Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is it a spider bite??...?

It's was the size of a nickel until I curiously squeezed it,now it's the size of a half dollar.The pores on it are enlarged and it itches like crazy.It's VERY stiff on and around do I get rid of it?
Put alcohol on it.. don't scratch it anymore. If it keeps growing or you feel dizzy or have a hard time breathing go to the emergency room. If it changes colors or otherwise looks fishy but you feel ok go to a doctor. It might be a spider bite but you don't want to have a bad reaction to it.
Don't touch it so much.
Get a magnifying glass and look at the center of it. If it has TWO puncture wounds, it's a Spider Bite. Can't tell you what kind, however, sounds like you are having a reaction to it. Mark the outside of the area with an ink pen or permanent marker. Also mark the time you had the bite and and the time you marked it with a pen. Go see a doctor and give them the info. This will help them determine how badly this is affecting you and help to determine what they should do to treat it. Good Luck.
Get a antihistamine to relieve the itching. You can get them over the counter, and leave it alone. Find a magnifying glass to see if there are 2 very small punctures in the middle. If there are, it's most likely a spider bite, but it seems to me that it sounds more like a horsefly bite. They're usually stiff and large. Get the cream anyways to relieve the itching, or you'll get it infected.
just keep it cleaned with alcohol don't touch it so much, use cotton.I don't know what that could be but it sounds dangerous, lol.

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