Saturday, October 24, 2009

is determination of minimum inhibitory concentration by measuring zone of inhibition is correct procedure ?

Minimum inhibitory concentration is the lowest level of anti-biotic in a culture media that will prevent growth. Zone of inhibition is the area around an anti-biotic disc that has no bacterial growth. to find min inhibit conc. Grow bacteria in decreasing amounts of anti-biotic, whether by using serial dilutions (2x,3x,4x whichever you prefer) and when you find a concentration of anti-biotic that the bacteria grow in, the dilution right before that is the minimum inhibitorty conc.
MICs can be accurately measured with a 2-fold dilution scheme in fluid cultures.Measuring on plates doesn't tell you what the actual concentration is, but you can compare the values of the size of the zone.So zone of inhibition does work, but only gives comparitive data, as opposed to 2 fold dilution in cultures which will determine the actual concentration needed for inhibition of growth

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