Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is anemia a complication of uncontrolled hypertension?

CVA, renal impairment and cardiomegaly have been known to be complications, but how about Anemia?
Please see the webpages for more details on Anemia and Hypertension. It appears that there is no direct connection between anemia and hypertension.
anemia is not a complication of uncontrolled hypertension.anemia is complication of-
1. insufficient intake of folic acid, iron, vitamin B12.
2. uncontrolled bleeding
3. Bone marrow disorder
Anemia is a condition where the blood has low iron and other elements, also associated with uncontrolled bleeding from the smallest of cuts and a trouble with blood clotting.
normally anemia isn't expected in uncontrolled hypertension,but if hypertension affects vessel wall acutely ( etc malignant hypertension) anemia can appear
Vessel wall injury can lead to red cell fragmentation(like TTP,HUS,DIC)
the main another mechanism can be chronic renal disease secondary to hypertension.Anemia is common in people with chronic renal disease .Healthy kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin, or EPO, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce the proper number of red blood cells needed to carry oxygen to vital organs. Diseased kidneys, however, often don't make enough EPO. As a result, the bone marrow makes fewer red blood cells.
Indirectly, it can cause anemia. By damaging the kidneys, it can cause decreased erythropoetin (the messenger that tells your marrow to make red blood cells) production, and thus, anemia.If the patient's kidney function tests(BUN and creatinine) are normal, the anemia would not be from hypertensive nephropathry (kidney damage from high blood pressure).

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