Wednesday, October 21, 2009

is albuterol pescribed for my daughter ok for my wife to take ?

You should never ever take a medication that has been prescribed to someone else. Your wife should see the Doctor if she needs something for herself.
does she have asmatha or just a smoker with bad lungs?she should c a doctor
No it is not OK. Also, if you do what happens down the road when your daughter needs it?
No! You should never take medication that's prescribed to someone else. It is unlikely to be the correct dose, which can be extremely dangerous. Also, there are a number of reasons a medication may be counter-indicated, including other medical conditions and other medications she may be taking. There's a reason prescription drugs need a prescription: their use needs to be overseen by a medical professional. If you wife as asthma or other respiratory problems she should be seeing a doctor who should be prescribing appropriate medications.
No, because the prescription is for your daughter, not your wife. Your wife may not have the same reaction to the albuterol as your daughter does either. Allergic reactions can come on at any point in time, so it is always advisable not to use other people's prescribed medications
albuterol just opens up the lungs, its not really harmful. however, if there is an underlying problem like COPD, breathing problem, it signifies that something is wrong and your wife should see a doctor.
Avoiding the doctor just means that the problem can get worse.
So ifyour wife is having problems breathing, go see a doctor.
If she is taking it for fun, its not harmful, but is depleting the medication of your daughter.FYI: If your daughter is using the albuterol more than twice a week, it means that her asthma is not under control, Talk to your doctor.

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