Monday, October 12, 2009

Is a bone that doesn't articulate with any other, and if it breaks, it is an evidence of strangulation?

it is a bone between the chin and the larynx.
David you are incorrect, the only bone that does not articulate with another bone is indeed the hyoid bone. It has muscles of deglutition attached to it. It is often fractured if someone is strangled. A sesamoid bone is a bone that grows within a tendon, the largest is the patella or kneecap. There are also many smaller sesamoid bones in the body, but they all articulate with another bone.
why, are you thinking of killing someone?
the bone between the chin and larynx is the hyoid bone, it is the only bone that has no relation to another bone
That's the hyoid bone and it COULD break in strangulation, but could also break from other trauma. It's very rare because it's not in an easily accessible position for either--it sits very high and helps anchor the tongue.
The hyoid bone.
Everyone that said the Hyoid is the only nonarticulating bone is WRONG!
But u were trying to be clever, so I'll indulge u. Yes. Hyoid fractures are classic evidence of strangulation. Specific, but not sensitive

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