Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is homosexuality a trait present in animals also. has it evolved with the evolution of the man kind ?

the term homosexuality is a label created by humans. Many species demonstrate variations in sexual behavior including attempts at mating with a same sex conspecific. So I guess in reference to your question, sure "homosexuality" is present in other animals. However, animal behavior researchers prefer not to refer to behaviors in this way. As far as evolving, well its here so it just wasn't harmful enough to the continuation of the human species to be selected against. Its just a variation of sexual behavior and certainly not abnormal.
Homosexuality is often seen in nature. Just watch monkeys together. Even gorillas sometimes show it. I don't know if it is an evolutionary thing with man. It would seem counter-productive from that angle, but nonetheless it does exist and I do believe it's something your born with.
It's present in animals. I tend to view it as a response to pre-natal stress.
its just heredity or curiousness.. animals r curious and humans r too. humans followed wut they saw happen around them and thats how humans got involved in homosexuality. its almost just like when man made fire. they had to experiment to see wut happens with one thing and another thing.
It's ridiculous to say that humans "got involved" with homosexuality. I happen to be gay and I wasn't hanging around gay people to "become gay". I knew absolutely no gay people until I was 17. I knew I was gay at 5 years old. Like many other people who realize their sexuality. It's strange that people think that you can be born with many other things but exclude any sexual deviation. Animals do have the trait too- take for instance the hyena.
It is not a trait in the animal kingdom. In animals, you have issues of dominance or alpha male. Its not sex or homosexuality. In nature, homosexuality doesn't make sense. How can you pass your genes on with a partner of the same sex? You would take yourself right out of the gene pool and that isn't logical.
I don't think so. God made animals straight, not gay. If they were gay, they wouldn't be alive. I don't think homosexuality is a trait either. I think it's the persons choice.
i don't think homosexuality is present in animals, because for me there are only two genders, male and female.homosexuality is just psychological (in the mind) he can be a gay or lesbian now, then tommorrow he'll a straight person.
According to Scientific American Mind, homosexuality is a mental "disease" that affects animals as well. They were observing reactions between mice, and some did show a preference for the same gender.
I have read that homosexual behavior has been observed in as many as 60 species. And suggesting that homosexuality is a choice is patently ridiculous. Who would knowingly choose a lifestyle that would result in shunning, ridicule, even death? How stupid do you have to be to believe that one?
No, nature speaks against it. There are anomalies. The Pro Homo folks like to take those anomalies and make them the rule.

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