Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is alcohol a depressant or an stimulant? why?

Mellow moods from a little bit of liquor? There is the obvious depressive effect but there is also a decompressing effect as people let go of their reserves and inhibitions. That has the social effect of appearing as a stimulant. Sort of reminds me of a roller coaster, you climb a hill and coast in some crazy ways. It is fast, it is exciting, and it is coasting.
depressant..if people drink to drown sorrow they shud know that sorrow knows to swim
Alcohol is a depressant! The affects that alcohol have on the body are consistently predictable regardless of the use pattern. Alcohol is a mood altering depressant drug.
alcohol is a depressant
Your tagname is dr.something, and you're asking this question? Surely I've missed something.
depressant, it slows down body functions, impairs judgement and thoughts..i've never had a beer that acted like coffee(which is a stimulant)
it's well known that it is a depressant
i remember the last time i had 3 beers alone in my room. so depressed. man i should've smoked banana
Alcohol IS a depressant. The reason it has its depressing effects is because it decreases the neuronal firing rates in the reticular neurons. This is the part of your brain that wakes you up in the morning and slows down when you go to bed. The reticular neurons are wide spread all the way up to the cortex. So alcohol kinda slows your brain down. But the behavior patterns of the consumer ARE predictable.
Alcohol is a depressent, a drug and a home wrecker!!
It's a depressant.
alcohol is a depressant that acts centrally even though some drunk people might look hyper but it is a depressant
and why because it suppresses important centers in the brain

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