Not always. If you can get into a program that grants early entry to Med school you do not have to finish a bachelors before entering. These programs are few and are extremely competative. In most cases a bachelors is required.
no three years of college will enable you qualify, but it is so hard to get in the more the better.
As for your nursing school work, if it is not a BS in nursing from a university it is doubtful.

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