Monday, October 12, 2009

Inhaling too much dust can cause what?

Inhaling too much dust can cause pneumoconiosis.Pneumoconiosis is a Greek derivative that means "dusty lung".Fume, another form of a particulate, can also cause pneumoconiosis.
lots of bad things even farting dust. haha just kidding. you to sneeze.
depending on what kind of dust it can cause som lung irritation, but if is just regular dust sneezing and maybe a dry throat.
certain types of pneumonia particles..i no this because i have currently been sick for a month with a bacteria pneumonia. I got it from working for a demolition company..
.your lungs to a filter.then you will have to take out to clean.
bronchitis, asthma, emphysema
depends on the dust; asbestos dust can cause cancer, for example
it can cause cough and catarr.
Weight loss..dust contains no
Coughing and thick "goo" in your throat.
lung problems - bronchitis, emphysema, etc.
it can cause asthma and serious breathing problems.
bronchitis - emphysyma - death
depends what's in the dust, here in Phoenix Arizona you can get valley fever, from the micobs found in the soil

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