Saturday, October 24, 2009

is elephantitis a big problem these days ?

Elephantiasis, most commonly the parasitic form lymphatic filiarisis, is a devestating problems in many regions of the world. The blockage of lymphatic vessels leads to terrible disfigurement and loss of limb function. Some regions of Africa have large populations of people suffering from the disease, both the parasitic and non-parasitic forms.
if your pet elephant has become a big problem why not give it to the zoo?
A mammoth one!!
Elephantits only really occurs in developing countries, especially in Africa. It can be a huge problem (no pun intended), affecting entire villages.
I just asked my wife, a Registered Nurse. She doesn't think there is a cure for it but not considered a big problem because it is not widespread.Glad you asked I had forgotten all about that. Hope you don't have it
as far as i know its one of those super rare conditions affecting like 1 in a million or something.
If my kn*b is anything to go by!
The correct term is PROTEUS SYNDROME. I think that there are cases, but the are very rare.

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