Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is insulin available in pill form?

Can the human organism utilize insulin in pill form?
No, Insulin production in pill form has not yet successfully manufactured. Scientists are still trying to find a way of its possibility, Insulin if taken orally. is reduced to its amino acid components and becomes like other proteins in the gastrointestinal tract , where it losts all its 'insulin activity' making it inefective .There is research underway to develop methods of protecting insulin so that it can be taken orally, but none has yet reached clinical use.
I've heard about a new alternative to insulin injections, but not too sure about this.It might end up getting denatured (insulin is a hormone and a protein) by the stomach acid, maybe?Not too sure though.
No, insulin is denatured by the stomach (inactivated).
No. You're stomach acids will destroy it. They are working on inhalable(sorry spellcheck couldn't help) insulin though.
No. Insulin is a protein and is destroyed by the digestive enzymess in the digestive tract. There are oral medications which can used to treat diabetes but they work in different way and are chemically unrelated to insulin.Perhaps someday, someone might develop an insulin that could be absorbed under the tongue. Don't try it, though.
Yes insulin is available in pill form. Usually only used in less severe cases of diabetes. Not sure why. My mom is a diabetic and she is on the injected form of liquid insulin.
yes. insulin r, n, and s forms are in pills
Insulin is a peptide hormone that is to say it is a protein in nature and so being the case is digested by enzymes in the digestive tract. So to avoid this insulin which may be created through genetic engineering or from animal extracts is available as an Intramascular injection and only one type of insulin which is used in diabetic emergency is available as an Intravenous injection.
There is NO insulin tablets and I don't think they can ever be, given the nature of the drug. There are however oral hypoglycemic drugs that are used in place of or in conjunction with insulin such as sulfonylureas.
NO. Insulin is a protein. It will be degraded by the stomach acids (HCl) that we produce. Therefore, the protein will be inactivated and the insulin will not work.
Insulin itself is not available in pill form. There are several types of diabetic pills available , they are not specifically insulin. Insulin does not come in pill form because it is a protein that will get digested in the stomach. The human can utilize the pill if the diabetes is not too bad.

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