Monday, October 12, 2009

is a cleft palate a bone disorder?

I think it is when you don't have a roof of the mouth.
its an abnormality that can be inheareted where the sinus cavity doesn't form compleatly and is usualy associated with a split in the upper lip but to answer your question i would not call it a disorder but an abnormality its not progressive and can be reconstructed with bone graphs and plastic surgery my brother had this used to have to feed him with a rubber tube and a syrenge becaus he couldn't suck
No, cleft palate is not a bone disorder. It is a problem during fetal development. Normally during development (at about 10 weeks) there is a fusion of special folds of tissue to form the major structures of the palate and mouth. Cleft palate is a failure of fusion in that region. There are is another type of failure that can occur here as well.cleft lip. Cleft lip is more severe because if you have cleft lip, you have cleft palate as well, however you can have cleft palate without cleft lip. Hope this answers your question.Correction, cleft lip can be isolated. As well, males are 4 time as likly to have cleft lip than females. As for cleft palate females are more likely to have it than males.(ratio not found)
you can have cleft lip but not cleft palate and you can have cleft palate without cleft lip..
cleft lip involves the lip, usually only one side (often the left) but can be bilateral.and can also involve the alveolar ridge, which is the bony ridge your teeth are in.
cleft palate can involve only the soft palate (no bony involvement) or the soft and hard palate.
It is often genetic but can occur spontaneously..the occurance rate is approximately 1/750

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